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一、听力测试 (15分)

Ⅰ.听句子,选择最佳答语。每个句子读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )1. A.It’s a map. B.B-O-O-K. C.It’s Tom’s. ( )2. A.Excuse me. B.Thank you. C.OK!

( )3. A.No,she isn’t. B.Yes,I am. C.Yes,he is. ( )4. A.A backpack. B.In my room. C.Green.

( )5. A.It’s healthy(健康的). B.Chicken(鸡肉). C.At school.

Ⅱ. 听对话,选择最佳答案。对话读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) 听第一段对话,回答第6~7小题。

( )6. What color are Linda’s pens?

A.Red. B.Black. C.Green.

( )7. Where is Linda’s eraser?

A.On the table. B.On her bookcase. C.In her pencil case. 听第二段对话,回答第8~10小题。

( )8. What sport(运动) can Wang Dan NOT play?

A.Basketball. B.Ping-pong. C.Soccer. ( )9.What’s her telephone number?

A.836-75431. B.754-83632. C.875-36437. ( )10.What does she want to do(想要做)?

A.Play sports(做运动). B.Join a sports club(加入体育俱乐部).

C.Watch sports games.


( )1.—this in English? —It’s a baseball bat.

A. Who’s B. What’s C. How’s D. Where’s

( )2.―How are you? ―


( A. How are you? B. Fine, thank you. C. And you? D.I’m good. ) 3. ―What’s your name? ― A. I’m fine. B. I’m Helen. C. She’s Helen. D.He’ Helen. )4. ―You’re Jack, right? ―

A. OK. B. No, I am Tom. C. Yes, you’re Jack. D.Yes,it is.

( ―l‖ in the word ―ruler‖.

A.a;a B.an;an C.a;an D.an;a

( )6.—Do you have a ruler?—Yes,I A.have B.do C.does D.am

( do you spell ―alarm clock‖?

A.What B.How C.Who D.Which

( )8.—Where is my tape? —It’sthe table.

A.on;under B.on;on C.under;under D.under;on

( )9.—Your pictures are very nice. — A.You are right B.Thank you C.You are OK D.That’s OK

( )10.— — A.for; welcome B.to; right C.of; great D.of; right

( )11.—Who’s your English teacher?

—Miss Gao.She teaches(教 A.our B.us C.ours D.we

( )12. ― is the boy? ―He is my brother.

A. How B. Who C. What D.Where

( )13.—Are these your brothers? — A.Yes,these are B.No,these are C.Yes,they aren’t D.No,they aren’t

( )14. I have two .

A. pencil-box B. pencil-boxes C. pencil-boxs D.radioes

( )15.----Where is Nanjing? ---It’s in_____.

A.Beijing B.Hefei C.Jiangsu D.Hebei


is a student. family number is 806-8027 and her ID number a worker(工人). She and mother the same(看上去一样).

( )1.A.am B.are C.is D.aren’t

( )2.A.she B.She C.He D.I

( )3.A.Mary B.Smith C.Mary Smith D.Smith Mary

( )4.A.her B.she C.she’s D.his

( )5.A.family B.last C.middle D.first

( )6.A.phone B.ID C.bus D.card

( )7.A.is B.am C.are D.am not

( )8.A.are B.is C.am D.aren’t

( )9.A.her B.Her C.his D.His

( )10.A.look B.look at C.car D.is



Good afternoon, boys and girls. I’m Li Hong. I’m an English boy. Li Hong is

my Chinese name. Look, this is a picture of my family. The tall man is my father. His name is Ken Martin. This is my mother, Sandy Jordan. Who’s that little girl? She’s my sister, Lucy. Can you find me in the picture? I’m the boy in blue.

( A.a Chinese B.an English C.a Japanese D.an American

( )2.There are(人)in the picture.

A.one B.two C.three D.four

( is my father.

A.Sandy B.Ken C.Mrs Martin D.Mr Jordan

( )4. is my mother.

A.Sandy B.Ken C.Martin D.Mr Jordan

( .

A.brown B.black C.blue D.red



This is my room. The books are in the bookcase. The picture of my family is on the wall. My backpack is on the chair. And I have a baseball. It’s on the floor, between the bookcase and the desk. A computer is on my desk, and a tape is behind the computer. And I have a hat. It’s on my bed.

( ) 6.I have some books. They are in the bookcase.

( ) 7.The picture of my family is on the desk.

( ) 8.I have a basketball on the floor.

( ) 9.A sofa is in my room.

( ) 10.The computer is on my desk.


My name is Jeff. I’m English. But now I live (住) in China. I am a student. This is my classroom. Fifteen small desks and thirty chairs are in the classroom. They are for classmates (同班同学) and me. A big desk is in the classroom, too. It’s for my teacher.

A clock is on the back (后面)wall of the classroom. Next to the clock is a map. It’s a map of China.

( )11. Who is Jeff?

A. A worker. B. A teacher. C. A student D. American.

( )12. What is Jeff talking about(在谈论)?

A. The family. B. The school. C. The classroom. D. The park.

( )13. What’s on the back wall of the classroom?

A. A clock. B. A map. C. A map and a clock. D. A picture.

( 多少) desks are there in the classroom?

A. Fifteen. B. Sixteen. C. Thirty. D. Thirty-one.

( )15. What does the underlined (划线) ―it‖ mean (意思) in the passage (文章)?

A. The classroom. B. The map of China. C. The big desk. D. The school




2.—Thank you very much.

—You’re w4. The schoolbag is _________(我的).

5. The hats are on their ________(头).


(be) black and white.

(has) any brothers?

9. Gina always “Where’s my eraser?”

10. Are they _________(your)?


1. My name is Mike. (同义句转换)


2. His baseball is under the table.(变为一般疑问句)

______his baseball _______ the table? (对划线部分提问)

_________ ______ my keys? (对划线部分提问)

_______ ______ behind the door?

5. It’s my desk. (改成否定句)

my desk.



My Room 为题,写一篇小短文,不少于40词。提示:

1. Are you tidy? Do you like your room?

2. What are in your room?

3. Where are they?



























































? 一、听力(15分) 1、2、 3、、5、 6、7、 8、 9、10、 11、12、13、14、 15、 二、单项填空(15分) 1、2、 3、、5、 6、7、 8、 9、10、 11、12、13、14、 15、 三、完形填空(10分) 1、2、 3、4、5、 6、7、 8、 9、10、 四、阅读理解(30分) 1、2、 3、4、5、 6、7、 8、 9、10、 11、12、13、14、 15、 五、填空(10分) 1、2、3、4、 5、 6、7、 8、 9、10、 六、按要求转换下列句子(10分) 1、2、3、 4、5、 七、书面表达(10分)

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