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7A Unit 1导学案(6)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit1)

课题: Study skills ~ Task

课 时 目 标

1. To understand the sounds of the five vowel letters in the stressed open


2. To learn to design writing outline

3. To organize language with the vocabulary, phrase and sentence patterns learnt

in this unit.

Important and difficult points:

1. How to read new words correctly according to the sound rules

2. How to introduce oneself to others

Vocabulary: everyone, glasses

Phrases: come from wear glasses

Sentence patterns: I come from Nanjing.

I with my family in Beijing.

I wear glasses.

课 前 导 学


1. 英语中共有 个字母,其中元音字母有个,它们分

别是 。(请按照顺序写


2. 阅读课本P106. 看看英语中有语音符号。其中元

音音素 个,辅音音素 个。


1. How old is Daniel?

2. Where does he come from?

3. Where does he live now?

4. Is he tall or short?

5. Is his hair long?

6. Does he wear glasses?

7. Does he like all the lessons?

8. What is he good at?

9. Does he have many friends?

10. What does Daniel think of (认为) them?

课 堂 活 动


Step 1 Presentation

1. Review the 26 letters. Get Ss to sing the ABC Song.

2. Present 5 vowel letters a, e, i, o , u . Then present 5 words: cake, she, like, no, student. Write them on the Bb.

3. Underline the vowel letters in each word with colour chalk. Get Ss to imitate the pronunciation.

4. Sum up the pronouncing rules of the 5 vowel letters in stressed open syllables. Step 2 Practice

1. Get Ss to cover the phonetic symbols on the right of the form on P15. Play the tape, Ss listen and sum up the rule.

2. Encourage Ss to read the words after the tape. Choose some Ss to practice reading in front of the class.

3. Encourage Ss to read the sentences in Part C. Remind them of the pronunciation of the vowel letters. Then try to write down the vowels. Step 3 Presentation

1. Present the picture of Daniel, guide Ss to review related information about Daniel. e.g. This boy is Daniel. He is short. He is good at Maths. He is in Class 1, Grade 7. He is at Sunshine Middle School. He is from Nanjing.

2. Present the new words: glasses, wear glasses, everyone

T: Daniel wears glasses. He is cute so everyone likes him.

Step 4 Sample article practice

1. Guide Ss to learn to design writing outline according to the article in Part A. T: Daniel is introducing himself. Please read his article in Part A and complete a

of each


Paragraph 1: General information Paragraph 2: Appearance

Paragraph 3: Hobbies and likes Paragraph 4: Friends

2. Read the article again and try to underline some good sentences. Get Ss to 2

share their sentences.

Step 5. Writing

1. Guide Ss to complete the form in Part B. Fill in the blanks with the Ss’ own

information to prepare for the writing exercise.

2. Get Ss to write themselves.

T: Now please write an article about yourself on the paper. Try to use your

own words. You can use some useful expressions in Part A. You can also

learn from Daniel’s article.

3. The teacher walks around the class and offers help if necessary.

4. Encourage the Ss to work in groups of four and introduce themselves to each

other. Get some individuals to read their articles to the whole class.

课 堂 反 馈


( ( ( ( ( 二、判断下面每组单词划线部分的读音是否相同,相同的写S,不同的写D

) ) ( )

) )


1. 来自南京 2. 和我的家人住在一起

3. 戴着眼镜 4. 喜欢所有的功课

5. 擅长数学 6. 有一些新朋友


1. 我是米莉,我与家人住在北京。

I _______ Millie. I live ___________ ___________ __________ in Beijing.


2. 她留着短发,戴着眼镜。

She has __________ ___________ and ___________ ___________,.

3. 我的朋友都非常好。

My friends ___________ ___________ ____________ ____________.

4. 桑迪讨人喜欢,她擅长音乐。

Sandy is __________, she _________ __________ ___________ music.

5. 我在一中,我喜爱所有的功课。

I’m at No.1 ________ __________, I like __________ _________ __________.


My name is Ma Li. I’m from Guangzhou, China. But now I live in Beijing. I’m in No. 16 Middle School. I’m in Class 2, Grade 7. I like music because it’s great fun. I want to join the music club (加入音乐俱乐部).

My name is Mary King. I am from the USA. I can speak some French (法语) and Japanese. But I can’t speak Chinese. I think art is interesting. I want to visit China very much.

My name is Miyoko. I come from Japan. I go to school at 7:30 every day. I have lunch at school. I like science (科学) and art. I want to join the art club. I don’t like Maths. I think it’s too hard (难).

( )1. Where does Ma Li live now?

A. In Guangzhou. B. In Beijing. C. In America. D. In Japan

( )2. What language (语言) can’t Mary King speak?

A. French B. English C. Chinese D. Japanese

( )3. Which country does Mary King want to visit very much?

A. Japan B. France C. The UK D. China

( )4. What club does Miyoko want to join?

A. The music club B . The art club

C. The science club D. The English club

( )5. What subject (学科) doesn’t Miyoko like?

A. Maths B. Art C. Music D. Science

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