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成都少年时教育 劝君莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时

( )4、Tom

( )5、Mike

( )6、Jim

四、听录音,将名字和电话号码匹配。(每题1分,共6题,计 6分)

( )1、Linda A.9265579-31

( )2、Gorden B.4987389-61

( )3、Tony C.2784436-79

( )4、Tom D.5554323-80

( )5、Eric E.3613243-21

( )6、Jim F.4511322-22

五、听录音,用所给的单词补全对话。(每题1分,共5题,计 5分)

eraser pencil ruler pencil case book

Tim: Excuse me, Sonia. Is this your 1. ? Sonia: Yes, thank you. And that is my 2. . Tim: And Jane, is this your 3. .

Jane: No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler. Tim: OK, and this is my 4. . And this is your 5. , Jane.

第Ⅱ部分 笔试部分(100分)


( )1.早晨在校门口遇到同学时,应该怎么样打招呼?

A. How are you? B. Good morning! C. Good evening!

( )2.当别人向你问好时说:How are you? 你应该怎么回应呢?

A. Fine, thank you B. Hello! C. How are you?

( )3. What’s this in English?

一It’s __orange.

A. an B. a C./

( ) 4. I _____ Mark. --______ you Jim?

A. am , are B. am, Are C. is ,is D. is, Are

( ) 5.My name is Linda Green. --My last name is _________

A. Linda B. Green C.Linda Green D.Green Linda

( )6. _________? --Fine,thank you.

A. How do you do B.How old are you C. Can you spell it D. How are you

( )7. 班级来了一个新同学,你问:__________

A. Hi, what’s this? B. Is it your name? C. Hi, what’s your name, please?

( )8.询问同学自行车的颜色,你问__________

A. What’s your bike? B. What color is your bike? C. Is it a pen?

( )9. ______ do you spell watch?


成都少年时教育 劝君莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时 W-A-T-C-H, watch.

A. What B. Who C. How D. Why

( )10.Please call me _____ 256-5896

A. at B. for C. on D. to

( )11. Are you Jenny?

Yes, .

A. it is B. you are C. you’re D. I am.

( )12. Her name is Gina Green. Her last name is ____.

A.Gina B. Green C. Gina Green D. Wang

( )13. I s that your father?


A. he is B. it is C. she is D. you are

( )14. Are Tom’s pens______?

Yes, are.

A. on my; we B. on his; it C. on his; they D. on his; it’s

( ) 15. —-Are Tom’s pens _____ desk? -Yes, ____ are.

A.on his; it B. on my; we C. on his; they D.on his; it’s

( ) 16.—-Where is my football?—- It’s _____ the desk _____ the floor .

A. on under B. on on C. under under D. under on

( ) 17. What’s your name?

Name is Li Ping.

A. I B. She C. My D. His

( ) 18. Is this _______ pen? Yes, it is. It’s pen.

A. your; his B. your; my C. I; she D. I; He

( ) 19. What’s this ?

A. in English B. on English C. of English

( ) 20.My father’s father is my .

A. grandmother B. grandparents

C. grandfather D. father

( )2 1. Where’s (哪里) my ______? I want to (要) do my homework(作业).

A. watch B. ring C. pen D. baseball

( )2 2. — Is this your backpack?— ______, it is.

A. No

A. in B. Yes C. Not D. Isn’t B. at C. of D. off

D. spell ( ) 23. Call Eric ______ 495-3539. ( )2 4. — How do you ______ it? — P-A-C-K. A. answer B. question C. look

( ) 25. — ______, what’s that?— It’s a notebook.

A. OK B. Excuse me C. Hello D. Sorry




D. by English

成都少年时教育 劝君莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时

1) the backpack?

2)3)___ is on the table .

4)5)A:_ the bed?

B: No, it isn’t. It is on the ___ my books?

B: They are on the chair .

____ where’s my baseball?

B: Oh. It’s _?

B: No, they’re in the drawer.



