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一、单选。A. come true B. realize C. coming true D. realizing A. becomes B. to become C. becoming D. become

5. One of his three latest movies is good, but ______ are too boring.

A. others B. other C. another D. the others

6. The black car really _________ Tony a lot, so he decided to buy it.

A. interests B. is interested in C. interested D. was interested in

7. I think Ninth Symphony is one of _________ of Beethoven. A. most famous work

B. most famous works C. the most famous work D. the most famous works

8. This new kind of pizza tastes _____ and sells ____.

A. good; good B. good; well C. well; good D. well; well

9. My sister prefers ______ books to ______ computer games.

A. reading; playing B. to read; playing C. to read; play D. reading; play

10. —Have you got everything ______ you need to take for the trip?

—Yes. I have got everything ready. A. who B. where C. that D. when A. playing B. plays C. play D. played

12. —Look at the picture of us. —Oh! It ____ me___ the time we spent in the countryside.

A. causes; of B. reminds; of C. causes; for D. reminds; for

13. The band is making _____ noise. I can’t stand it.

A. too much B. a little C. a few D. too many A. that B. what C. which D. where A. when B. which C. that D. who

19. My pen pal from America is coming to visit me. I’m thinking about_____.

A. what present did give her B. how I will give her a surprise

C. where will we have a big meal D. whether I planned a trip for her

20. —Would you like _______red dress as a birthday present , Mary?

—Sorry, mom. I prefer ___ orange one. A. an; an B. a; a C. an; a D. a; an

21. Mr. Smith __________ is smoking is looking for________ she lost yesterday.

A. whom; which B. who; what C. that; who D. which; where

22. —How was your trip in Chengdu?

—Not so good. I stayed there for two days. But it rained on ______of the days.

A. none B. neither C. both D. all

23. Jennifer takes a lot of exercise every day and she is always full of ______.

A. knowledge B. energy C. change D. courage

24. —Can you answer the door, Jim? I ______ the dishes. —I’m coming, dad.

A. do B. did C. have done D. am doing

25. Yao Ming is ______Chinese basketball player that ever played in NBA.

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

26. The Internet is so closely connected with our daily life. Can you _____a life without it? A. understand B. imagine C. consider D. expect

27. —What smells terrible, Ted? —I’m sorry. I’ll _____my shoes and wash them at once.

A. take away B. put away C. move away D. get away

28. —I left my keys in the room yesterday. I had to get in ____ the window.

—It’s dangerous to do that. A. in B. through C. over D. to

29. —Do you have any plans for this weekend?

—I’m not sure. I____ go climbing Mount Yuntai. A. must B. need C. may D. can

30. —Have you heard of Earth Day?

—Yes. The first Earth Day _____ in 1970 to educate us to protect our planet.

A. celebrates B. celebrated C. is celebrated D. was celebrated

31. We should give the boy another chance ______he has made some mistakes.

A. though B. when C. unless D. because

32. —I’d like to introduce my best friend to you, peter.

—Thank you, Lucy. But we_____ already.

A. meet B. met C. will meet D. have met

33. Success will belong to those ______never say “impossible”.

A. whom B. what C. who D. which

34._____out your love. The world will become a nicer place to live in.

A. Speak B. To speak C. Speak D. Speaking

35. This is the primary school ______ I studied three years ago.

A. where B. when C. that D. which

二、根据汉语意思完成句子。1. 我不喜欢吃饭的时候看电视。

I prefer ______ ______ watch TV while having meals.

2. 为了保持健康,我们应该远离垃圾食品。

We should ________ ________ ________ junk food to keep healthy.

3. 那个警察冒着生命危险从河里把那个男孩救了上来。

The policeman saved that boy from the river at _____ ________ _________ his life.

4. 他似乎已经去了法国。5. 我梦想有一天能飞上月球。

6. 我希望不久就能收到你的来信。7. 我父母希望我在美国上大学。三、词语运用

Climbing a mountain is hard work. But one step after another finally brings a person to before him. He will have a new ways of thinking everything.

language can give you a new view of life. And it is more than a look at the surface(表面) of the one of your own. This will make you richer, even in things that money can’t buy. Even books. Like the mountain climber who stops now and then to look at the scenery(风景)

he goes on learning more and more of that new language.

