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Unit 1 This is me!检测题



第一部分 听对话,回答问题

1. What does the boy do after school?

A.football B.basketball C.badminton

2. What does Millie have?

A.pen B. pencil C.rubber 3. Which sport does Mike prefer?

A.Go fishing B.Swimming C.Table tennis 4. How is the woman going to Hangzhou?

A.Plane B.Ship C.Car

5. How old is Andy?

A.10. B.11. C.12. 6. What does Kitty do at the weekend?

A. She does her homework.

B. She plays computer games.

C. She watches TV.

7. Where does Daniel live now?

A. In Beijing. B. In Tianjin. C. In Shanghai.

8. What’s the girl good at?

A. Maths. B. English. C. Chinese.

9. Who likes dancing?

A. Amy. B. Amy’s sister. C. The boy.

10. What club does David often go to?

A. The Music Club. B. The Reading Club. C. The Drawing Club.

第二部分 听对话和短文,回答问题


11. How long can the boy play computer games every day?

A. For half an hour. B. For an hour. C. For two hours.

12. What does Sandy like doing on her computer?

A. Doing homework. B. Watching matches. C. Listening to music. 听第二段对话,回答第13至15小题。

13. When does Tom have breakfast?

A. At about 6:00 am. B. At about 7:00 am. C. At about 8:00 am.

14. How does Tom go to school?

A. On foot. B. By bike. C. By bus.

15. What does Tom usually do after school? A. He takes his dog for a walk. B. He plays volleyball.

C. He plays with his brother.


16. Why doesn’t Li Ming often see his parents?

A. His parents live far from him. B. His parents have to do exercise every day.

C. His parents don’t like him.

17. How often do Li Ming’s family go to visit his parents?


A. Twice a month. B. Once a month. C. Twice a year.

18. How often does Li Ming telephone his parents?

A. Never. B. Usually. C. Hardly ever.

19. Li Ming’s parents don’t like .

A. exercising B. flying C. going on business trips 20. Why don’t Li Ming’s parents like the city life?

A. It’s too boring. B. It’s too noisy. C. It’s too bad.


21. —__________________?

—My name is Lily.

A. What’s your name B. How old are you

C. How do you do D. How are you 22. He says “_______” to his parents before he goes to bed.

A. Good evening B. Goodbye

C. Going to bed D. Good night

23. — , Jane?

—I’m twelve.

A. What’s your name B. How are you

C. How old are you D. What’s age 24. I have e-dog. Its name is Hobo.

A. a B. an C. the D./

25. Tom _________my new classmate.

A. are B. is C. am D. be

26. He loves _________.

A. reads B. reading C. read D. readding 27. she her homework?

A. Do; does B. Does; do C. Do; do D. Does; does

28. Is your brother good ________ Chinese?

A. at B. in C. for D. of 29. My name Jane.

A. are B. am C. is D. be

30. —Welcome to our school.

— .

A. Yes, I am B. Oh, good C. Thank you D. No, I’m not


I’m Millie. I’m 12 31 old. I have black 32 and black hair. I 33 born in Beijing and I live 34 Hoping Road. I have a brother. 35 name is Andy. I like 36 TV and Andy 37 listening to the radio. I have 38 of good friends at school. Mary is my classmate. She is my 39 friend. She is a good student. She wants to be a doctor when she 40 up.

31.A. month B. months C. year D. years

32.A. mouth B. nose C. eyes D. eye

33.A. am B. is C. was D. are

34.A. in B. on C. for D. with

35.A. His B. He C. Her D. She

36.A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. watching

37.A. like B. love C. enjoys D. enjoy

38.A. lot B. lots C. a lots D. lot a

39.A. good B. better C. best D. well

40.A. gets B. puts C. rings D. grows




My name is Zhang Hua. I am from Nanjing, China. I am twelve. I am in Grade 7. I have short hair and big eyes. I am tall and slim. I play too many computer games, so I wear glasses. I like listening to music very much.

My name is Mary. I am thirteen years old. I was born in America but I live in Tianjin now. I am in Grade 8. I am short and strong. I like sports very much. I like football. I play it for half an hour after school every day. I want to be a football player.

