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1.The boy is happy because he ___________(sell) out all the newspapers.

2.The plan _____________(give) up because of rain.

3.If it __________(not rain) tomorrow, we ____________(go )fishing.

4.Where ____________you____________(be) these days?

5.Where is Tom? He _________(go) to the post office. He said he _________(come) back soon.

6.Mike says he _________(want )to be a worker after he _________

(finish )school.

7.The last bus ____________just ________(leave) when they ________(get) to the bus stop.

8.She _________(not go) to bed until she _______(finish) her work.

9.Light ___________(travel )much faster than sound.

10.I __________(feel) much better after I _______(take) the medicine.

11.”Where ________we________(meet)?” “Let’s meet outside the park gate.”

12.I_________(be) afraid Mr Johnson __________(not visit) out school tomorrow.

13.I _________(lost) my bike ._________you _________(see) it anywhere?

14.________this kind of car __________(produce) in Shanghai?

15.We __________(see) several members of the family since we ________(arrive)

16.I found that the students _________(play) football on the playground.

17.The shop ___________(close) at this time of day.

18.Where ________your watch _________(lose)?

19.________the doctor __________(send) for last night?

20.Three children ___________(take) good care by the nurse.

21.Some children ___________(take ) good care by the nurse.

22.Some new houses _________(build) by the villagers themselves.

23.What language ________(speak) in Australia?

24.The colour TV _________(buy) in that shop three days ago.

25.He said he __________(stay) here for another two days.

26.The doctor said Jim must ________(operate ) on at once.

27.“__________the bridge _______(repair) yet?”“Yes, the workers_______ already______(repair) it.”

28.We are in Grade One this year, so we _________(teach ) physics next year.

29.“Where _________(be) you last night?”“I_________(ask) to help Tom at home”

30.The big tree ________(blow)down in the storm last night.

31.I________ never ________(eat) such delicious noodles before.

32.When we reached the town, it _______(get) dark.

33.We ________(have) lunch when suddenly someone knocked at the door.

34.Lucy said she ________(visit) the school the next month.

35.I ________(wait) until he comes back.

36.You ________(watch) TV after supper, aren’t you?

37.They _________(be) to that small village several times.

39.Can you tell me if it _________(snow) tomorrow?

40.Could you tell me if you _________(read) the story book?

41.He said the lights in the room _________(go) out when he opened the door.

42.I _________(be) fifteen soon.

43.Tom, your aunt _______(come) this afternoon .

44.My teacher often _________(tell) us not to play on the street.

45.They________(plant) trees on the hill. Do you see?

46.The teacher said that the earth ________(move) round the sun.

47.She said she _______(put) on a new coat the next day.

48.The Great Wall _________(know) all over the world.

49.Could you tell me where Alice ________ (live)?

50.________the film ______(show) many times since last Sunday.

51.________the street lights usually _______(turn) on at seven in summer evening?

52.I _______(not go) to the cinema because I ________(see) the film before.

53.It ________(get) dark. What about ________(go) home at once?

54.You ________(be) late if you __________(not hurry).

55.Use your head and you _________(find) a better way.

56.Look!Someone ________(lie) on the floor.

57.It __________(rain) harder now. It ________(rain) quite often in summer.

58.Here _______(come) the bus.

59.I don’t know when the manager ________(return), but when be _________(come) back I _________(let) you know.

60.“Where ________(be) you this time yesterday?”

“I________(be) at home. I _______(go) over my lessons then.”

