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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学九年级英语上册 Unit 1 Star signs Grammar(1)导学案

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Unit 1 Star signs Grammar(1)导学案

班级:____________ 姓名______________ 自我评价______________ 预习检测

同学们:认真预习,相信你们会用介词 “for” or “of” 填空 1. It is necessary _________ us to keep the classroom clean and tidy. 2. It was kind ________ you to give me your seat on the bus.

3. It is dangerous ________ the children to swim in the river alone.

4. It is silly _______ his father to give his son so much money.

5. It was careless _______ Daniel to lose his school bag last week.

6. It is important _______ me to read English loudly every morning.

(三)同学们, 在完成上面练习以后请你思考下列问题:

It’s +adj. +of sb. to do sth和It’s +adj. +for sb. to do sth的区分是什么?

(四)预学质疑 两种句式:1. It is + adj. +of ?+ (not) to –infinitive

2. Verb + be + adj. +enough to -infinitive



A、用“it”合并下列句子 1. Peter is generous. He donates his pocket money to people in need. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

3. Jim is very modest. He doesn’t show off in front of us.


1. He is very clever. He can deal with the problem very well. ____________________________________________________________ 2. She was very lucky. She survived in the natural disaster.

3. The ice isn’t thick. We can’t skate on the ice.

二.单项选择 1. This is song I’ve told you about. Isn’t it beautiful one? A. the; the B. a; a C. the; a D. a; the 2. We all think ___ is kind ___ you to give your seat to a young lady with a baby

in her arms yesterday.

A. that, for

a great pity!

1 2. Joan is elegant. She treats everyone very politely. B. it, for C. it, of D. that, of 3. -- I’m _____ to eat a horse now! -- Really? But I don’t have ______for you. It’s

A. hungry enough, food enough

C. hungry enough, food enough

A. with B. to B. enough hungry, enough food D. hungry enough, enough food C. under D. for 4. How many students are born ______ the star sign of Aquarius in your class?

5. It was crazy _____ you to let such a young girl drive your car.

A. for B. of C. about

A. mustn’t B. may not


1.我有足够的耐心向他解释一切 _________________________________________________

2. 这书够简单,八岁的小孩都能读懂 __________________________________________________

3. Sandy冲着别人大声喊叫是不礼貌的.

It’s ____________________ Sandy _____________________ .

4. 相信约翰那样的人,他真够蠢的。. ____________________________________________________

5. 他有足够的想象力写出许多有趣的故事. He is ______________________________________________ .

6. 他不善交际, 很难与他交朋友.

He is not __________ , so it’s ____________________ ___ _ ___.

7. 她为我们带来了各种颜色的气球,真是考虑周到呀!

It’s really _________________________ us _______________________

C. can’t D. on D. needn’t 6. Mike be in Yangzhou now. He went to Beijing this morning.


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