Look! I’m Tom. This is a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. What’s in the pencil case? A ruler is in the pencil case. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It is not my pencil. Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found his green pen in the pencil case. I call Tim at 7890003. It is his telephone number.

( )36. What color is the pencil case?

A. It’s orange. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s green.

( )37.I am Tom. That is not my_________.

A. pencil B. pencil case C. ruler

( )38. ________ has (有) a pencil.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )39. _______ found the pen in the lost and found case.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )40. I am Tom. Is my telephone number 7890003?

A. Yes. B. No. C. OK.


This is Jack's room. It is a big room. There are(有)some pictures on the wall. There are some books, a desk and a chair in his room. There is a sofa and a bookcase. The sofa is near the window. The desk is near the bed. His bag and pencil case are on the desk. There are some pencils, a pen ,a ruler in the pencil case. His chair is next to the desk..His shoes and a ball are under the bed. Jack and his friend Mike are in the room. They like the room very much.

( )41. Jack's room is ___

A.not small B. not big C. very new D. very old

( ) 42. There ___ in his room.

A. is a desk and a chair B. are some books ,a desk and chairs.


成都少年时教育 劝君莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时

C. is some desks and a chair D. is a desk and some chairs

( )43.Jack's pencil case is ____.

A.on the desk B. near the window C. under the bed D. on the bed

( )44.His sofa is ___.

A.on the desk B. near the window C.under the desk D.next to the desk

( )45.___ shoes are under the bed?

A.Jack's B. Mike's C. Jack's brother's D. Jack's sister's


My name is Tom. I am a boy. I don’t like(喜欢)to be very clean and tidy(干净整洁的)。 This is my room. It’s very messy(混乱的)。My quilt is on the floor(地板)。 My books and dictionaries are on my bed. The computer game is under the bed. My pencil case is on the dresser. My backpack is on the chair. My keys are on the desk. ( )46. His quilt is .

A.on the floor B. on his bed

C.on the chair D. under the bed

( )47. The boy’s name is

A.Bon B. Tom

C.Mike D. Jack ( )48. His room is .

A.clean B. tidy

C.messy D. nice ( )49. His books are .

A.on the dresser B. on his bed

C. on the chair D. on the desk ( )50. are on the desk.

A.His dictionary B. His pencil case

C.His keys D. His backpack


Jenny is an English girl. She is a nice girl, and she is my good friend. My name’s Amy. My father is John. My mother is Helen. Jack is my brother. I like them. I like singing. Jack likes reading. My favorite(最喜欢的)color is blue.


( )51.Jenny is___.

A. an English boy B. a English girl C. an English boy D. an English girl

( )52.Amy’s mother is___.

A. Jack B. Jenny C. Amy D. Helen

( )53.Amy likes___.

A. singing B. reading C. writing D. drawing

( )54.What is Amy’s favorite color?

B. Red. B. Blue. C. Orange. D. Green.

( )55.Jenny is my___.

A. mother B. sister C. friend D. teacher


成都少年时教育 劝君莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时




75.These are my cousins.( 改为单数句)

76. Is this your sister?(做肯定回答)

77. Jenny hates Pingpong.(改成一般疑问句)

78. This is a pencil.(改为一般疑问句)

79. How do you spell “ring”?(回答问题)

80. Is this your ID card?(做否定回答)

十一、从B栏中找出A栏正确答案。 (每题1分,共5分)


( )81.What's that? A. It's in the drawer.

( )82. Where are vidio tapes? B.They're math books.

( )83.What are those? C. It's an ID card.

( )84. Is the hat under the chair? D. They're on the desks.

( )85 .Where is the alarm clock? E. Yes, it is.



成都少年时教育 劝君莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时

86)The ball is ______ the box .

88) The ball is ______ the box. 87) The ball is ______ the box.


89. 90. 91.

92. 93. 94.

95. 96. 97.

98. 99. 100.


我叫Mary White, 我的爸爸叫Peter White,妈妈叫Lisa White 我妹妹叫Sarah White。 我的朋友有Lily 和Tom。我家的电话号码是87967543.


成都少年时教育 劝君莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时


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