KEY:1.has sold 2.will be given up/ has been given up

3.Doesn’t rain, will go 4.have, been5.has gone, would come

6.wants, finishes 7.had, left, got 8.won’t go,

finishes9.travels 10.felt, had taken 11.shall/will, meet

12.am, won’t visit13.have lost, Have seen 14.is, produced

15.Have seen, arrived 16.were playing17.is closed

18.was, lost/ has, bee lost 19.was, been sent 20.was inverted21.are taken 22.have been built 23.is spoken

24.was bought25.would stay 26.be operated 27.has, been repaired, have repaired

28.will be taught 29.were ,was, 30.was blew

31.have, eaten

32.got/ had got 33.were having 34.would visit

35.will wait

36.are watching 37.have been 38.snows 39.had studied

40.have read

41.had been gone 42.will be/ am 43.will come 44.tells

45.are planting 46.moves 47.would put 48.is known


50.has, been showed 51.are, turned 52.won’t go, have seen

53.gets, going 54.will be, don’t hurry 55.will find

56.is lying

57.is raining/ rains, rains 58.comes 59.will return, comes, will let

60.were, was, was going



swimming in the river every day in summer. (go)

3.Look, the children basketball on the playground. ( play )

to the radio when I came in, ( listen )

5.It is very cold .I think it .( rain )

6. —I need some paper .

—I 7.I can’t find my pen . Whoit ?( take )

back in five minutes . ( come )

9.I didn’t meet him. He when I got there. ( leave )

my bike, so I have to walk to school. ( lose )

down and began to read his newspaper. ( sit )

12.He is not here. He to the post office. (go)

anything for three days. ( not eat )

tomorrow . (rain )

to see me next week. (come)

17. “ Whenthe car ?” “ In 1998 . ”( buy )


at five yesterday afternoon ? (do)


( )1.We’ll go swimming if the weather fine tomorrow.

A. is B. was C. will be D. is going to be

( )2.It five years since he has left for Beijing.

A. was B. have been C. is D. is going to be

( )3.Please don’t leave the office until your friend back.

A. came B. comes C. have come D. will come

( )4.By the end of last year he about 1500 English words.

A. learns B. learned C. was learning D. had learned

( )5.Listen ! Someone in the next room .

A. cried B. crying C. is crying D. has cried

( )6.You must tell him the news as soon as you him.

A. see B. sees C. will see D. is seeing

( )7.He told me that he to see us the next day.

A. comes B. came C. will come D. would come

( )8.We can’t find him anywhere . Perhaps he home.

A. is going B. went C. has come D. would come

( )9.The teacher told us that the sun bigger than the earth.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

( )10.Could you tell me where the railway station ?

A. was B. is C. will be D. would be

( )11.We to the Great Wall several times.

A. go B. were going C. have gone D. have been

( )12.It seemed that the old man for something over there.

A. looks B. looked C. was looking D. has looked

( )13.He was sure that he his wallet in the office .

A. left B. would leave C. had left D. has left

( )14.You must study hard if you want to fail the exam.

A. won’t B. don’t C. haven’t D. hadn’t

( )15. —I’m afraid you can’t sit here . —Sorry , I know.

A. don’t B. won’t C. can’t D. didn’t

( )16. As she the newspaper , Granny asleep.

A. read , was falling B. was reading fell

C. was reading , was falling D. read , fell

( )17. — my glasses ? —Yes , I saw them on your bed a minute ago.

A. Do you see B. Had you seen C. Would you see D. Have you seen ( )18. —Jim is not coming tonight . —But he !

A. promises(许诺) B. promised

C. will promise D. had promised

( )19. —What’s her name? —I .

A. forget B. forgot C. had forgotten D. am forgetting

( )20.You your turn so you’ll have to wait.

A. will miss B. have missed C. are missing D. had missed


( )1.He often his clothes on Sundays.

A. washing B. washes C. has washed D. wash

( )2.I’m Chinese. Where from? A. do you come B. you are coming C. you come D. are you coming

( )3.May to school.

A. never walks B. is never walking

C. walk never D. never is walking

( )4.We will start as soon as our teacher .

A. comes B. will come C. come D. is coming

( )5.How long ago playing football?

A. have you stopped B. had you stopped C. did you stop D. do you stop

( )6.It hard when I left my house .

A. is raining B. rains C. was raining D. will rain

( )7.I think this question to answer.

A. easy B. is easy C. was easy D. will easy

( )8. Don’t talk so loudly . Your father

A. sleeps B. is sleeping C. slept D. had slept

( )9.How many people does the doctor know who of the disease?

