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Middle Examination

Teacher: Susan Subject: English Time: 50minutes Name________ Student number________ Score_______

1、Choose the correct answer from A B C D(4/1) 1、-______are you?

-Fine, thanks, and you?

A What B How C How old D Why

2、-_______ your name ?

-My name is Linda.

A What B How C How old D Why

3、-______are you ?

-I’m sixteen years old.

A What B How C How old D Why

4、-_______do you like pandas?

-Because they are very beautiful.

A What B How C How old D Why

5、-Do you like fruit?


A Yes, I do. B No, I do. C Yes, I don’t

6、-_______is the white skirt?

-It’s 200 baht.

A How much B How old C How D What

7、-______do you get to school?

-I get to school by school bus.

A What B How C How old D Why

8、-______time do you go to bed?

-I go to bed at nine o’clock.

A What B How C How old D Why

9、-______is your sister’s birthday? -My sister’s birthday is May 20th.

A What B How C When D Why

10、-______do you do on weekends? -I clean my room.

A What B How C When D Why

2、Write the correct form or words.(4/1)

1、I_______(is/am/are) a student.

2、-Are you happy?

-Yes, _______ am.

3、-What do you like to do?

-I like ______(sing).

4、-_______(do) she like to dance?

-Yes, she does.

5、He _______(not) like to walk.

6、_______(do) they listen to music?

7、How _______(do) Lucy get to school?

8、I_______(go) shopping.

9、I go______school.

10、What do you like _______(do)?

3、Read the passage and choose the best answer. (4/1) Jim’s Family

It’s nine o’clock in the evening. The family are at home. Jim’s father is sitting in a chair. He’s watching TV. His mother is standing near the window. She’s giving some food to Polly. Polly says, “Thanks! Thanks!” Where’s Jim? Oh, he’s behind

the door. Kate is looking for him. They are playing games.

They are no homework on Sunday evening.

( )1、There are ________ people in the family.

A、three B、four C、five D、six

( )2、Who is watching TV in a chair? .

A、Jim B、Jim’s mother C、Jim’s father D、Polly ( )3、Jim and Kate are ______.

A、good friends B、two girls C、two boys

D、brothers and sisters

( )4、The children ________ do their homework.

A、aren’t B、isn’t C、don’t D、not ( )5、What’s Kate doing?

A、She is doing her homework.

B、She is standing near the window.

C、She is looking for a pen.

D、She is playing games.

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