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形容词和副词 比较级和最高级
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? ? ? ? ? sun - sunny care - careful rain - rainy cloud- cloudy friend – friendly wind - windy use - useful

afraid 害怕的 alive 活着的

? alone 单独的 ? asleep 睡着的 ? fine 健康的

ashamed 羞愧的 awake 醒着的 ill有病的

3.以ly结尾的形容词: ? 1)大部分形容词加-ly可构成副词。但 friendly,deadly,lovely,lonely, likely,lively, ugly,brotherly, 仍为形容词。 2)有些以-ly 结尾既为形容词,也为副词。 daily,weekly,monthly,early, early The Times is a daily paper. The Times is published daily.

用法 作定 语

形容词作定语时 放在被修饰词之 前,修饰不定代 词放在后面

This is an interesting book. I have nothing important to tell you.

作表 语
作宾 补

The work is difficult. She looks happy today.
Please keep the room clean. I find it very beautiful.

作表语与系动 词连用

? 副词的分类
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 时间副词 now,before, lately, tonight 地点副词 here, there, somewhere 频率副词 always, often, usually, seldom 程度副词 very, rather, quite, enough 方式副词 quickly, carefully, calmly 方向副词 forward, backward 疑问副词 when, where, how, why 连接副词 when, where, why ,how

有许多副词是对应的形容词加ly构成,如: strong -- strongly real -- really 词尾是y的要把y变为i再加 ly, busy -- busily happy -- happily 以e结尾的,大部分直接加-ly, wide –widely late - - lately 有几个特殊的要去e后再加-ly或y, true -- truly terrible--terribly

? 副词的用法
? 1.主要用作状语,修饰动词、形容词、副词,还可 以修饰介词短语和句子。 I have already prepared my lesson.(修饰动词) He has been extremely busy these days.(修 饰形容词) ? 2.也可以用作表语或定语,作定语时通常后置. The girl there is my sister.(作定语) Is your brother in ?(作表语) ? 3.有些副词(rather、quite等)通常可以防在名词 前用于加强语气.

My mother is out .

作表语 作定语 作状语 作宾补

The girl there is my friend . He runs fast. I found him outside.

? 1.单音节和少数双音节单词,一般在词 尾加“er”或“est”。 ? clean, tall, small, cheap , short, long, light, high ? 2. 以不发音字母“e”结尾的单词,直接 在词尾加 “r”或“st”。 ? nice, late, close, fine, large, free, rude

3. 以重读闭音节结尾的单词,如果词尾 只有一个辅音字母时,应先双写这一 辅音字母,再加“er”或“est”。 fat, big, red, thin, hot, fat, sad, wet 4. 以辅音字母+y结尾的单词,应先改 “y”为“i”,在加“er”或“est”。 happy ,

easy, heavy, healthy, busy,
lucky, pretty, sunny, funny

5. 其他双音节单词和多音节单词,都在其前 面加“more”或“most”。(beautiful, interesting) 6. 不规则变化。 记忆口诀: 合二为一共三对,“坏bad”,“病ill”,两多 many/much”和“两好good/well”, 一分为二只两个,一是“远far”来二是 “老old”, 还有一词little含双义,只记“少”来不记 “小”。

Read and compare :
young long full short small old fine easy hungry early heavy big red younger longer fuller shorter smaller older finer easier hungrier earlier heavier bigger redder youngest longest fullest shortest smallest oldest finest easiest hungriest earliest heaviest biggest reddest

healthy many famous ill

healthier more more famous worse more exciting more carefully wetter hotter less fewer

healthiest most most famous worst most exciting most carefully wettest hottest least fewest

carefully wet hot little







bad/ill many/much little far old

worse more less farther/ further older/ elder

worst most least farthest/ furthest oldest/ eldest

*** 1. as+adj/ adv.的原级+ as (肯,否) , (not)so…as (否) eg. The ruler is as long as that one. He sings as well as Jack. He doesn’t sing as(so) well as Jack. 2. as much as, as many as 与…一样多 eg. I have done as much work as he did yesterday. You can take as many books as you can.

1、比较级+than She is fatter than he. He is thinner than she.