41. What grade is Zhang Hua in?

A. In Grade 6. B. In Grade 7.

C. In Grade 8. D. In Grade 9.

42. What does Zhang Hua like doing?

A. Playing football. B. Playing volleyball.

C. Listening to music. D. Reading.

43. How old is Mary?

A. 11. B. 12. C. 13. D. 14. 44. How long does Mary play football every day?

A. For half an hour. B. For an hour. C. For two hours. D. For three hours.

45. Where is Mary from?

A. China. B. America.

C. England. D. Japan.


I am John. I always get up late at the weekend. At about 9:30 am, I have breakfast. After breakfast, I start doing my homework. We have lunch at about 12:00, and then I watch TV or have a rest(休息). I like reading and I often read some interesting books in the afternoon. I like sports, too. Sometimes I play football or basketball with my friends at school. My school is near my home, so I can walk there. Every weekend, my father takes me to a restaurant for a big dinner. I can enjoy lots of nice food. I like my weekend.

46. What time does John have breakfast at the weekend?

A. At about 8:30 am. B. At about 9:30 am.

C. At about 10:30 am. D. At about 11:30 am.

47. What does John often do in the afternoon at the weekend?

A. He often reads some books. B. He often has a rest.

C. He often watches TV. D. He often plays basketball. 48. Which is NOT true(正确的)?

A. John likes reading. B. John likes playing basketball.

C. John likes playing football. D. John likes cooking.

49. Where does John enjoy lots of nice food at the weekend?

A. At home. B. At school.

C. In a restaurant. D. At his friend’s home.

50. Who take(s) John for a big dinner at the weekend? A. His brother. B. His father.

C. His grandparents. D. His friends.

五、填空(每小题1分,满分10 分)


51. I like ___________(阅读) with my classmates in the classroom after lunch.


52. Nancy is ___________(可爱的).

53. Kitty loves___________(跳舞). She practices it every day.

54. Amy likes ___________(游泳). She is in the School Club. 55. Jimmy wears ___________(眼镜). He looks cool.

56. ___________(每一个人) likes Mr. Zhou’s English lessons. 57. I am ___________(高兴的) to meet my new friend, Jim.

58. —What is your n___________? —I am Daniel.

59. Now, please r___________ this story for us. We want to listen to it.

60. N___________ to meet you, Nancy! Welcome to our school.

六、根据汉语意思完成句子(每小题2分,满分10 分)

61. 我们的数学老师戴着眼镜。

Our Maths teacher _______ _______.


Anna _______ _______ Nanjing.

63. 安娜是我的新的同班同学。

Anna is my new _____.

64. 埃米擅长于数学。 Amy _____ _____ _____ Maths.

65. 我喜欢跳舞和游泳。 I like ___ __ and___ __.









Unit 1 This is me!检测题听力原文及参考答案

第一部分 听对话,回答问题

本部分共有10个小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话读两遍。在听每段对话前,你将有5秒钟的时间阅读题目;听完后,你仍有5秒钟的答题时间。 1. W: Do you play football after school?

M: No, I don’t. I play badminton with my friends.

2. M: Can I borrow your pencil, Millie?

W: I’m sorry. I don’t have one, but I have a pen. 3. W: Hi, Mike, would you like to play ping-pong with us?

M: No, I prefer swimming. 4. M: Are you flying to Hangzhou on Sunday afternoon? W: Yes. The plane will take off at 3:00 pm.

5.W: I am ten years old. How about you, Andy?

M: I’m eleven!

6. M:I watch TV every day. Do you like watching TV, Kitty?

W:Yes. But I only watch TV at the weekend. 7. W: Daniel was born in Beijing.

M: Really? But he lives in Shanghai now.

8. M: I’m good at Maths at school.

W: I don’t like Maths. I’m good at English.

9. M: Do you and your sister like dancing, Amy? W: I like dancing very much, but my sister doesn’t.

10.W: I often go to the Music Club at school. What about you, David?

M:I usually go to the Drawing Club.

第二部分 听对话和短文,回答问题 你将听到两段对话和一篇短文,各听两遍。听每段对话或短文前,你将有时间阅读相关小题,每小题5秒钟;听完后,每小题你仍有5秒钟的答题时间。


M: Do you play computer games at home, Sandy? W: Yes. I usually play computer games for an hour every day. M: Sounds great. I can only play them for half an hour. But I can do my homework on my computer. W:I like watching matches on my computer.


