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课型:复习课 主备人:白长更 学生姓名: 学习目标:

? 知道定语从句、先行词的定义

? 能熟练使用关系代词who/whom/whose/which/that

? 能区分关系词在定语从句中的成分

? 能简单使用关系副词where/when/why

? 知道何时只用关系代词that和who的情况






Step1 课前准备






This is the man.

The man gave me a nice pen. The man is a worker.

The man is speaking at the meeting. Mary is a girl.

Mary has long hair. I know the boy.

The boy’s mother is a teacher. Step2 自学质疑


归纳:that,即指 又指 ,作 语或 语。

which,指 ,作 语或 语。

who, whom指 ,who作 语,whom作 语。

that,which,whom在定语从句中作 时,可省去。

1) A plane is a machine ________ can fly.

2) The car _________ my uncle bought last week was stolen.

3) The students _________ don’t study hard will not pass the exam.

4) The woman _________ you saw in the park is our English teacher.

5) He talked happily about the men and books_________ interested him greatly in the school.

A、 who、that在指人时,可以通用, 宜用 who, 不用 that 的情况

1).先行词是, who

Those want to go to the Great Wall are our friends.

Is there anyone wants to go there?

2). 在句型中,先行词指关系词用who

There is an old man wants to see you.

There are many young men are against him.

3)、用who, whom, that, whose 填空

1. Do you know the woman _______ you met at the gate?

2. The person to _______ you just talked is Mr Li.

3. We’re looking for a thief(贼) ______ likes stealing necklace(项链).

4. Who is the man ______ is reading the book over there?

5. The babies ______ the nurses are looking after are healthy.

6. The boy ______ parents died two years ago lives with his grandpa now.

7. This dictionary is for the students ______ first language isn’t English.






5、 Step3 互学释疑


归纳:关系副词 指时间,关系副词 指地点,在定语从句中作状语。即使先行词是时间、地点,若作从句中的宾语,只能用关系代词that, which. Fill in the blanks.

1. I still remember the day _________ we spent in the forest.

2. I still remember the day ____________ I first came to Beijing.

3. The factory _________ we will visit is large.

4. The factory ___________ his father works is large.

5. I’ll never forget the time _____________ we work on the farm.

6. This is the house ____________ we lived last year.


1.There is nothing _________ I can do.

A. that B. which C. who D. what

2.Do you know the man _________ is wearing glasses?

A. who B. which C. what D. where

3.The boy _________ is playing football is my brother.

A. which B. who C. what D. where

4.I'll never forget the day _________ I first met her.

A. what B. who C. which D. when

5.I can't find the book _________ my mother bought

A. who B. when C. which D. what

6.The film ________I saw yesterday was very interesting.

A. who B. when C. what D. that

7.Is there anything _________ I can help you?

A. that B. which C. who D. what

8.All ____ is needed is a few hands to help with the work.

A. what B. that C. which D. things

9.Is this the factory _________you wish to visit?

A. that B. where C. when D. what

11. He is the very one of the students____ good at English.

A. who does B. that is C. whom do D. which are

12.The second book ___ I want to read is Harry Potter.

A. which B. that C. what D. as

13.The days ___ I spent in the countryside in my

childhood was the happiest time ___ I had ever

had in my life.

A. when/when B. when/that

C. that /which D. that/that

Step6 Homework

A类作业 完成下列句子。

1) Here is the knife ___________________________________(你昨天丢失的)。

2) This is the best novel __________________________________(我读过的)。

3) I have lost the dictionary __________________________(我姐姐给我买的)。

4) Rice is a plant ___________________________________(中国南方种植的)。

5) The woman _______________________________(上周六给他们做报告的)is

a famous scientist.

B类作业 改正下列句子中的错误:

1. Mr. Brown is talking to the students who comes from Canada.

2. The factory which we are going to work is far from here.

3. This is the room in that we lived last year.

4. They talked of things and people who they remembered in the hospital.

5. All which Iraq people want is peace.

6. Anyone that breaks the rule will be punished.

7. This is the child who father died of SARS.

8. I have lost my pen, that I like very much.

9. I went to the library but I didn’t find the book that I needed it.

10. This is the person whom you are looking

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