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Unit 9 My favorite subject is science.


(时间:60分钟 满分:100分)


1.We have math and Chinese ______ Friday morning. A.at B.in C.on D.for 2.Nick is ten years old.______ favorite food is chicken. A.My B.His C.Our D.Your 3.He usually finishes ______ TV at 12:00. A.watching B.watches C.watch D.to watch

4.Today we have ______ classes,and the ______ class is math. A.three;tree B.first;three C.three;third D.third;three 5.They ______ busy doing their homework. A.is B.am C.are D./ 6.Please tell me what to do ______. A.and B.and then C.then D.next 7.Science is difficult ______ interesting. A.but B.and C.or D.so 8.—When do you ______?

—______ Monday,Wednesday and Friday. A.have math;On B.have a math;At C.have math;At D.have a math;On 9.______ is the fifth day in a week. A.Wednesday B.Thursday C.Friday D.Saturday 10.—______ is it?

—It's 8:00 in the morning. A.When B.What time C.Where D.What 11.—Why don't you like English? —Because it's ______.

A.interesting B.fun C.exciting D.difficult 12.—What ______ do you like best? —Football. A.food B.subject C.sport D.music 13.Jim likes ______ games with me. A.play B.playing C.plays D.playes 14.—______do you like music? —Because it's relaxing. A.Why B.When C.How D.What 15.I like math______ I like P.E. A.and B.but C.because D.so Ⅱ.完形填空(每小题2分,共20分)

Hi!I'm Cheng Ling.I'm Class 3,Grade 7.My school life is ,we have two classes.We have English,science,history,music and ,so?

After school,I often play soccer I swim in a ell me about your school life? 1.A.runner B.student C.musician D.teacher 2.A.scary B.boring C.interesting D.difficult 3.A.night B.afternoon C.evening D.morning 4.A.some B.any C.a lot D.a little 5.A.History B.Music C.Math D.Science 6.A.don't like B.doesn't like C.like D.likes 7.A.relaxing B.interesting C.boring D.fun 8.A.our B.her C.his D.my 9.A.nice B.fine C.well D.good 10.A.Can B.Do C.Are D.Does

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My name is Cindy.I'm thirteen years old this year.I'm a middle school student.I'm in Class Three,Grade Seven.I have some new subjects this year.They are science and history.My favorite day is Thursday because I have science on that day.

I have a twin sister(孪生姐姐).Her name is Sonia.She is also a middle school student.She is in Class Six,Grade Seven.She likes English.Her favorite day is Monday because she has English on that day.

My father is Mr.White.He is a math teacher.His favorite day is Sunday because he can go to the baseball club.He likes playing baseball.

My mother is Mrs.White.She is a clerk at Huaxing Clothes Store.Her favorite day is Saturday because on that day she doesn't go to work.And she can play tennis with her friends.Oh,my mother likes playing tennis.

1.Cindy's favorite subject is ______. A.science B.history C.math D.English

2.Sonia is ______ years old this year. A.seven B.nine C.thirteen D.fourteen

3.Mr.White has two ______. A.sons B.sisters C.brothers D.daughters

4.On ______,Mr.White usually goes to the baseball club. A.Saturday B.Monday C.Thursday D.Sunday

5.Mrs.White works in a ______. A.club B.hotel C.school D.store


American school begins in September after a long summer vacation.There are two terms in a school year:the first term is from September to January,and the second is from February to June.Most American children go to public schools(公立学校).High school students take only four or five subjects at a time.They usually go to the same classes every day,and they have an assignment(课外作业) for every class.After class they have many activities.After high school,many students go to college.

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6.Most American children start school life in ______. A.September B.February C.June D.July 7.American children have______vacations each year. A.one B.two C.three D.four 8.Students in the high school have ______subjects at a time. A.four B.five C.six D.four or five

9.Which of the following is wrong?

A.In July students don't need to go to school because of vacation. B.Students have the same classes every day.

C.Students don't have homework for every class. D.Most American children go to public schools. 10.After class students ______. A.do homework B.go back home C.have many activities D.go to movies


Tom is ten years old this year.He is in Grade Two(二年级).He doesn't work hard at school.His teacher doesn't like him.But Tom thinks he is the cleverest student(最聪明的学生)in his class.And he thinks his math(数学)is good.On a Sunday afternoon,Tom goes home.He feels very hungry.So he says to his mother,“Mom,I am very hungry.Can I have some food to eat?”“Supper is not ready now,but there are two cakes on the plate.You can eat them first.”When he sees the two cakes,Tom says,“Mother,I have three cakes now.Look!This is the first cake.This is the second cake.One and two is three.I am very clever.”“Yes,you're very clever,”says his mother.“Now give me the first cake,your father will eat the second cake,and you eat the third one.”

11.Tom's teacher doesn't like him because ______. A.he doesn't work hard at school

B.he doesn't listen to his teacher in class C.he doesn't do his homework D.he doesn't go to school on time 12.Tom thinks his ______ is good. A.English B.math C.Chinese D.homework

C.Yes,he is right. D.Yes,he can't. Ⅳ.用所给词的正确形式填空(每小题1分,共10分) 1.I think the tape is very ______(use). 2.Ken has two favorite ______(subject). 3.Beijing and Shanghai are big ______(city). 4.My little sister knows some ______(word). 5.Do you often ______(do) your homework? 6.Can he ______(play) the guitar?

7.Sonia usually ______(have) math on Tuesday.

8.Linda ______(not do) her homework in the evening. 9.Do you want ______ (know) about my family? 10.Please ______(ask) that man. Ⅴ.句型转换(每小题2分,共10分) 1.He likes P.E.best.(改为同义句) ______ favorite ______ is P.E.

2.After lunch he has math.(改为否定句) After lunch he ______ ______ math.

3.对画线部分提问) ______ ______ you like Mr.Miller?

4.I don't think art is interesting.(改为同义句) I ______ art is ______.

5.对画线部分提问) ______ ______ Scott have music? Ⅵ.书面表达(共15分)

假如你是艾伦(Alan),下面是你周四一天的学校生活。请用英语写一封信2.60词左右,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Dear Cindy,

I am busy on Thursday.___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Your friend,


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