Too many sweets and too much soft drink _______ our health. We might have a stomachache or lose our appetite (食欲) _______ we have too many snacks at one time. I _______ fruit to snacks because fruit gives us vitamins (维生素). Apples, mangoes,

strawberries are my favorite fruit because they _______ good. Also, I prefer fruit juice to soft drink. My mother always _____ juice for me.

To keep us healthy, a well-balanced diet is not _____. We should also do exercise

regularly. I am interested in running, _______ my brother finds it boring. He thinks playing basketball is more _______. He prefers playing basketball to running. He is always excited in playing basketball. Although I do not find it so exciting, I enjoy ________ my brother play.

Although my brother and I like different things, we both prefer _______ sports to playing computer games. We think it is too boring to sit in front of the computer.


A: What can I do for you?

B: I’m looking for some CDs for my friend’s birthday.

B: Let me see. It is rock music. I don’t think she will like it. It’s too noisy. A: _________? B: She likes music that is quiet and gentle.

A: I know. What about this one? The music of this CD is soft and also popular. A: No, we don’t. But we will have new ones in several days. Please leave your phone number. When we get new ones, we will call you. A: You are welcome. See you. B: See you.

补全对话 A: Dalian? Oh, it’B: I plan to learn to swim there. ’s fine. And it’s always sunny and hot. A: Great! It’B: Maybe for two weeks. I don’A: I’m going to Shanghai to visit my uncle.

B: Have a good holiday. A: The same to you.

五、阅读理解 A

Lily is a poor fourteen-year-old girl. Her parents died when she was little, and she now lives with her grandma. They are so poor that Lily’s grandma has to recycle (回收) things on the street to make a living. She works hard to give Lily the things that she needs in life. One day, a man riding his bike very fast knocked Grandma down when she was walking on the street. Grandma was badly hurt and she had to be in bed for a long time. Lily was very sad, and she had to look after her grandmother and herself. After school, she did all the

housework herself. And she also did the recycling to make some money on weekends. After doing this, she knew how nice Grandma was. It made her really appreciate what Grandma had been doing for her.

Fortunately, Grandma got well a few months later. Lily made up her mind to be a doctor. She wants to help people who are in need and make a lot of money to help her grandma. She works hard because she knows it will not be easy to make her dream come true. And she will never give up.

1. What’s the story mainly about? A. An accident. B. A poor family’s life.

C. The importance of recycling. D. A poor but hard-working girl.

2. What do we learn about Lily’s grandmother?

A. She is funny. B. She is rich. C. She is strict with Lily. D. She is very kind to Lily.

3. Which of the following is true?

A. Grandma can’t walk any more. B. Grandma needed a long rest after the accident.

C. Grandma got hurt in a car accident. D. Lily recycled things every day.

4. Why does Lily want to be a doctor?

A. Because she hopes to help others. B. Because she wants to become rich.

C. Because she hates recycling. D. Because she wants to leave her family.

5. What does the underlined word "appreciate" mean? A. 迷惑 B. 怀疑 C. 讨厌 D. 感激


You may feel comfortable with some people. You spend an hour with them and feel as if you have known them half a life. These people have something in common. And once we know what it is, we can try to do it ourselves. ’ll make friends with people quickly. “At business lunches, I always ask people what they did that morning. It’s a common question, but it will get things going.” From there you can move on to some other questions. And how he answers will let you know how far you can go. ’t. Your question should have a point and help to tell what sort of person you are talking to. And to find out, you really have to listen carefully and attentively. he’s really interested in it. Real listening also means not just listening to words, but to tones(声调)of voice. If the voice sounds boring, then, it’s time for you to change the subject. Finally, good talkers know well when to say good-bye. Remember to give him a handshake and say, “ I’ve really enjoyed meeting you.”they may walk away feeling as if they’ve known you half their life. 根据材料内容,从下面五个选项中选出能填入文中空缺处的最佳选项。

A. Almost anyone will answer a question. B. Here are several skills that good talkers have.

C. If you want to see that person again, don’t keep it a secret.

D. First, it means not to change the subject of the conversation.

E. Second, once good talkers have asked questions, they listen to the answers.

1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________


3、文中不得出现真实姓名和学校名称; 4、词数80词左右。开头已给出,不计入总次数。 Many historical plays have been on TV recently.

