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Class ____________ Name __________________ No. _________ Marks ______________


A) 根据首写字母填入所缺的单词。(5分)

1. The elephant from Africa is pretty big, but very f____________ to people. 2. She is a w________ and works in a restaurant. 3. P_________ are from china..

4. His father often reads m_________ in the morning .

5. She likes to talk to people, she wants to be a r___________. B) (根据所给单词填入正确的形式)(5分)

6. Do you want ___________ (live) in a house in the country?

7. I like playing with _________(child) in the school very much. 8. I want to be a policeman,because it’s a _________ (danger)job. 9. There ______(be) some meat on the plate(盘子). 10. What does ________ (Anna) mother do?

II、选择填空题 在下面每小题所给的四个答案中有一个能够完成本题的正确答案,请 把其代号填入左边括号内:(15分)

( )11. --- _____________ is your pen pal from? --- He’s from Australia. A. Where B. What C. How D. Why ( )12. --- Where does she ___________? She lives in Sydney. A. lives B. living C. live D. is living ( )13. People from Canada ______________ English and French. A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak ( )14. --- Where is Toronto? --- It’s in _________________. A. Australia B. France C. Canada D. England ( )15. Please write and ____________ me about yourself. A. speak B. tell C. ask D. talk ( )16. There ____________ a bank and two pay phones near here. A. has B. have C. are D. is

( )17. The supermarket is _____________ the post office and the library. A. next B. across C. between D. in front

( )18. The supermarket is very ___________. Many people are selling and buying things. A. quiet B. clean C. dirty D. busy

( )19. She wants to __________ a reporter because she likes __________ to people. A. do, to talk B. be, talking C. see, saying D. wait, to see (

)20. The news _____________ exciting and we feel very happy.

A. are B. have C. is D. has ( )21. Do you want to ________________ us? A. play B. wait C. listen D. work for ( )22.-- Are you _______________ on weekends? --- Yes, I am. A. hungry B. relaxing C. relaxed D. surprised

( )23.My father and mother _________in the same bank

A.working B.works C.work D.to work ( )24 We have a job ______ you _____ a waiter.

A.for, as B. to, as C. of, as D. from, like

( )25. ---What’s your favorite animal?

---I like dogs. They are ________ friendly.

A not B kind C some D very


animals there. An is the biggest animal on land. Many They like eating bananas. Oh, there’s a tiger in the cage under the tree. It eats a lot of every day. I like the China.

( ) 26. A. farm B .hospital C. zoo D .factory ( ) 27. A. a lot B.lots of C. many of D .much ( ) 28. A. elephant B. tiger C .lion D. bear ( ) 29. A. bird B .birds C .chickens D .ducks ( ) 30. A .running B. jumping C. swimming D. walking ( ) 31. A .dolphin B. cat C .tiger D .giraffe ( ) 32. A. birds B .monkeys C. cats D. dogs ( ) 33. A. grass B .leaves C. meat D. bamboos ( ) 34. A .tiger B. panda C .lion D. koala ( )35. A .in B .on C. at D./


A We have two new students in our class. They are Cindy and Kate. They look the same. But they aren’t twins. Cindy is American. She is thirteen. Her father and mother are both teachers. She likes green and blue. She is often in blue pants. She often plays the guitar after school. She is good at math and English. She says math is her favorite because it interesting. Kate is English. She is twelve. Her parents are not teachers. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a worker. Kate likes yellow and orange. She can’t play the guitar. But she plays volleyball very well. Her favorite subject is Chinese. She say she wants to learn about Chinese history. Kate likes documentaries very much.

( )36. Cindy is __________________________. A. 12 years old B. American C. English D. Kate’s sister ( )37. Kate is ____________________________. A. 12 years old B. an American C. an English D. Cindy’s sister ( )38. Cindy ________________________________. A. likes yellow and orange B. likes Chinese very much C. can play volleyball well D. likes blue pants very much ( )39. Kate’s favorite _________________ are documentaries. A. sports C. subjects C. colors D. movies ( )40. If you are ill (生病), you can go to see ______________. A. Cindy’s father C. Cindy’s mother C. Kate’s father D. Kate’s mother


