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【学习目标】能理解现在进行时的使用意义;能听懂关于学校旅行的对话。 【学习重点】词汇短语、时态结构、a few。 【学习难点】a few ,a little。 【学习过程】 一、自主学习


1.买明信片 __________________打电话给某人 _______________

躺在阳光下 _____________-____ 排队站______________________ 拍照_________________________ 等公共汽车 ____________________ .在长城上行走__________________ 与你交谈______________________ 回到学校______________________ 正在出售,打折 __________________



4、……怎么样?_______________5、进行一次旅行_________________6、其他人____________ 7、该回学校了_____________________________8、出售、打折_____________ 9、躺_____躺在阳光下_____________他正躺在阳光下___________________。 10、拍照__________ 给长城拍照______________________ 琳琳正给长城拍照____________________________________

11、享受_____享受学校旅行__________________我们正享受学校旅行____________________ 12、买______买几个礼物__________________他们正在买几个礼物______________________


1.Step1.work in pairs. Look at the pictures and talk about them.

What’s he/she doing?He/she is …. What are they doing?They are…. Step2 Answer questions.

1. What is Betty doing? ____________________________ 2. What are they doing? ______________________________ 3. Where is Betty? __________________________________ 4. What is Lingling doing?_____________________________ Step3.match.

7. The children g He’s taking photos. B: He/she is …. Step5 read !

buying coming eating enjoying having lying standing

taking waiting shopping calling leaving getting sleeping Step7.Read and complete the sentences. Then, retell the conversation.

1. Betty is _______ on the Great Wall of China and _______ to her mother. 2. Tony is _______ a delicious ice cream. 3. Wang Hui is _______ lots of photos.

4. Lingling ____ ______ a few presents and postcards. 5. Daming __ ______ lunch and _____ in the sun. 三、成果检验 (一)达标练习

1. listen to the conversation and fill in the blanks.

Betty : hi, mum.

Mum: hello , where are you now?

Betty: I___ _____on the Great Wall of China and ______to you. Mum: really? That’s great.

Betty: we are ______ _______ ______. Mum: what about the others? are they with you?

Betty:well,right now Tony _____ ________a delicious ice cream。Wang hui _____ ______ lots of photos.Ling ling ____ _______a few presents and postcards. They’re _____ ______at the shop .Daming ______ ______ 1 Better late than never.迟做总比不做好。


_________and______ in the sun.

Mum:I’d like a postcards too,but please take some photos of the Great Wall and send

them to me ____ _____.

Betty: OK.we______ _______ the school trip a lot . anyway, it’s time _____ _______

back to school now .Bye,mum!

Mum: Bye, Betty!


1.Really?That’s great.

2.the others=the other+复数名词。在本课指the other children.

如:I can find three of the balls,but I can’t find the others.(=the other balls) 3.right now=now 现在

4.a few=some 几个、一些。只修饰可数名词复数形式。A little修饰不可数名词。如:a few eggs a little water a few students a little milk

Few:很少、没有几个。修饰可数名词复数形式。Little:很少、没有多少。修饰不可数名词。如:There is little milk in the fridge,so let’s buy some. I have few apples .Can you give me some?

5 .a lot非常、很=very much 修饰动词,后置。 如:I li ke bananas a lot.

6.anyway: adv. “无论如何,反正”。用于转化话题或结束谈话。 Eg: I want to go to the cinema anyway。

? enjoy 喜欢享受。Enjoy the trip enjoy music enjoy the sun...... Enjoy doing sth enjoy myself 过得愉快

3.We____ ________ (正站在) on _____ ______ ____ (长城) and ________ ___ (和 …说话) him.

4._________(无论如何), we are going home.

5. Daming ___ ______(正吃) lunch and____ ____ _____ _____ (正躺在太阳下). 6. The girl _____ _______ ______(正在购买) a new hat. 7.There are___ ____(许多) teachers outside the building. 3.Translate the following phrases.

1.长城 ___________________________ 2.与朋友们交谈 __________________________ 3.拍照 __________________________ 4.许多,大量 ______________________________ 5.躺在阳光下 ________________________ 6.给我发送贺卡____________________________


Bwrite the words and sentences ○

XI. 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词 ○

1. My brother works in a r , he is a waiter there.

3. Be quiet , please. He is s_______________. 4. My son enjoys t photos.

5. New Year’s Day is coming. I’m writing a p to my friend.

III. 写出下列动词的“---ing” 形式

1. play--- start--- enjoy--- take--- have---

make--- put---





1. Exercises.

1. Li Lei ______ doing his homework. A. am B. is C. are 2. Are you _______ photos? A. take B. taking C. takeing

3. Is Miss Gao ________ on the bed? A. lie B. lies C. lying 4. Lingling and Daming _______ writing.A. are B. am C. is 5. What are you ____? A. do B. does C. Doing

6. There are ___ animals in the zoo.A. a lot B. a lot of C. lot of 7. Tony likes tigers ____.A. a lot B. a lot of C. lots of

8. The two boys___ on the playground.A. run B. runs C. are running 9. —What are they ____?—Some postcards.A. buy B. buying C. buying for 10. Don’t read___ the sun. It’s bad for your eyes.A. in B. on C. under 2.Complete these sentences

1.The students are____ a ______ ______(在学校郊游活动中). 2.We are enjoying the school trip ____ ____(非常, 很).


IV. 用括号中动词的正确形式填空

1. Maria___________(take) photos on the Great Wall at this moment.

2. Listen! The girls_____________(sing) a very beautiful songs. 3. Stop making any noises! My younger brother_____________(sleep). 4. Look! My friends______________(lie) in the sun there. 5. ---Where is Jack? --- He ________ (watch) TV at home.


2 1 Better late than never.迟做总比不做好。

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