2、?比较级+and+比较级? 越来越?
In spring, the days are getting longer and longer. His voice got weaker and weaker in the end. These days more and more people are learning English. I find the price of house is more and more expensive.

It becomes colder and colder when winter comes.

3、表示两者之间的选择,可使用 “Which/Who + 比较级,…or…?”
Which is longer, this one or that?

Who is taller, Mary or Jane?

形容词和副词的比较级其它用法 1.表示倍数的三个句型: (1)...times as+形容词原级+as...

This table is 3 times as big as that one.
(2)...times the+性质名词+of...

This table is 3 times the size of that one.
(3)...times+形容词比较级+than... This table is 2 times bigger than that one. Henry does not have so/as many books as I have. 亨利不如我的书多。

2同程度级的比较,用as...as,the same as,such...as引导


The more you talked,the less attention he paid to you.
你说得越多,他越不注意你。 4.the+比较级+of the two+名词:The taller of the two boys is my brother. 这两个男孩中较高的是我弟弟。

5.一个人的两种品质的比较,用more...than结构: I think she’s more shy than unfriendly. 与其说她不友好,不如说她害羞。

There i

s no greater love than that of a man who lays down his life for his friends.


any other+单数名词


?all the other+复数名词 any other+单数 ? the other+复数/the others ?anyone else ?any of the other+复数名词 ?

The Mississippi River is longer than any other river in the United

密西西比河是美国最长的河。 8.比较级的修饰语常见的有: much,still,even,far,any(用于否定句或疑问句),a lot, a little,a great deal,by far,a bit,three times等。

The students study even harder than before.

The population of China is larger than that of any

other country in the world.

China has a larger population than any other country
in the world.

A is no more careful than B.A和B两人都不仔细。

A is no less careful than B.A和B两人都很仔细。

1、the 最高级+of (in)…

Hong Jinbao

Zheng Zeshi


Zheng is fatter than Hong. Nutty is the fattest of the three.

Noodles are more delicious than dumplings. The cake is the most delicious of all.

2、副词的最高级前(the) 可以省略
Tom runs fast. Tom comes to school late.

Jill runs faster.

Jill comes to school later.

Bob runs fastest. Bob comes to school latest.

3、表示“最??之一”和“第??个最??”时 one of +最高级+名词复数 the first/second/third+最高级+名词单数。
Lu Xun is one of the greatest writers last century. The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.

4、用or连接两项需作比较的内容时,须用比 较级;若or连接三项或三项以上的内容时,则须 用最高级。
Who is taller, Mary or Jane? Which is biggest, the sun, the moon or the earth?

Alice’s diet was less healthy than Danny’s diet. (不 如) (more …than 胜于)

This T-shirt is the same size as that one.
The red shirt is five yuan cheaper than that blue one.

Which is the least interesting film you’ve ever seen?
This park is three times as big as the Summer Palace. (倍数+as…as) This book cost twice as much as that one.

He is taller than any other student in his class.
= He is taller than the other students in his class. = He is the tallest (student)in his class.

? 3.掌握形容词、副词表示比较的几种结构。 ? ①表示两者“相等”用,as+形容词/副词原级+比较对象; ②表示“不如”没有“不相等”,用“not+as/so+形容 词、副词原级+as+比较对象”; ? ③用形容词、副词的比较级+than从句表示两者比较; ? ④比较级前可用much,a little,a lot, far, still,no,even,any 等表示程度; ? ⑤and连接同

一个比较级,表示越来越……; ? ⑥the+比较级...the+另一个比较级表示越……越……; ? ⑦形容词、副词前如有:very,too,quite,rather等修饰, 一般用原级; ? ⑧三者、三者以上的比较,一般用最高级;常用介词in, of短语表示比较的范围; ? ⑨表示“最……之一”,用one of +最高级+复数名词;  ? ⑩最高级前一般要加“the”;副词最高级前可加“the”也 可不加“the”;当最高级前有物主代词时,则不加“the”。 

1. I think English is as

as maths.