W: When do you get up in the morning, Tom?M: I usually get up at six and have breakfast at seven. W: Do you walk to school? M: No. I take the bus to school. And classes start at eight.

W: What do you do after school?

M:I usually go back home early and take my dog for a walk. Sometimes, I play volleyball with my friends. W: Your dog? M: Yes. I have a dog. His name is Spotty and he is three years old now.


Li Ming doesn’t often see his parents, because they live far away in a small town. Sometimes his family go to visit them, but not very often, maybe once a month. Li Ming and his wife are very busy, and sometimes Li Ming goes on business trips. Li Ming, however, usually talks to his parents on the phone. They exercise in a nearby gym every day, so they are pretty healthy. Li Ming’s parents hardly ever come to visit him, because they don’t like flying, and they don’t like the city life, either, because it’s too noisy.


1~5 CABAB 6~10 CCBAC 11~15 ABBCA 16~20 ABBBB

21.A 由答语“我的名字是莉莉”,可知应选A项,意为“你的名字是什么?”。 22.D 由后面的“before he goes to bed”可知应对父母说“晚安”,故选D项。

23.C 由答语“I’m twelve.”可知询问的是“年龄”,故选C项。

24.B e-dog是以元音音素开头的单词,故其前应用不定冠词an。

25.B Tom是第三人称单数形式,因此系动词应用is。

26.B love后常接名词或v.-ing形式,reading可作名词,意为“阅读”。 27.B 主语是第三人称单数形式,所以变一般疑问句时用助动词does,且后面动词的第三人称单数要还原成动词


28.A be good at为固定搭配,意为“擅长于”。 29.C 主语是第三人称单数形式,所以系动词用is。

30.C 句意:“欢迎来我们学校。”“谢谢。”

31.D 根据上下文可知作者是名学生,因此应是12岁,而不是12个月;因为是12岁,因此应用复数years。

32.C 本句是描述外貌的,根据black这个词可知后面应填眼睛,而且人有两只眼睛,因此应用复数eyes。

33.C be born这个词组只能是过去时态,只有C选项符合。

34.B 根据后面的Road这个词可知此处表示住在某条路上,因此应用介词on。

35.A 由上句中的brother可知这个空应填His,要注意区分性别。

36.D like后要加v.-ing形式,只有D选项符合。

37.C 这四个选项都可以表示喜欢,但本句的主语Andy为第三人称单数形式,其后的动词中只有C选项用了第三人称单数形式。

38.B lots of意为“许多的”,为固定搭配,其他选项形式不对。

39.C my best friend意为“我最好的朋友”。

40.D grow up意为“长大”,其他选项意思不符。

41.B 由第一段第一句及第四句可知,张华在七年级,故选B项。

42.C 由第一段最后一句可知,张华喜欢听音乐。

43.C 由第二段第一、二句可知,玛丽13岁了。

44.A 由第二段倒数第二、三句可知,玛丽每天踢半个小时的足球。

45.B 由第二段第三句可知,玛丽来自美国。

46.B 由“At about 9:30 am, I have breakfast.”可知,约翰大约9点30分吃早饭。

47.A 由“I like reading and I often read some interesting books in the afternoon.”可知,约翰在


48.D 由“I like reading?”可知A项正确;由“I like sports, too. Sometimes I play football or


49.C 由“?my father takes me to a restaurant for a big dinner. I can enjoy lots of nice food.”


50.B 由“Every weekend, my father takes me to a restaurant for a big dinner.”可知答案。

51. reading 52. cute 53. dancing 54. swimming 55. glasses 56. Everyone 57. glad 58. name 59. read 60. Nice 61. wears glasses 62. is/comes from 63. classmate 64. is good at 65. dancing, swimming

One possible version:

Hello, I’m Zhang Wei. I’m 13. I am a student of Nanjing Yucai Secondary School. I’m in Class 1, Grade 7. I like playing football and reading. I am good at computer and English. I live at No.32 on Zhongshan Road with my parents. My father is a teacher; he likes watching football matches. My mother is a doctor. They love me.


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