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第二部 专题Ⅲ句型
㈡ 状语从句
? 考点揭密 ? 中考考点设置 ? 典型例题解析 ? 课时训练

? 考点揭密
在复合句中修饰主句中的动词、形容词或副词, 起状语作用的从句叫状语从句。状语从句可置主语之 前,也可置主语之后。前置时,从句后用逗号与主句 分开;后置时,与主句之间无标点符号。 状语从句可分为时间、原因、目的、结果、条件、 比较、地点、让步、方式等九类。

? 中考考点设置
1.时间状语从句 (1)引导词:when,while,as,before,after, as soon as,until,since. (2)主句为将来时,从句用一般现在时代替。 (3)not...until的同义句替换。  2.条件状语从句 (1)引导词:if,unless. (2)主句为将来时,从句用一般现在时代替。 (3)if...not与unless及or的同义句转换。

? 中考考点设置

3.原因状语从句 (1)引导词:because, since, as. (2)对because 原因状语提问用“why”。 (3)because 不能与so连用。 (4)because,since,as,for的区别: because 从句所表示的是对方不知道的直接的原因, 因此在回答以why引导的特殊疑问句时只可用 because,而as,since 引导的从句却不可;as, since从句所表示的往往是对方已知的原因;for往 往用于附加理由证明。 

? 中考考点设置
4.目的状语和结果状语 (1)引导词:so that.从句中常用情态动词。 (2)结果状语从句引导词:so...that,such...that. (3)so与such的区别 ①so+形+a/an+名 such+a/an+形+名 ②so+many/much/few/little+形+名 ③such+形+不可数名词/可数名词复数 (4)so...that与too...to和...enough to间转换 

? 中考考点设置
5.比较状语从句 (1)引导词:as...as,not as (so)...as,than (2)not as (so)...as与than的同义句替换。 (3)as...as,not as (so)...as中间用形容词或副词的 原形。 6.让步状语从句 (1)引导词:though,even though. (2)though不能与but连用。 7.地点状语从句 (1)引导词where,wherever. (2)wherever=no matter where 8.方式状语从句 引导词:as if,as though.

? 典型例题解析
【例1】 Lucy knew nothing about it _________her B sister told her.[2003 河北省] A.because B.until C.if D.since 【例2】 Other people won't be pleased if he B the queue.[2003 河南省]  A.will jump B.jumps C.jump D.jumped 【例3】 The young man travelled all over the worldA he had a man-made leg.[2003 河南省] A.though B.if C.as D.because 【例4】 The students will go to Summer Palace if it C tomorrow.[2003 甘肃省] A.don't rain B.won't rain C.doesn't rain D.isn't rain

? 典型例题解析
【例5】 The driver hurt the girl______badly_______she A had to see a doctor.[2003 新疆] A.so,that B.either,or C.too,to D.neither,nor

【例6】 Mrs Read didn't sleep well la

st night because the wind made too much noise.对句子划线部分提问) Why didn't sleep _______________Mrs Read __________well last night? 【例7】 David was so careless that he didn't find the mistakes in his test paper.(改为简单句)[2003 福州市] too to David was_________careless _________ find the mistakes in his test paper.

? 课时训练
Ⅰ.单项选择 (A) 1.He was_________angry to hear the news that he couldn't say a word. A.so B.too C.very D.much (A) 2.Because his mother was ill,_________he must stay at home to look after her. A./ B.so C.that D.either 3.Though the workers were very tired,_________they went (C) on planting trees. C./ A.and B.but D.so (C) 4.They didn't watch TV_____they finished their homework. A.after B.when C.until D.as

? 课时训练
(A) 5.I'll write to you as soon as I_________Beijing. A.get to B.arrive C.will get to D.will arrive 6.We'll have a trip if it_________rain. (D) A.won't B.will C.don't D.doesn't 7._________you hurry up ,or we will be late for school. (C) A.If B./ C.Unless D.When 8.He saves money_________he can buy some birthday (B) presents for his mother. A.so B.so that C.such that D.in order 9.—Why are you late for school? (A) —_________ I got up late. A.Because B.For C.Since D.As

 ? 课时训练 10.The flowers_________well if they_________. (D) A.won't grow,don't take good care of B.don't grow,are taken good care of C.don't grow,don't take good care of D.won't grow,are not taken good care of  11.He asked_________many strange questions that (A) the teacher didn't want to teach him any more. B.such C.too D.very   A.so 12.Ann is so careful that she always goes over her (B) exercises to there are no mistake. A.look for B.make sure C.find out D.think about 13.I have my own car,so I______drive where I want to go. (D) A.must B.have C.need to D.can

? 课时训练
14.The old man was quite weak after the accident,so he C  A.must be takes care of B.must take care of C.must be looked after D.must look after  15.The man had gone away _________ the old man said D thanks to him. A.that B.so C.until D.before

? 课时训练
Ⅱ.句型转换,将下列各句改为同义句 1.Hurry up or you'll be late for school. _____you _______hurry up you'll be late for school. don't If ________you hurry up ,you'll be late for school. Unless 2.I'll do my homework when my mother comes back. I______ do my homework ______my mothercomes back. won't until 3.This question is so hard that no one can answer it. This is______ _____ ______that no one can answer it. such a hard 4.Because he was ill,he didn't go to school. He was ill, _______he didn't go to school. so 5.Though he was tired,he went on working. but He was tired,________he went on working.

? 课时训练

6.The ice on the lakez was so thin that people coul

dn't skate on it. enough for not The ice on the lake was _____thick _______ _______ to skate on people______ ______ _____. 7.The girl was too excited to say a word. that The girl was ______excited_____he couldn't say a word. so 8.The men was so old that he couldn't climb the hill. too to The man was _____old ______climb the hill. 9.unless you are brave you'll lose your chance. are ______you ______brave,you'll lose your chance. If or ______brave,_____ you'll lose your chance. Be 10.The weather is so fine that people can go out for a walk. It is_____ ______ _______that people can go out for a walk. such fine weather

? 课时训练

11.It's such a small room that it can't hold too many people. so small a It's ___ ______ ___room that it can't hold too many people. 12.He had breakfast before he went to school. didn't have until He _____ ______breakfast ______he went to school. 13.When he was 12,he started writing his own newspaper. At the age ___12, he started writing his own newspaper. __ ____ ____ of 14.Remember to ring me as soon as you get to Beijing. sure reach Make _____to give me a ring as soon as you______London. 15.He studies most carefully in his class. more any other He studies _____carefully than _____ ______student in his class.

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