D. importanter

A. important
Mother gets up A. early

B.more important C. most important
in my family. C. earliest D. the earlier . D. the earliest

B. earlier

3. The next morning Jenny got up even A. early B. earlier C. earliest

4. Emily sings
A. good B. well

of the five girls.
C. better D. best than her elder sister. D. the tallest as Jane.

5. In fact, Delia is a little A. tall B. taller C. tallest

6. Heidi does not jump so

A. high

B. higher

C. highest

D. the highest

7. Of all the stars the sun is

to us.

A. close

B. closer

C. closest

D. the closest

8. Barbara felt much

than before after dark.

A. cold B. colder C. coldest D. the coldest 9. This jacket is smaller than that one but it’s A. expensive B. more expensive .

C. most expensive

D. the most expensive
in the past 20 years.

10. Our country has become A. more and more rich and strong B. more richer and more stronger C. more rich and more strong

D. richer and stronger

11. William Shakespeare is one of

play writers in England.

A. great B. greater

C. greatest

D. the greatest

12. -----What do you think of Miss Li’s teaching? ------Oh, no one else teaches A. good B. well C. fine . D. better than that of China.

13. The population of Japan is

A. fewer B. smaller

C. larger

D. more

14. The next day Jim was very wet again, and his mother became A. very angrier. B. more C. even D. ever in his class.

15. Tom is more careful than any

A. boy

B. other boys

C. boys

D. other boy


play writers in England.

A. great B. greater

C. greatest

D. the greatest

12. -----What do you think of Miss Li’s teaching? ------Oh, no one else teaches A. good B. well C. fine . D. better than that of China.

13. The population of Japan is

A. fewer B. smaller

C. larger

D. more

14. The next day Jim was very wet again, and his mother became A. very angrier. B. more C. even D. ever in his class.

15. Tom is more careful than any

A. boy

B. other boys

C. boys

D. other boy

Do some exercises 同义句转换 1. He is the tallest student in his class. taller than any He is _______ _____ ______other student in his ______ class. taller than ______ other He is ______ ______the ______ students in his class.

2. Peter draws well, Lilei draws better. better Lilei draws ______ of the two.
3. The tractor goes faster than the bike. more ______ The bike goes _____ slowly than the tractor.

4. His cakes dearer than the twins’ cakes. the dearest His cake is ______ _______ of the three.


选择填空 1. Which does Jimmy like ,Chinese or Art? A. well B. best C. better D. much 2. The Chang jiang River is one of in the world. A. the longest river B. longest rivers C. the longest rivers D. longer rivers 3. of the two women is Mrs Brown. A. The beautiful B. The more beautiful C.More beautiful D. The most beautiful 4. My mooncake is nicer his. A. like B. with C. for D. than 5. You are fatter than . A. he B. his C. him D. he is tall 6. He jumps of the three. A. far B. further C. farthest D. furthest 7. My hair is longer than . A. my sister B. Kate C. my brother’s D. Lucys’


8. There is paper here .Please bring some. A. little B. less C. fewer D. a little 9. The pen is than that one. A. more cheap B. cheap C. much cheaper D. quite cheaper 10.Tom speaks Chinese better than Jimmy. A. more B. very C. a lot of D. much 11.There are girls in Class Two than in Class Four. A. more B. nicest C. most D. best 12.It’s too for you to do that. A. easy B. more dangerous C. harder D. the easiest 13.Who has apples now, Jim, Lily or Lucy? A. much B. biggest C. better D. the most 14.You have more rulers than me. But are nicer than . A.mine, yours B. mine, your C. my, yours D. my, your 15.Tingting is than Meimei, but Meimei is than Tingting. A. tall, stronger B. taller, strongest C. tallest, strong D. taller, stronger

C 16.Mother is

in my family. A. busy B. busier C. the busiest D. more busy 17.There are in the park on Sunday. A.more children B. a lot of people C. much men and women D. many peoples 18.The dumplings are than the noodles,I think. A. more nicer B. much delicious C. very nice D. much more delicious 19.She is than me at drawings. A. better B. best C. good D. harder 20.-This blue sweater is too big for me .-Will you please show me a one? A. small B. smaller C. the smallest D. smallest


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