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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake period 1

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Unit 8
How do you make a banana milk shake?


What's this?

It's a banana milk shake.

?How do you make a banana milk shake?
We need to prepare some materials.

How many bananas do we need?


We need three bananas.

How much milk do we need?

one cup of milk We need one cup of milk.

How much ice-cream do we need?


We need one cup of milk.

How many blender do we need?


We need a blender.

fruit salad








How to make fruit salad? Make a similar dialogue with your partner:

A: let’s make fruit salad. B: Ok, good idea. How much …do we need? A: We need one cup… B: How many … do we need? A: We need …

How to make a banana milk shake?

Peel the bananas

Cut up the bananas

Put the bananas and ice cream into the blender

Pour the milk into the blender

Turn on the blender.

Drink the milk shake.


剥皮 打开 切碎 把·· ·倒入·· · 把·· ·放入·· · 一杯·· · 奶昔

peel turn on cut up pour·· ·into·· · put·· · ·in·· one cup of milk shake

First, peel the bananas. Next, cut up the bananas. and put the bananas and ice cream into the blender. Then, pour the milk into the blender. After that, turn on the blender. Finally, drink the milk shake.

根据汉语意思完成句子 ? 1。你怎样做水果沙拉?
_____ _____ _____make a fruit salad ? 2.我们需要几个香蕉?

How _______bananas do we ________?
3.我们需要一个西瓜。 We _______a________.

How ______yogurt do we _________? 5.我们需要一杯酸奶。 We need _______ _______ _______ ________. 6.请把西瓜切碎。 Please _______ _______the ___________. 7.请把香蕉、西瓜、酸奶放进搅拌器。 Please put bananas、_______、______in the _______.

? 单项选择

? 1.Do you know how to ______a milk shake?
A put B pour C make D pour into

2.——How ______bread do you want?
——Tree pieces ,please. 3.——Let's make a pizza. —— _________. A Good idea. B let's go. C Why do you do that D What about a vegetable salad?

4. First put some yogert and water into blender.Then ______it. A put on B turn on C make D close 5.——Do you know how to make a banana shake?

A Of course B Great C Do a good job

D Yes, I love to

A. Listen to the recording and read after the recording of 1b, 2a, 2b, 2d for three times, then sign your parent’s name. And try to remember the new words and expressions of this lesson. B. Make a conversation according the conversation of 2d.

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