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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学九年级英语上册 Unit 1 Star signs Checkout导学案

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Unit 1 Star signs Checkout导学案

班级:____________ 姓名______________ 自我评价______________ 预习检测

1. Don’t be ___ (patient)! Trust yourself. You can work out this exercise. 2. Lucy is not afraid of this test. She is full of _______ (confident).

3. It’s my _____ (pleasant) to help old people cross the road. 4. How ______ (excite) he was to get good marks! 5. It is ____ (fool) of you to drink so much wine.

6. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army(中国人民解放军) is a ___ (power)


7. If some athletes use drugs(兴奋剂), it is ______ (fair) to the others. 8. Would you mind _______ (organize) the party for those exchange students? 9. She is a ________ (live) child and popular with everyone. 10. You are not wise enough ______ (sell) your own house.



1.你们推荐我成为新班长真是太好了 It was __________________ __ the new monitor.


We believe that you ________________________________________the job.

3.成为新的主席真是太令人激动了! ____ _____ it is ___________________________________!


I’m ___________________________________________________________

5.你应该有信心成为最合适的主席,只要你尽力。 You should be ______________________________, if you

6. 如果你感到身体虚弱,你就需要得到大量的休息并且吃健康的食物。 If you are ___________ ____, you will need ___________ _and eat healthy food .

7. 老师叫我不要太注意细节。 The teacher told me not ____________________________________________

8.你足够勇敢的对着那么多的人讲话。 You were so many people

9. 你应该有足够的信心做这份工作。 You to take this job.

10. 他很大方,给我们每人买了一份礼物。

It is generous a present


( ) 1. The person with the star sign Taurus is said to be _____and doesn’t like to


A. clever B. stubborn C. selfish D. modest

( ) 2. It’s generous __ ___ them to donate money to UNICEF. They think it important


them to help poor children go to school.

A. to; for B. for; of C. of; to D. of; for

( ) 3. I'd like to_______ David as the new chairperson of the students' Union .

A. recommend B. realize C. remind D. remember


( ) 4.There are in the reading room, but many of those books aren’t to read.

A. enough books,enough easy B. enough books,easy enough

C. book enough,easy enough D. book enough,enough easy

( ) 5. “It’s too cold. Would you mind the window?” “ . But don’t do it


A. to close; Sure B. closing; Good idea C. closing; Better not D. closing; Of course not

( ) 6. My mother has had the clothes ________.

A. is washed B. was washing C. to wash D. washed

( ) 7. The underlined part in the sentence “I have many good books.” is a/an________.

A. attributive B. object C. predicate D. subject

( ) 8. Which word is formal language?

A. PS B. Mr. C. I’m D. cheers

三、根据所给中文完成句子 1. He pays a lot of ______ (注意) to details and makes few ______ (错误)

in his work.

2. When they won the basketball match _____________ (成功), we all _______ (喝

彩). 3. People born under Libra love ______ (和平) and hate wars. 4. Can I have_____ (额外的) time to finish my work? 5. Human beings are________ (有创造力的) animals. They are the _______

(clever)of all animals. 6. This toy is not ________ (适合的) for young children. 7. He usually spends a lot of time _____ _ (看) newspapers. 8. This girl is polite and _______ (文雅). We all want to make friends with


9. He’s used to giving up, so he’s________ (耐心). 10. More details are _____________ (可得到) on request.



Which of your two hands do you use most? Very few of us can use 1 of our hands equally

well. Most of us are right-handed. Only about five people 2 a hundred are left-handed.

New-born babies can grasp(抓住)objects with 3 of their hands, but in about two years they usually prefer to use their 4 hands. Scientists don’t know why this 5 Monkeys are our 6 relatives(亲戚)in the animal world. Scientists have found that monkeys prefer to use one of their hands more than the 7 ---but it can be either

hand. There are as many right-handed monkeys as left-handed 8 . Next time you visit

the zoo 9 the monkeys carefully. You’ll see that some of most them will prefer to use

their right hands when they swing(荡秋千), and others will use their left hands. But

most human beings(人类)use their right hands better and this makes life 10 for those

who prefer to use their left hands. In fact we live in a right-handed world.

1. A. either B. both C. two D. all

2. A. from B. among C. from among D. out of

3. A. either B. neither C. two D. all

4. A. two B. both C. right D. left


5. A. will happen B. happens C. take place D. will take place

6. A. farthest B. furthest C. best D. closest 7. A. other B. right C. left D. two

8. A. one B. ones C. monkey D. people

9. A. look B. see C. watch D. read

10. A. interesting B. comfortable C. easy D. difficult


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