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unit7 七年级上 同步练习含答案

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8. The bags on _____(销售)are fifteen yuan each.

9. My sister likes to go to that _______(服装)store to buy clothes.

10. The boy in _______(白色的), not the one in black, is his cousin.

11. You can buy the shirt for eight ______ (美元) or twenty RMB yuan.

12. They ______ (卖) the soccer balls for only ¥40.

13. Green, yellow, black and red are all c______.

14. The white pants are too s _______ for Jim, but the black pants are too long for him.

15. Come and see for y_______ at Xingfu Clothes Store.

16. –What’s the p_________ of this bird? –It’s 100 yuan.


18. – ________ it the TV? –It’s 2000 yuan.

A. How many B. How much C. How about D. How big

19. I want to buy a shirt _______ my father.

A. to B. on C. for D. in

20. –Can I help you? –_________.

A. Thank you B. Yes, please, I want a pen. C. You’re welcome. D. I’m sorry.

21. Let’s go and have _______ his new CD.

A. look at B. a look at C. a look D. the look at

22. Jim’s _______ is red.

A. shoes B. bag C. socks D. pants.

23. –How much are the pants? –________ twenty dollars.

A. It has B. It is C. They have D. They are

24. –Are these your shoes? –Yes, ___________.

A. they’re B. they are C. these are D. there’re

25. –The T-shirt is only ten dollars. –I’ll ________it.

A. buy B. take C. sale D. sell

26. I like red but my brother ____________.

A. likes red, too B. doesn’t C. does D. doesn’t like

27. I like sports. My friend Allan ______likes sports.

A. too B. but C. and D. also

28. –What color is it? –____________

A. It’s a green car B. It’s a green C. It’s green D. It’s green car

29. We have ________ students.

A. fourty –four B. four – fourty C. forty – four D. four –forty

30. How much _________ do you want?

A. tomatoes B. bananas C. hamburgers D. chicken

31. Come down ____________ Mr Cool’s Clothing Store ____________ yourself.

A. to, for B. for, to C. /, for D. for, by

32. They have T-shirts _________ green and black for only $13_______ the shop.

A. at; at B. in; in C. with; with D. at; in

33. --- Where ____________ your new pants?

--- ____________ on the bed.

A. is, It’s B. are, They’re

C. is, They’re D. are, It’s

34. These shirts ____________ only 5 dollars. Do you want ____________?

A. are, it B. is, them C. are, them D. is, it

35. How much ____________ these carrots?

A. are B. is C. do D. does

四. 将下列短语译成英语(共12分,每小题2分)

1. 看一看____________ 2. 服装店____________3. 出售____________

4. 亲自____________5. 以合理的价格___________6. 给你____________

五. 按要求写出单词(共14分,每小题2分)

1. sell(反义词)____________ 2. long(反义词)____________

3. white(反义词)____________ 4. tomato(复数)____________

5. box(复数)____________ 6. like(第三人称单数)____________

7. bring(反义词)____________

六 . 按要求改写下列各句,每空一词。(共8分,每小题2分)

1. That bag is black.(改为同义词)

That _________ a _________ bag.

2. This is a T-shirt.(改为复数句子)

_________ are _________.

3. I like Chinese. (改为否定句)

I _________ _________ Chinese.

4. What’s the price of the dictionary?(改为同义句)

_________ _________ is the dictionary?


Come to Black’s Clothing Sale for kids. Girls! 1 socks are only $ 4, The

shorts 2 only $ 5. 3 hat is only $ 5. 4 you like this sweater? It 5 only $ 5. 6 boys, red, green and blue T-shirt are only $ 10.


( )1. A. This B. That C. It D. These

( )2. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )3. A. This B. There C. It D. Those

( )4. A. Is B. Are C. Does D. Do

( )5. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )6. A. In B. To C. For D. on

八. 书面表达(20分)





1.D 2.C 3.E 4.B 5.F 6.G 7.A


8.sale 9.clothes/clothing 10.white 11.dollar 12.sell. 13.olours 14.hort 15.ourself


三、单项选择,发挥你的聪明。试试选出你最满意的(共18分,每小题1分) 18-20 BCB 21-25BBDBB 26-30 BDCCD 31-35 ABBCA

四. 将下列短语译成英语(共12分,每小题2分)

1.have alook at 2. clothes/clothing store 3. on sale 4.for oneself 5. at a good price


五. 按要求写出单词(共14分,每小题2分)

1.buy 2.short 3.black 4.tomatoes 5.boxes 6. likes 7.take

六 . 按要求改写下列各句,每空一词。(共8分,每小题2分)

1.is…black 2.These…T-shirts 3.don’t like 4. How much



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