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新目标七年级unit 7 sectionB 1d-2c How much are these socks

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Review Number game: Who is quicker?
0 5 1 6 2 7 10 3 8 4 9

Number game: Who is quicker?(谁最先说出) 0 5 1 6 2 7 10 3 8 4 9

Learn these numbers and find out the rules:
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twenty twenty-one … twenty-nine twelve thirty thirty-one … thirty-nine thirteen forty forty-one … forty-nine fourteen fifty fifty-one … fifty-nine fifteen sixty sixty-one … sixty-nine sixteen seventy seventy-one … seventy-nine seventeen eighty eighty-one … eighty-nine eighteen ninety ninety-one … ninety-nine nineteen


Period 4

SectionB 1d-2c



3.shorts 2.socks a.$3 b.$15

4.a sweater c.$30 d.$20 e.$22 f.$25 5.trousers

1.a skirt

On Sale!

Fill in the blanks according the passage:
things colors green, yellow black price for who /

sweaters trouser s shorts skirts jackets

$15 $12 $22

for boys

/ purple /

$16 $20 $30 $28

for boys for girls
/ /



$2 for three pairs /

Answer the question:
1. What does the shop sell? It sells sweaters, trousers, shorts,skirts, jackets, shoes and socks. 2. What colors are the sweaters? Green and yellow. 3. How much are these black trousers? They are $22 . 4. How much are these shorts for boys? They are $16 . 5. How much are the purple skirts for girls? They are $20. 6. How much are their jackets? They are $30. 7. How much are the black shoes They are$2 for three pairs.

Key phrases
come and buy=come to buy 来(做某事) at our great sale 在我们商店大减价期间 at very good prices 以非常优惠/合适的价格 for girls 对于女孩而言 for boys 对于男孩而言 green/yellow sweaters=sweaters in green/yellow skirts in purple=purple skirts have sth for … dollars/yuan 有...仅售多少钱

We have green sweaters for only $15! For boys, We have black trousers for only $ 22. For girls, we have skirts in purple for only $ 20. And we have black shoes for only $28.

1.我们有汉堡包仅售10元 2.我们有帽子仅售3美元

Come and buy your clothes at our great sale! We sell all our clothes at very good prices . Do you like sweaters? We have green sweatersfor only $15! Yellow sweaters are only $12! Do you need trousers? For boys, We have black trousersfor only $22. And shorts are only $16! For girls, we have skirts in purple for only $20. How much are our jackets? Only $30! And we have black shoes for only $28. Socks are only $2 for three pairs! Come to Mr. Cool's Clothes Store now!


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