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Unit3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes

We have a new classmate this term. At the beginning of the term, he wants to know some rules about our school. ? What rules do you have at your school? ? We should clean up classroom every day. ? We should not go to class late.

? Teachers don’t allow us to talking in class. ? Teacher allow us to discuss in class. ? My head teacher allow us to read books

loudly in the morning. ? Parents allow us to go out with friends on weekends. ? My parents allow me to go shopping with my friends

Parents should allow teenagers to go out with their friends at night.

Parents should allow fifteen-year-olds to choose their own clothes.

Parents should allow fifteen-yearolds to make their own decision .

Sixteen-yearolds should be allowed to drive.

? Teacher asks two students to read 1c of

dialogues. ? Teacher divides students into group and lets students make similar dialogues with partners.

? A: Teenagers should not be allowed to drive. ? B:I agree. ? They are not old/ calm/serious enough.

?After students practice conversation with partners, teacher encourages them and gives good comments about their perform.

? Teacher explains 2a and gives students

three minutes to prepare for 2a and 2b .

Listen and check what Kathy thinks. Circle : Agree” “disagree” or “Doesn’t know” to show what Molly thinks.

?Teacher lets students read 2b and remind students listen careful to correct right order

? 4 It looks cool. ? 1 Young people need to sleep. ? 5 He needs to spend time with
friends. ? 2 He needs time to do homework. ? 3 It doesn’t look clean.

?Teacher checks out the correct order and let two students read 2c.Then asks students make a list of things they should do and not be allowed to do.

? Teacher introduces grammar focus
and explain difficult points in detail. ? Students read the three sentences after teacher explain its. ? Grammar point are as followed:

1 被动语态的定义
英语动词有语态,一种是主动语态,另一种是 被动语态。 主动语态的主语是动作的执行者,相当于 语文中的一般句子。 被动语态的主语是动作的承受者, 相当于语文中的被动句。 被动语态的基本时态有过去,现在,将来, 和完成时。我们本单元主要学习的是它的 一种特殊形式。它叫做含情态动词的被动 语态

? 它的构成如下:

动作的承受者+情态动词+助动词be+及物动词的过 去分词+by+动作的执行者。(当我们不知道谁是执 行者或没有必要指出时可以省略) Flowers should be watered by us every day. Classroom must be cleaned

3、allow 的用法
1.allow sb to do sth ? My teachers allow me to discuss with my partners in class. 2. be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事 ? we are allowed to go out with our friends on weekend.

Grammar focus
I thi

nk students should be allowed to do homework with friends, Sixteen-year-olds should not be allowed to drive. I disagree. They talk instead of doing homework. I agree. They aren’t serious enough at that age

Do you think sixteen-year- Yea, I do./No, I don’t. olds should be allowed to work at night?

? First of all, teacher asks some students to translate sentences in Chinese.

? 1. Teenagers should not be allowed to
? ?


take mobile phones to school. 2. Teenagers should be allowed to do homework with friends. 3. Teenagers should not be allowed to go out at night. 4. Teenagers should not be allowed to have part-time jobs.

?Later on, teachers gives four minutes
to read 3a and then finish the chart.

The chart as followed:
Sun Fei
Don’t go out on school nights. You can study at a friend’s house. You can go to the movies with friends on Friday nights Don’t be out after 10:00 pm.

Wu Yu
Don’t go out on school nights. You can go to the movies with friends on Friday nights. You can go shopping with friends on Saturday afternoon

You can choose your own clothes.

3b Pair work
? Sun Fei: What rules do you have at home? ? Wu Yu : Well, I’m not allowed to go out on ?
school nights. How about you? Sun Fei: I’m not allowed to go out on school nights, either. But I can…

● Teacher should do :
? Teacher read the instruction of 3b and divide
the whole class into eight group.

? And then let students practice its with partners . ? Teacher asks students to show their
conversation in front of the whole class and gives encouragement for them. ? At then, teacher let students do 4 group work. ? At last, teacher assigns homework for students to finish after class.

Teacher should do from 2a to 2b:
? Teacher gives students three minutes to
prepare for listening 2a and 2b. ? Teacher plays recorder and lets students to check out the questions from one to another. ? Teacher gives right question to students and explains some in detail.

? 1、Peter is going to… fail the Why is Peter going to c ? test? isn't allowed to …e 2、He ? 3 Peter doesn’t allowed to…a ? 4 He could…b ? 5 He should be allowed to…d

Listen to the tape of 3a and fill in the chart.
Read the article again and answer the following questions. Questions are as followed :

? . 1、What do the students in this article think about the school uniforms? The students think the uniforms are ugly 2、What kind of clothes do they usually wear

They usually want to wear their own clothes or

they want to be allowed to design their own

3. How do they like to study?
They like to study in groups during the evening. 4. What are their ideas about vacations? They think that vacations should be good for volunteers?

5. Why are they good for volunteers? Because
longer vacations would give volunteers much more time to have a good experience.

Some new phrases are very useful and important as followed:
? ? ? ? ? ?

he other day 几天以前;前几天 concentrate v.集中;聚集 at present目前;现在 volunteer v.& n.自愿;自愿服务;志愿者 local adj.地方的;当地的 be good for对……有益处

? Learn new words and ?
useful phrases by heart. Review the whole section A

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