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1、Do you know how much hot water_______?

A.Mum is needed B.does Mum need C.Mum needs D.did Mum need

2、Can you tell me_______?

A.where he is B.where is he C.he is where D.what is he

3、I didn't know how _______ to London?

A.would they go B.are they going C.they would go D.they are going

4、I want to know how long_______.

A.has he been back B.has he come back C.he has been back D.he has come back

5、Do you know _______?

A.what the news are B.what is the news C.what the news is D.what are the news

6、He said he would help me with my maths if he _______ free.

A.was B.will be C.would be D.is

7、He will write to you as soon as he _______ to Shanghai.

A.gets B.is getting C.will get D.shall get

8、Father_______ music when he _______ young

A.liked…was B.liked…is C.likes…was D.likes…is

9、I liked sports _______ I was young.

A.so much as B.so much that C.very much when D.very much because

10、_______ mother got home, I was tidying my room.

A.After B.When C.As soon as D.Before

11、The teacher didn't begin her class_______ the students stopped talking.

A.until B.because C.after D.when

12、If it _______ tomorrow, we'll go to the Great wall.

A.doesn't rain B.won't rain C.not rains D.isn't rain

13、Could you tell me_______ we get to the plane?

A.how B.whether C.where D.what

14、When they got to the cinema, the film _______ for the ten minutes.

A.had been on B.has begun C.began D.had begun

15、The teacher says _______ she will leave a message on the headmaster's desk.

A.if B.who C.that D.what

16、Lucy looks stronger _______ Lily.

A.than B.as C.then D.not as

17、I know nothing about it _______ he told me.

A.because B.since C.until D.after

18、You must make your new house clean and safe _______ you move in.

A.because B.when C.before D.until

19、I was _______ tired _______ I couldn't walk on.

A.so…that B.too…to C.very…that D.very…to

20、I thought he _______ to see his mother if he _______ time.

A.will go…has B.will go …will have C.would go …would have D.would go …had


1、I won't return the book to the library because I _______ (not finish) reading it.

2、As soon as he saw me, he _______ to speak to me. (stop)

3、I hope he _______ (come) back in a week.

4、It _______ (rain) hard when I got to the factory this morning.

5、The old man told the children _______ (not walk) in the rice fields.

6、He told me he _______ (help) her with her maths the next evening.

7、She said they _______ (know) each other for quite some time.

8、If it _______ (not rain) tomorrow, we _______ (visit) the Pople's Museum.

9、John _______ (write) something when I _______ (go) to see him.

10、Our teacher told us that light _______ (travel) much faster than sound.

11、When I got to the cinema, the film _______(begin)

12、Mike asked me if we _______(ask) any questions the next class.

13、Will you come and stay with us for a while when you _______(finish) doing your homework?

14、Comrade Wang didn't know if there _______ (be) on English evening that day.

15、Please tell me if she _______ (come) again next time.



1、C 2、A 3、C 4、C 5、C

6、A 7、A 8、A 9、C 10、B

11、A 12、A 13、A 14、A 15、C

16、A 17、C 18、C 19、A 20、D


1、haven't finished 2、stopped

3、will come 4、was raining

5、not to walk 6、would help

7、had known 8、doesn't rain, will visit

9、was writing, went 10、travels

11、had begun 12、would ask

13、finish 14、would be

15、will come

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