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九年级英语How do we deal with our problems_课件人教版

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How do we deal with our problems?

Six parts of this report
? ? ? ? ? ? About the teaching material About the learners Teaching aims Teaching and Learning methods Design idea Procedures

Teaching aims
1. Knowledge To master the key vocabulary and the target language 2. Ability aim: 1) Know how to talk about the way of studying 2) Can use the target language to talk about the problems and solutions 3) Can get the information from the text 3. Moral education aim Through the discussion , the Ss can build up their ideas on helping others and cooperate with others.

Teaching and Learning methods
Three-level reading tasks ? Level 1: The basic understanding Level 2: Comprehensive using ? Level 3: Expanding and developing

? Lead-in ? Pre-reading
Task 1 Fast reading

? While reading
Task 2 Level 1: The basic understanding Level 2: Comprehensive using Level 3: Expanding and developing

? Assessment

Pair work
A: How do you deal with it? B: I …

Be angry with friends

Have too much homework

Can’t learn English well


It’s not a problemIt’s a challenge. Enjoy facing it.

Using Dictionaries 一个英文单词有很多个意思和 用法, 你可以利用工具书来帮你. Dictionaries are useful learning tools.

Fast reading:Check the ways of dealing with problems that are mentioned.

by talking to people about them by thinking your problem is not big by breaking off a friendship by trying to forget about them by seeing a psychologist by thinking of a problem in a positive way

While reading
分层达标 : Three-level reading tasks
Level 1 基础理解

Level 2 综合运用
Level 3 拓展提升


Level 1 基础理解 1. Answer the following questions.
2) 3)

You are angry with your friends. How do you deal with it? You have so much homework to do. How do you deal with it? You can’t remember English words well. How do you deal with it?

2. Translate the following sentence.
It’s our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teachers.

Level 2 综合运用
? Summarize the passage within 80 words.

Level 3 拓展提升 ? Do you have any worries in your life? Write down your worries and how you dealt with them.

主体性评价:小组互助式学习 自读完成任务
组际展示互评 教师点拨评价

学生为主, 教师辅助!

获知阅读策略 快读基础理解 自主分层完成任务 组内个体展示互评 组际展示互评 教师点拨评价 小组及个体反思总结

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