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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Task One: Do some exercises.
bigger biggest big _________ _________ cheaper cheapest cheap _________ _________ funnier funniest funny _________ _________ new _________ _________ newer newest close _________ _________ closer closest friendly _________ friendliest friendlier _________ comfortable _______________ most comfortable more comfortable ______________ popular _______________ _______________ more popular most popular good _________ _________ better best worse worst bad _________ _________

一 写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级:

Town Cinema has a big screen.

Screen City

has a bigger screen.

Movie World has the biggest screen.

comfortable Town Cinema has comfortable seats.

Screen City has more comfortable seats.

Movie World has the most comfortable seats.

cheap Town Cinema is cheap.

Screen City

is cheaper.

Movie World

is the cheapest.

quickly Movie World

You can buy tickets quickly.

Screen City

buy tickets more quickly.

Town Cinema

buy tickets the most quickly.

There are a lot of people working there.

Town Cinema is popular.

Screen City

is more popular.

Movie World

is the most popular.

good sound
Town Cinema

has good sound.

Movie World

has better sound.

Screen City

has the best sound.

500m Town Cinema 400m Screen City 200m Movie World

is close to my home. is closer to my home.

is the closest to my home.

Unit4 What’s the best movie theater?
Section A, 1b Conversation 1

Jack: Hi, Anna. Do you want to go to the movies? Anna: Hi, Jack. Yes, Let’s see a movie. Jack: What’s the best movie theater to go to? Anna: Town Cinema. It’s the closest to home. Jack: Yes, but what about the long waiting time to get movie tickets? Anna: Don’t worry. There are a lot of people working there. You can buy tickets the most quickly at Town Cinema.

Conversation 2 Ken: Hi, Julie.

Julie: Hi, Ken. How are you? Ken: Good, thanks. Do you want to watch a movie? Julie: Sure. Ken: Is there a good movie theater near here? Julie: Yes, Screen City. It’s the most popular one near here and it has the best sound. Ken: Sounds good. Let’s go.

Conversation 3

Barry: Hi, Jill. Do you want to see a movie? Jill: Hi, Barry. Yes, a great idea. Barry: Do you know a good movie theater? Jill: Yes, there’s one not far from here. Barry: What’s it called? Jill: It’s called Movie World. It has the biggest screens and the most comfortable seats.

Reporter: What’s the best clothes store in Green City?

Boy: Miller’s is the best. It has the best clothes and you can buy clothes the most cheaply there. Reporter: What do you think about the other stores? Boy: Well, Blue Moon is in a fun part of town, but it’s the most expensive. And Dream Clothes is worse than Blue Moon. It has the worst service in town. It’s the worst store.

Reporter: OK. What about radio stations? Boy: 107.9FM is the best. The DJs choose songs the most carefully. They a

lways play the most interesting music. Reporter: What about the other radio stations? Boy: Well, I think 970 AM is pretty bad. It has the worst music. Reporter: I heard that 97.9 FM is the most popular. Boy: Yes, it is, but I think they play the most boring songs.


Role-play the conversation.

Greg: Hi, I’m Greg. I’m new in town. Helen: Hi, I’m Helen. Welcome to the neighborhood! How do you like it so far? Greg: It’s fantastic, but I still don’t really know my way around. Helen: Well, the best supermarket is on Center Street. You can buy the freshest food there. Greg: Oh, great. Is there a cinema around here? I love watching movies. Helen: Yes, Sun Cinema is the newest one. You can sit the most comfortably because they have the biggest seats. Greg: Thanks for telling me. Helen: No problem.

Section B, 1c, 1d Girl 1: What’s that a great talent show? Girl 2: Yeah! Girl 1: Who did you think was the best act? Girl 2: Oh, I thought Eliza was the best. She’s an excellent piano player. Girl 1: Yeah, she’s great. And I thought Steve and his dog were the funniest. Girl 2: Me, too! I couldn’t stop laughing! And how about Vera? Wasn’t she creative? Girl 1: Yeah, I’d say she was the most creative act! I don’t know many people who can play the guitar upside down! Girl 2: Who did you think was the worst? Girl 1: Oh, Dennis! He was terrible! He kept dropping the balls! Girl 2: I know!

Read the passage below. Which three talented shows are mentioned?
Who’s Got Talent? Everyone is good at something, but some people are truly talented. It’s always interesting to watch other people show their talents. Talent shows are getting more and more popular. First, there were shows like American Idol and American’s Got Talent. Now ,there are similar shows around the world, such as China’s Got Talent


have sth in common 与…相同,有共同点

All these shows have one thing in common: They try to look for the best singers, the most talented dancers, the most exciting magicians, the funniest actors and so on. All kinds of people join these shows. But who can play the piano the best or sing the most beautifully? That’s up to you to decide. When people watch the show, they usually play a role in deciding the winner. And the winner always gets a very good prize.
play a role in 在…方面发挥作用
be up to… 由…决定

make up 编造

However, not everybody enjoys watching these shows. Some think that the lives of the performers are made up. For example, some people who say they are poor farmers are in fact just actors. But if you don’t take these shows too seriously, they are fun to watch. And one great thing about them is that they give people a way to make their dreams come true.

3a.Read the article about Greenwood Park. Fill in the blanks with the correct superlative forms of the adjectives and adverbs in the box. 格林伍德公园 crowded creative good fast quietly

Greenwood Park is the best place to go to on

weekends. I always finish my breakfast the fastest ______on Saturday because I want to get to Greenwood Park before 10:00a.m. to meet my friends, The park is ___________place on weekends because almost the most crowded everyone goes there to see the street performers. Some people think they are boring, but I think they the most creative are ___________ people. However, the place where you can enjoy your time the most quietly at one _________is of the small coffee shops near the park. You can read or relax there. There is something for everyone at Greenwood Park.

1.有一个相同的特点 2.各种各样的人

have one thing in common all kinds of people look for play a role in doing sth



the best singer
decide the winner


the most talented dancers

8.得到一份不错的奖品 get a very good prize

9.最有天赋的舞者 the most talented dancers 10.组成 make up so on the lives of the performers be up to you for example



15. 让他们的梦想实现 make their dream come true

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