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Unit 6

一、单项选择 (10分)

( )1. ________ you like ice cream?

A. Are B. Am C. Does D. Do

( )2. ________ play table tennis.

A. Let B. Lets C. Let’s D. It’s (










goes )3. ________ does your father have ______ lunch? Chicken and A. What; for B. What; / C. How; for D. How; / )4. Oranges are a kind of ________. A. vegetables B. vegetable C. fruits D. fruit )5. What ______ Tom like _______ for breakfast? A. does; eat B. is; eat C. does; to eat D. is; to eat)6. –Do you like ice cream for ______ dessert? A. a B. the C. / D. an )7. –Does your friend like salad? -- _________. 新 课 标 第 一 网 A. Yes, she like. B. No, she does. C. Yes, she doesn’t D. No, she )8. I have a cat. It likes fish. It eats _______ every day. A. a lot B. many C. Lots of D. much )9. –Does your English teacher sing very _____ ? --Yes, She does. A. good B. nice C. great D. well )10. –Let’s _______ baseball. --OK. Let’s _______. A. play; go B. plays; go C. play; to go D. play;

二、英汉互译 (5分)

1.吃晚饭 _____________ 2、每天 ______________

3、a list of food ____________ 4、a running star ___________ healthy food ____________

三、根据句意和首字母完成单词 (10分)

1.I have hamburgers for b___________.

2. Here are some tomatoes. Do you like t _________?

3. I like French f _________.

4. I have an ice c_________.

5. Children should (应当) eat lots of v___________.

6. What do you have for d__________?

7. Zhou Jielun is a singing s________.

8. She eats h________ food every day.

9. How m________ apples do you have?

10. I’m going on a picnic with a group of f_________.

四、完形填空 (10分)

Mrs Jones: Which meal do we need most, breakfast, lunch or __1____? Tony: Dinner.

Mrs Jones: Dinner is the big meal of the day. But I don’t ___2___ we need it most.

Tony: Is lunch the meal we want most?

Mrs Jones: No, ____3___ is the meal we need most. But why?

Kate: It is a long time from night to morning. We have no ____4___.

Mrs Jones: Right! If we don’t have breakfast, we don’t feel ____5____. But what makes a good breakfast?

James: I think we can ____6____ milk, bread, noodles or porridge. ___7____ are good for breakfast.

Mrs Jones: That’s right. We can eat some vegetables and fruits ___8____ the morning, too. They make us healthy.

David: I ____9___ coca cola a lot. Can I have that in the morning?

Mrs Jones: You’d better not. Water is good for you.

Danny: Mum says we can not eat too much things after ____10____.

Mrs Jones: Great, Danny. It may make you sick. After sports you need water and a rest first, not lots of food.

( ) 1. A. fruits B. food C. dinner

( ) 2. A. like B. know C. think

( ) 3. A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( ) 4. A. water B. food C. vegetables

( ) 5. A. good B. great C. well

( ) 6. A. take B. make C. have

( ) 7. A. You B. They C. We

( ) 8. A. for B. in C. on

( ) 9. A. eat B. bring C. like

( ) 10. A. school B. lunch C. sports

五、用所给词的正确形式填空 (5分)

–Do you like bananas?

--No, I don’t like __________ (it) at all.

Peter likes ________ (play) basketball.

His mother ________ (not) like French fries.

I like strawberry ice cream, but I don’t like ________. (strawberry)

They like _________ (eat) hamburgers and carrots for lunch.

六、按要求改写句子 (10分)

Linda and Tom like French fries. (改成否定句)

They _____ ______ French fries.

Does Tom like eggs for breakfast? (否定回答)

______, ______ _______.

She doesn’t have lunch. (变肯定句)

She _______ lunch.

My teacher plays basketball. (改一般疑问句)

______ your teacher ________ basketball?

We play volleyball. (变成由Let开头的祈使句)

______ _______ volleyball.

七、阅读理解 (10分)w W w .x K b 1.c o M


Tom: Good evening, Mum.

Mum: Good evening, Tom. Tom: Do we eat chicken for dinner, Mum?

Mum: No, we eat fish and carrots, dear.

Tom: Mum, I don’t like carrots. I like chicken.

Mum: But we need more vegetables, not only meat. It’s not healthy to eat chicken every day.

Tom: OK. But dad likes chicken, too.

Mum: Well, let’s eat chicken and broccoli tomorrow. (明天)

Tom: That sounds great!

( ) 1. What do they eat for dinner?

A. chicken B. Carrots C. Carrots and fish

( ) 2. what does Tom want to eat for dinner?

A. fish B. chicken C. broccoli

( ) 3. What do they need to eat more?

A. chicken B. meat C. vegetables

( ) 4. Does Tom’s father like chicken?

A. No, he doesn’t B. Yes, he does. C. We don’t know.

( ) 5. what will they eat tomorrow?

A. fish and carrots B. chicken and fish C. broccoli and chicken


根据材料,请找出Jim Green为家人准备的晚餐,并填写表格。(10分) Today is my birthday. I want to thank my family for their love. So I cook the dinner for them. I know my mother likes hamburgers and broccoli. But my father likes chicken and tomato soup. I have a brother. He likes hamburgers, too. But he

doesn’t like broccoli. He likes carrots. I have a sister, too. She likes fish and French fries. I like chicken and strawberries. I will buy these things for the birthday party.

九、书面表达 (10分)










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