Richard looks out of his window. There is a boy at the other side of the street. The boy takes some hamburgers out of a bag and begins eating them. There is a very thin (瘦弱的) dog in the street, too. The boy says to it, “Come here, good dog, I’ll give you some hamburgers.” The dog is hungry and goes to the boy, but the boy does not give it any hamburgers. He kicks (踢) the dog. The dog runs away (逃跑), and the boy laughs (大笑). Richard comes out of his house and says to the boy, “Good boy, come here, I’ll give you some coins (硬币).” The boy is happy and jumps with joy (高兴得跳起来), “Great!” When the boy comes near, Richard doesn’t give him any coins, he hits (打) the boy with his stick (拐杖). The boy cries (哭) and says, “Why do you hit me? I don’t ask you for any money.” “No, ” Richard says, “The dog does not ask you for any hamburgers, but you kick it.” ( )41. Richard looks at the boy ________________ the window. A. in B. through C. to D. with ( )42. Which is NOT right? A. The dog is thin B. The boy is hungry C. The dog is hungry D. The boy is eating some hamburgers ( )43. The dog runs away because _____________________. A. The boy kicks it B. The boy gives it some hamburgers C. The boy laughs D. it kicks the boy ( )44. Why does the boy come to Richard? A. He wants Richard to hit him B. He wants to give Richard some hamburgers C. He wants some coins D. He likes Richard very much ( )45. Mr. Richard gives the boy __________________. A. some coins B. a stick C. a lesson D. a dog


When you are in England, you must (必须) be very careful (小心) in the streets because the traffic (交通) drives (行驶) on the left. Before you cross a street, you must look to the right first, and

then the left. In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come back from work, the streets are very busy. Traffic is the most dangerous. When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, too. Always remember: the traffic goes on the left. Have a look first, or (否则) you may (可能) go the wrong (错) way.

In many English cities, there are big buses with two floors (双层). You can sit on the second floor. From there you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting. ( )46. Traffic in England drives on the ________________. A. right B. left C. evening D. morning

( )47. When you walk across the streets, you must look to the ___________ first. A. right B. left C. clock D. buses ( )48. The big buses have ____________ floors. A. one B. tow C. three D. four ( )49. When are the street very busy? A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. in the evening D. both A&C ( )50. On the second floor of the bus, you can see _________________. A. many people are on the bus B. the bus is very big C. the streets are very dangerous B. the city is interesting


就划线部分提问) ____________ ____________ the post office? 52. Where does your pen pal come from?(同义句) ______________ your pen pal _____________?

53.A koala comes from Australia. (变否定句) A koala ________ ________ from Australia. 54.He likes dolphins very much. (变一般疑问句) ________ he ________ dolphins very much?

55. What’s your sister’s job?(同义句) What _____________ your sister ____________?


56. 他喜欢和他的朋友玩。 She likes _____________ ____________ his friend . 57. 你的工作有趣还是无聊?

Is your work fun__________ ___________ ? 58. 让我告诉你去我家的路。 Let me tell you the ____________ _____________ my house . 59.动物园里还有其他的动物吗。 What _________ ___________ are there in the zoo ?

60. 我想出去吃晚饭! I want to __________ ___________ to dinner .


A: Excuse me. 61 ______________________________________________________? B: Yes, I do. I have a girl pen pal.

A: 62 ______________________________________________________________? B: She is from Sydney. A: Where is Sydney? B: It’s a city in Australia.

A: 63 ___________________________________________________________?

B: Yes. Koalas are from Australia. They sleep in the day and get up to eat leaves at night. A: That sounds interesting. And 64 ________________________________________? B: It’s warn in winter and cool in summer.

A: 65 ___________________________________________________________. B: You’re welcome. 61. __________ 62. ___________ 63. ___________ 64. ___________ 65. __________

A. Thank you for answering my questions. B. Where are koalas from C. Do you have a pen pal D. What’s the weather like in Australia E. Where is she from F.Does Australia have any famous (出名的) animals



1. What’s your favorite animal? 2. Why do you like it? 3. Where is it from? 4. What does it eat?

5. What does he like to do ?





1.____________ 2____________ 3___________4_____________5_______________

6.____________ 7____________ 8___________9_____________10______________ II. 11—15____________________ 16-20_________________21-25___________________ III. 26-30_____________________31-35__________________

IV. 36-40_____________________41-45__________________46-50__________________ V. 51__________ ___________52___________ ________53__________ _________

54_________ ____________55__________ _________

VI. 56__________ ___________57___________ ________58__________ _________

59_________ ____________60__________ _________

VII. 61-65_______________________________



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