一、单项选择1. My brother has been working _____ western China since he graduated.

A. at B. in C. on D. to

2. Let’s talk about your ________ today and what you will do to realize them.

A. findings B. sights C. dreams D. spotlights

3. They _____ that the train would be late for an hour, so they asked their son to pick them up later. A. expected B. suggested C. reported D. refused

4. —She is playing happily with her friends. She is always active. —Yes. She is a(n) __ girl.

A. alive B. living C. live D. lively

5. Finally, they agreed to ______ us ______ a room to live in.

A. offer; with B. provide; with C. offer; for D. provide; for

6. The company lost __________ dollars because the director made a wrong decision.

A. thousand of B. three thousands C. thousands of D. three thousand of

7. Have you ever considered ________ a movie star when you grow up?

A. be B. been C. being D. to being

8. I don’t like hot weather. I want to live __________ in the future.

A. somewhere cool B. somewhere warm C. cool somewhere D. warm somewhere

9. Many people thought that he would give up his plan, but he decided to _____ it.

A. take pride in B. hold on to C. be angry with D. get along with

10. Could you please ______ the music so loud?

A. not to play B. to not play C. not playing D. not play

11. I have cut up the vegetables for you. What _______ do I need to do?

A. else B. other C. another D. others

12. He has left home for ________ years. He misses his parents very much.

A. quite a few B. a quite few C. quite a little D. a quite little

13. —Will you go and watch the movie The King’s Speech with them?

—No, I won’t. I ___ it already. A. watched B. watch C. have watched D. will watch

14. We will meet in front of the bookstore ______ is near the police station.

A. who B. what C. where D. that

15. —Would you like to dance with me? —_______. I can’t dance.

A. Sure, I’d love to B. I’m sorry C. Of course D. Yes, I would

16. Tom’s mother told him some ______ news and then he became very ______.

A. thrilled; thrilled B. thrilling; thrilled C. thrilled; thrilling D. thrilling; thrilling

17. My father gave his old car to me and he is ______ a new car. A. considered buying

B. considered to buy C. considering buying D. considering to buy

18.—How long have you ______ from home? —For two years.

A. leave B. left C. be away D. been away

19. I think Beijing is ___ city. A. quite an old B. very an old C. a quite old D. an very old

20. One of the most convenient ways to _______ a city is by taxi.

A. get off B. get up C. get around D. get on

21. The house stands at the place ______ the two roads meet.

A. which B. that C. what D. where A. a two weeks B. two-week C. a two-week D. two weeks A. suppose to listen B. supposed to listen C. suppose listening D. supposed listening

二、阅读理解 A

When I was a schoolgirl in the ninth grade, my parents decided to go on a family vacation to Hawaii. I was very happy because none of my classmates had traveled to Hawaii. I had heard that Hawaii was a beautiful island, so I really hoped to go there.

Several weeks later, we flew to the island. When we arrived at the airport, we were very tired. My father rented a car, and we went straight to the hotel.

During the trip, we learned many things. We learned taking a volcanic rock (火山岩) from the island was thought to get bad luck. We also learned how to make our own Hawaiian breakfast and how to do the hula (呼拉圈舞). We knew the forests and gardens in Hawaii were very beautiful. Most people can see such wonderful things on television, but that can’t compare with the experience in real life. We could hear the sound of the waterfall with our own ears and hold nice flowers in our own hands. Hawaii is really a paradise (天堂) for me.

