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七年级英语 Unit 5-Unit 9

考试时间:90分钟 满分:100分


4. Mary can play basketball very well and his favorite s________ is PE. .

B.用所给单词的适当形式填空: 6. He _______ (have) P.E. on Tuesday.

1. 她最喜爱的学科 2. 上数学课 3. 在星期一 4. 忙于做某事 5. 在8点钟 6. 吃午饭 7. 和……一起玩 8.从……到 9.一本有用的书 10.无疑、肯定

II.词汇:(每小题1分,共10分) A。根据首字母提示补全单词。


teacher. She helps us sing and dance in her class.

7. All his _________ (class) finish at five in the afternoon. 8. We _________ (China) people are kind to others. 9. We all like _________ (play) computer games. 10. The _______ (five) day of a week is Thursday. III.选择填空:(每小题1分,共10分) ( ) 1. This movie is ____.

A. favorite B. my favorite C. favorite of I D. a my favorite ( ) 2. What do you usually do ____ Sunday morning? A. in B. at C. for D. on ( ) 3. He ____ go to play basketball because he has to do his homework.

A. don’t B. isn’t C. doesn’t D. aren’t ( ) 4. —____ do you have history? —On Thursday. A. Who B. What C. When D. What time

- 1 -

( ) 5. Science is very difficult ____ interesting. A. but B. and C. or D. so

( ) 6. My brother doesn’t like English ____ Chinese. A. and B. or C. but D. both

( ) 7. —Why don’t you like math? —Because it’s ____. A. interesting B. fun C. difficult D. relaxing ( ) 8. In the morning we have four ____.

A. class B. subject C. classes D. teacher ( ) 9. Today is ____.

A. Wednesday, january 21st B. January 21st, wednesday C. January 21st, Wednesday D. Wednesday, January 21st ( ) 10. Mr. Chen teaches ____ math. We all like ____ very much. A. us, his B. our, his C. us, him D. our, him IV. 句型转换:(每句2分,共10分) 1. Tom’s favorite color is 对划线部分提问) ______ ____ Tom’s favorite color? 2. He likes music best. (改为同义句) His _________ ________ is music.

3. He wants to learn English 对划线部分提问)

_____ does he ______ to learn English?

4. My sister often does her homework in the evening. (改为否定句) My sister ________ often ____ her homework in the evening. 5. mother’s, color, your, what, favorite, is, (?) (连词成句) ________________________________________________? V.补全对话:(每空一词,每小题1分,共10分) Tom: Which is your Han Mei: Math.

Han Mei: Because it’s interesting. ? Han Mei: No, I’m. Tom: What’s your favorite? Han Mei: Blue.

Tom: What’s your mother’s favorite color? VI.句子翻译。(局部翻译每小题1分,全句翻译每小题2分,共10分)

- 2 -


We go to school ________ _________ _________ __________. 2. 他经常不完成作业。

He _________ often __________ his homework. 3.我最喜欢的明星是小沈阳。 4. 你喜欢数学吗?不喜欢。

5.Why does she like white very much? Because the color is very cool. 6. His birthday is on November 15.Can you come to his birthday party? VII.短文填空:阅读短文,从方框中选择合适的词填入文中空白处(每小题1分,共10分)


very tired. Sunday evening. VIII.阅读理解(20分)

A. 阅读短文,选择答案(每小题1分,共5分) A

Look at the three people in the picture. The Chinese boy is Lin Tao. He is fourteen years old now. He was born (出生)in 1992. His birthday is May the tenth. The short boy is Lin Tao’s good friend. They are in the same class. His name is Jack. He’s an American boy. He was born in 1990. Mrs Vera is their English teacher. She is from England. But they don’t know how old she is. When they ask her age, she always says, “It is a secret (秘密)!”

( )1.Lin Tao’s birthday is ________.

A. May, 10th B. May, 11th C. April, 10th D. April, 11th

- 3 -

( )2.Lin Tao comes from ________.

A. America B. Japan C. China D. England

( )3.What’s the age of Jack?

A. 11 B. 12 C. 15 D. 16

( )4.What does Mrs Vera teach ?

A. English B. Math C. Chinese D. We don’t know.

( )5.How old is Mrs Vera?

A. 40 B. 30 C. 35 D. We don’t know.

C. 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。 (每小题2分,共10分)

It is Sunday afternoon. Mary goes to do the shopping with her mother. Her mother wants to buy some food for supper. Mary wants to buy a new skirt and some school things. They come to a shop.

“What does your shop sell?” Mary asks, “A lot of things.” The girl in the shop says. “You can buy food, drinks, chothes in our shop and school things, too.”

Mary and her mother go in. there are many people in the shop. Mary finds a nice white skirt. “How much is the skirt?” Mary asks the girl in the shop.

“It’s eighty yuan.” “That’s too dear. Can I find a cheap one?”

- 4 -

“What about the green one? It looks nice. And it’s only thirty yuan.” “Ok, thanks a lot.” “You are welcome.”

After that, Mary buys some school things, too. Her mother buys a lot of food, like bread, cakes, meat and fish. They get home very late.

11.When does Mary go to do the shopping with her mother ?

12.What does Mary want to buy?

13.How nuch is the white skirt ?

14.Does Mary buy the white skirt?

15.What food does Mary’s mother buy?


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