A. are dying B. is dying C. has died D. dies

( )10.I my homework now.

A. finish B. finished C. have finished D. had finished

( )11.It ten years since his father died.

A. is B. was C. had been D. will be

( )12.He for three years.

A. has joined B. has been in the army C. joined D. has served the army

( )13.His grandfather for thirty years. A. died B. was dead C. has been dead D. has died

( )14.I from my brother for a long time.

A. not have heard B. have not heard

C. have heard not D. do not hear

( )15.Maths , one of the most important subjects always interested him.

A. has B. have C. are D. is

( )16.—Did your brother go to America last year? —

A. No , he did never go there

B. No , he has never gone here

C. No , he never was there

D. No , he’s never been there

( )17.He that factory since 1958.

A. has left B. has worked in

C. has gone from D. has come to

( )18.Since ten years ago great changes in China.

A. happened B. have been happened

C. have happened D. are taken place

( )19.Our teacher to Beijing three times.

A. went B. had gone C. has gone D. has been

( )20.It’s the third time you late this week. A. had arrived B. arrived C. have arrived D. arrive

( )21. the film since I came here.

A. I’ve seen B. I will see C. I would see D. I see

( )22.Last week John his leg.

A. felt and broken B. fell and broke C. feels and breaks D. fallen and broken

( )23.Jack his thick coat because it was snowing.

A. puts on B. put on C. takes on D. took on

( )24.He the picture on the wall.

A. hanged B. hung C. has hanged D. was hanged

( )25.Next month twenty five.

A. has my sister B. my sister will be

C. my sister shall have D. my sister is going to be

( )26.You her again in a few weeks. A. will see B. have seen C. had seen D. have been seen

( )27.My parents me to be a doctor.

A. hoped B. wanted C. decided D. withes

( )28.It hard when we left.

A. is raining B. has rained

C. rained D. was raining

( )29. By the end of last term we English for two years.

A. have studied B. have been studied

C. would studied D. had studied

( )30.She said that she there for five years .

A. has worked B. had worked

C. was working D. worked

( )31.Mrs Brown in New York for three years before she went to London.

A. lived B. had lived C. has lived D. will live

( )32.When we arrived , the dinner .

A. already began B. has already begun

C. had already begun D. was just begun

( )33.I will go home for the holiday as soon as I my exams.

A. will finish B. finish C. finishing D. finished

( )34.When , I’ll talk to him.

A. does Peter come B. Peter will come

C. Peter comes D. can Peter come

( )35.My sister to see me . She’ll be here soon.

A. comes B. is coming C. had come D. came

( )36.They said they our answer the next day .

A. had heard B. would hear of

C. would hear D. will hear

( )37.The old man said that light faster than sound.

A. went B. will go C. travels D. will travel

( )38.Oh, dear Xiao Hong . I you in Nanjing.

A. don’t know , are B. didn’t know , were

C. didn’t know , are D. don’t know , have been

( )39.—Is John going away?

— I think so . He for a better job, but he didn’t get it.

A. had hoped B. was hoped

C. hoping D. had hope

( )40.I am sure he’ll come to see me before he Beijing.

A. leave B. left C. will leave D. leaves

( )41.—Well , here I am at last. —Good ! I worried .

A. was ,that you wouldn’t be back on time

B. is , that you would be back on time

C. is , so you’d be back on time

D. was , whether you wouldn’t be back on time



一、1.goes 2. seems 3. are playing 4. was listening 5.is going to rain 6. will bring 7. has taken 8.would come 9. had left 10. have lost 11. sat 12. has gone 13. hasn’t eaten 14.will go 15. rains 16.comes 17. did , buy 18. have been 19. were , doing 20. did , cost

二、1——5ACBDC 6——10ADCAB 11——15DCCBD 16——20BDBAB 三、1——5BAAAC 6——10CBBAC 11——15ABCBA 16——20DBCDC 21——25ABBBB 26——30ABDDB 31——35BCBCB 36——40CCBAD


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