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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学九年级英语上册 Unit 1 Star signs Grammar(2)导学案

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Unit 1 Star signs Grammar(2)导学案



1.You worry too much at times. ( ) 2. You like to dream about everything. ( ) 3.Can you lend me your dictionary? ( ) 4.Millie is reading the school newsletter. ( ) 5.He wanted to get home. ( )

B、选择填空,选出下列句子中划线部分的作用。 ( ) 1. They are Frenchmen.

A. Subject B. Predicate C. Object D. Predicative ( ) 2. There are 40 students in the classroom. A. Subject B. Object C. Predicate D. Adverbial ( ) 3. Simon likes collecting stamps.

A. Subject B. Object C. Predicate D. Attributive

( ) 4. Miss Wang doesn’t come here today because she is ill. A. Object B. Adverbial C. Subject D. Predicate ( ) 5. Jane was born in America in 1998.

A. Adverbial B. Subject C. Object D. Predicate ( ) 6. Yesterday his father bought him a new bike

A. Object B. Direct object C. Indirect Object D. Adverbial ( ) 7. Paul is a hard-working person.

A. Subject B. Object C. Attributive D. Adverbial ( ) 8. Then man in the car is her father. A. Attributive B. Subject C. Adverbial D. Object



1. 为希望工程捐款对我们来说是非常有意义的

It is __________________________to ______________________________Project Hope.

2. 年轻人对老年人要有礼貌是非常必要的。

It is __________________________ to _____________________________ the old.

3. 他慷慨大方,为他的朋友们买了许多礼物。

It is __________________________ to _______________________________ for his friends.

4. Kitty 很大方,给慈善机构捐了许多钱。 Kitty is _______________________ to ________________________________charities.

5. 这本书很容易,八岁的孩子是可以读得懂的。

The book is ____________________________________________ to understand.

6. 李小姐够愚蠢,相信那样的人。

Miss Li is ________________ to ________________________person.

7. 大卫把所有的苹果都吃完了,真是太自私了。

1 班级:____________ 姓名______________ 自我评价______________

It is ________ of David to __________________________ the apples.

二、单项选择 1.Can you lend me your dictionary?

A. direct object B. indirect object C. predicate D. attributive

2. Lei Feng is so thoughtful that he thinks of others first___________.

A. at a time B. at all times C. at the time D. at one time

3.The Turners ______ the idea of buying the piano because it’s too expensive.

A. gave up B. gave away C. gave out D. gave in

4.The scientist is very modest. He never______.

A. show off B. shows on C. shows off D. show on

5. We can _____ the birthday cake _____ten pieces.

A. divide ,into B. be divided ,into C. divided, into D. be divide, into

6.You shouldn’t be too _____about things that you needn’t know.

A. strange B. surprised C. exciting D. curious

7. My cousin is ____ sometimes. It’s hard for him to change his mind even though his idea is not right.

A. stubborn B. imaginative C. energetic D. practical

8. Millie was born on Feb. 22. Look at the picture of her star sign. Do you know the name of the sign?

A. Aries B. Scorpio C. Sagittarius D. Pisces

9. He explained ____why he didn’t come to our party.

A. us B. for us C. with us D. to us

10. Last week, my mother had the broken TV set _________

A. repair B. repaired C. to repair D. repairing


一、动词填空 1. He would not mind ________ (do) extra work for the Students’ Union. 2. He is never afraid of ________ (make)a speech in assembly. 3. You should be confident enough ________ (take) this job. 4. Mr. Wu spends a lot of time ________ (explain) things to us. 5. Millie wants to practise ________ (use) the words she has learnt.

6. You shouldn’t worry about not ________ ( have) breakfast then. 7. You are good at ________ (make) or ________ (plan) things. 8. You are patient enough to wait without ________ (get) angry. 9. Peter had his TV set ________ _(repair) the day before yesterday.. 10. There are some boys ____________ (play) basketball on the ground.


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