1. The writer went to Hawaii ______.

A. at the age of nine B. after she left school C. with her parents D. on a school trip

2. How did the writer go to Hawaii? A. By plane. B. By car. C. By bus. D. By train.

3. The writer did a lot of things in Hawaii except ______ according to the passage.

A. taking volcanic rocks B. making Hawaiian breakfast

C. doing the hula D. visiting the forests and gardens

4. We can learn from the passage that the writer thought the trip to Hawaii was _____.

A. not as interesting as she expected B. better than she expected

C. not as good as what she saw on TV D. better than what she saw on TV

5. What is the best title for the passage? A. My Ninth Grade B. My Trip to Hawaii

C. My Favorite City D. Where Is My Paradise


England in summer is like a large well-kept garden. According to a recent study, about 80% of British people dream of living in the countryside, while only about 20% of them are living there.

English village communities (社区) are small. They are, however, warm and usually welcoming. The post office is usually the center of every village. It offers a chance to newcomers (新来者) to get to know the local culture.

Maggie moved from the city to the countryside of England three months ago. For her, getting to know the local people hasn’t been a problem. The post office has been the main place for communicating and neighbors often greet her in the street. She found herself quickly get used to the community and make new friends. People always invite her to children’s parties.

Maggie’s neighbors are all easy-going (随和的). Maggie says that even if the local people are interested in her background (背景), so far no one has said anything. "Unlike Chinese people, English people go around the sun to meet the moon, "Maggie says.

She thinks that the village life is wonderful and she likes her present life very much.

6. According to the study, how many English people dreaming of living in the countryside have realized their dream? A. About 20%. B. About 60%. C. About 80%. D. About 100%.

7. What does the writer think of English village communities?

A. Small and boring. B. Small but noisy. C. Small but comfortable. D. Dirty and small.

8. How long has Maggie lived in the countryside?

A. For three years. B. For three months. C. For three weeks. D. For three days.

9. What can we know from Maggie’s words, "Unlike Chinese people, English people go around the sun to meet the moon"?

A. Chinese people are more kind-hearted than English people.

B. English people like Chinese people very much.

C. Chinese people travel to the sun through the moon.

D. English people don’t show their opinions in direct (直接的) ways.

10. What’s the passage mainly about?

A. How to communicate with English people. B. The comfortable life in an English village.

C. Maggie’s new neighbors. D. The culture of England.

三、词语运用 Michael Jackson was born in Indiana, America, on August 29, 1958. He was the seventh of the nine children______his family.

His father, Joe Jackson, set up the family band “The Jacksons” It______became”The Jackson 5”. Little Michael always _______his brothers practice singing. when he was about 5 years______,he joined the group and became the lead singer of “The Jackson 5”.

Michael’s first public show was at a school program in his _____ grade in 1963.Wearing black____and a white shirt, he sang Climb Every Mountain. Michael said, ”Everybody gave me a big hand ______I finished singing. I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think I had done anything special. I was just _____the way I sang at home every night. I just

open______mouth and sing”.

Michael’s father was very strict with his sons. With their______ help, Michael and “The Jackson 5”Started collecting trophies(奖杯)四、补全对话。在每个空白处填上一个适当的句子,使对话的意思连贯、完整。

B: I lost my backpack .I remembered putting it under a tree beside the playground.

B: An hour ago.I was playing soccer on the playground. It was gone after that.

A: Bad luck! Is there anything important in your backpack?

A: Don’t worry. Maybe someone took it by mistake.

A:You’d better go to Lost and Found for help. A: It’s just on the second floor in the office building. Perhaps you are lucky to find it there. B: I hope so

五、书面表达(15分) 假如你是张伟,你在美国的笔友托尼(Tony)来信说下个月要来中国旅行,但不知道要去哪,因此向你征求意见。请你根据他的来信和下面的表格向他提一些建议。开头和结尾已给出。

Dear Zhang Wei,

I am going to travel to China next month. But I don’t know where to go. I want to learn about Chinese culture. I love places where the people are friendly. I also love places that are beautiful. Can you give me some advice?

Yours, Tony

地点 推荐原因

北京 有故宫、长城等众多风景名胜,可以感受到传统的中国文化,而且人们都很友好

杭州 风景优美,气候宜人,是中国最著名的风景旅游城市之一。

Dear Tony,

I am glad to know that you are coming to China. I am writing to give you some advice on where to go.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I hope that you will have a great time in China.

Yours, Zhang Wei

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