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新目标九年级英语 sectionB1

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Section B(1a--2c)

-How do they taste(尝起来)?
-They taste…
What are they called in English ?

-How does it taste ?
-It tastes…
What is it called in English?

sweet 甜的

ice cream

-How does it taste?
-It tastes…
What is it called in English?

sweet 甜的
English tea

-How do they taste?
-They taste…
What are they called in English?

sweet 甜的

-How do they taste?

-They taste…

french fries

-How they taste? -They taste…
crispy and salty
脆的,易碎的 咸的,含盐的

What are they called in English ?

potato chips

-How they taste? -They taste…
What are they called in English ?

hot 辣的

-How does it taste? -It tastes… bitter
What is this?

a bottle of beer 一瓶啤酒

Write the name of a different food after each word.

banana apple sweet __________ orange cake sugar…
French fries crispy__________ salad lettuce

popcorn pizza salty __________ …

lemon plum sour __________ grape…

What kind of snacks do you like?
I like snacks that taste …. I don’t like to eat snacks that …./ I stay away from…

salty 咸的,含盐的 sweet 甜的 crispy 易碎的,脆的 sour 酸的,酸味的 dry 干的

bitter 苦的 hot 辣的 awful 可怕的 nice 好的 delicious 美味的

Do you like potato chips? Why or why not?

crispy and salty

How do you make potato chips?

The potatoes are cut into slices. The slices are fried in the oil.

Some pepper and salt are sprinkled on the slices.

potato chips

George Crum

When were potato chips invented? Who were potato chips invented by? How were potato chips invented?

The history of potato chips

1.Potato chips were invented by mistake. 2.They were invented in 1863. 3.The customer thought the potatoes weren’t thin enough. 4.The customer said they weren’t salty enough. 5.George wanted to make the customer happy. 6.The customer was happy in the end.

Listen and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for false).





Listen again. Complete the sentences

The history of chips

that potato chips were invented by mistake? Potato chips were invented _______by a chef called George Crum. They were invented in 1853 .George Crum cooked them for a long time until they were crispy. And he sprinkled lots of salt on them so they were really salty .
Did you know

Tape Scripts: Boy 1: Hey,did you know that potato chips 2a,2b were invented by mistake? Boy 2: Really? What do you mean? Boy 1: Well, here on the bag it says that they were invented by a chef called 厨师,大厨 George Crum. Boy 2: When was that? Boy 1: Oh, it was back in 1853. Boy 2: So, why was it an accident? Boy1:Well, one day a customer in the restaurant where George worked sent back his plate of fried potatoes because he said they were cut too thick. Boy 2: So what happened?

Tape Scripts:

in a bad mood Boy 1: Well, George was in a bad mood, so he cut the potatoes really, really thin, an

d he cooked 2a,2b them for a long time until they were crispy. And he sprinkled lots of salt on them so they were really salty. He thought the customer would hate them. sprinkle v.洒(粉末状物)洒(液体) Boy 2: And? Boy 1: And the customer loved them and asked for more. He told the other customers about them, and soon everyone was ordering thinlysliced, crispy, salty potato chips. Boy 2 :And we are still eating them today. What a cool story! Boy 1: Yeah.

坏脾气 be

Answer the following questions 1.Who were the potato chips invented by?
They were invented by George Crum.

2. When were they invented?
They were invented in 1853.

3. How were they invented?
They were invented by mistake.

Role play the conversation about the invention of the potato chip. Use the information from the activities above.

A: Did you know potato chips were invented by mistake? B: Wow, I didn’t know that. Who invented them? A: …

The potato chips were invented by mistake. 【经典习题】完成句子: 很抱歉我错拿了你的书包。

I’m sorry that I took your schoolbag
___ ______. by mistake

【要点点拨】by mistake意为“错误地”,常置于句 末。
【拓展延伸】mistake作名词时,还可构成短语: make a mistake犯错误。 mistake还可用作动词,常用于mistake…for…表示 “把……误认为……”。如: I mistook Kate for her sister when I met her yesterday.

The passive voice.


英语中动词有主动语态和被动语态两种语态. 主动语 态表示主语是动作的执行者,被动语态表示主语是动作的 承受者, 在被动语态中动作的执行者有时用by短语表示 出来.

{was (were) + done

被动语态的构成: 助动词be+ (及物动词的) 过去分词 am (is, are) + done 一般现在时

被动语态:当主语为动作的承受者时,用被动语态。be done 时态
一般现在 时 一般过去 时 情态动词 一般将来 时 现在进行 时

am/is/are done was/ were done should/can/may be done will be done/ is going to be done am/is/are being done

English is spoken by many people. The window was broken by him yesterday. Teenagers should be allowed to drive. English will be spoken by more and more people. English is being spoken by many people.

现在完成 时

have/has been done

Homework has been finished.

The passive voice. (被动语态)
1. 不知动作执行者时,常用被动语态. eg. My bike was stolen yesterday. 2. 不必要说出动作执行者时,常用. eg. The car was invented in 1885.

3. 为了突出强调动作的承受者时,常用被动语态. eg. Thousands of beaches are polluted (污染).

1 肯定句 主语 + be + 过去分词 + (by…) Cars were invented by Benz.

2 否定句

主语 + be + not +过去分词 + (by…)

were not _______ Cars _____ ____invented by Benz. 3 一般疑问句 Be + 主语 +过去分词 + (by…)

______ cars ________ by Benz? Were invented 4 特殊疑问句 疑问词 + be + 主语 +过去分词 + (by…) were invented When _____ cars _________? were invented Where ______ cars ________? were invented Who _____ cars _________ by?

用所给动词的正确形式填空: was fixed 1) The bike __________(fix) up by Xiao

Ming yesterday.
are used 2) Cars __________ (use) for

traveling to somewhere quickly.
was put 3) A picture _________(put) up on the

wall 5 minutes ago.
is spoken 4) French___________ (speak) in France.

be allowed 5) Teenagers should _________(allow) to choose their own clothes.

1.Go over the history of chips in 2a & 2b and write a short essay about it. 2.Look for the invention of tea by the Internet or reading the books. Then copy the information on paper.

(1) taste是表示人的感觉的系动词,后跟形容词做表语,像这样 的词还有sound(听起来); smell(闻起来);feel(摸上去); look(看起来); seem (看起来). (2) taste等系动词,其后还可跟名词介词短语做表语. That sounds a good idea. That building looks like a hospital.

D 1. Oh, the milk _____ strange, do you think it’s OK to drink? A. Was tasted B. tasted C. is tasting D. tastes 2. This kind of apple ______ delicious. I want one more. A. smells B. tastes C. looks D. seems

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