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Section B 2 Unit8 I'll help clean up the city parks

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I’ll help clean up the city parks.
Section B Period 2

Jimmy: the Bike Boy

Reading (3b: P64)
What’s Jimmy’s problem? He has run out of his Problem:___________________ money.

Let’s read the article and find out the things that Jimmy did to solve the problem.

He did a radio interview.

He put up some signs.

He handed out advertisements.

He called up his friends. _____________________________________________________ He told the teachers. _____________________________________________________

He set up a call-in center for parents.

What’s the main idea of the passage? Everyone was trying to help Jimmy. Reading strategy:(阅读策略)
Please read the first few sentences of the passage,

and then you may find out the main idea.

Who are trying to help Jimmy?
everyone: friends parents Reading strategy: We can take notes by looking for people in the passage.

teachers warm-hearted strangers

What did Jimmy do to deal with the problem?

Reading strategy:
Looking for words about structure (also, then,

even … )
words about actions (tell, put, call …)

Fill in the chart.(每空不超过三个单词) structure actions things On Monday a radio interviewer about the problem tell
Also put up ask for

some signs


old bikes all his friends call up tell them about the problem hand out advertisements tell the teacher a call-in center for parents


set up

How did the ways that Jimmy came up with work (起 作用)? The strategies that he came up with _________________. worked out well/fine He has sixteen old bikes to fix up and give away to who don’t have bikes children __________________. __________________ Jimmy is happy again.

Jimmy is happy again!

Retell the article according to the chart.(根据表格复述课文)
structure On Monday Also actions

put up asked for
called up

things a radio interviewer about the problem

some signs
old bikes all his friends them about the problem advertisements the teacher a call-in center for parents



told handed out told

set up

Find all the phrasal verbs from the article. cheer up run out of call up put up hand out give away set up
work out

come up with fix up

call up表示“给……打电话” 同义词组还有: ring up give s.b a call give s.b a ring

你上周打了电话给你父母吗? Did you ring up your parents last week?

work out 产生结果;发展;成功

e.g. The idea works out well.
那个主意的实施结果很好。 另外还有“解答出、计算出”的意思. e.g. 你能解答这个数学难题吗? Can you work out the math problem?

1.Is Jimmy a super volunteer? 2.Do you want to be a super volunteer like Jimmy? 3. How do you become a super volunteer?

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