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1.How old are you? I am ____ (years old).

2.My father / mother is a _____.

3.Happy birthday to you. /have a wonderful birthday !Thanks.

4.What are they doing? They are ____.

5.What is he / she doing? He / She is ______.

6. Where is it? It is above / beside / below ____.


family, father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son, student, police officer, driver, bus driver, worker, laugh, make, watch, lie, listen, sleep, count, above, below, beside carry quite inside present Policeman Member

4. 短语

Live in 近义词be from look at on weekend on the radio go to sp (school)= walk to sp(school) family tree in front of (外部)与in the front of(内部) 的区别 only one 啊lot of +可数名词或不可数名词都行put sth on sth talk about police officer, bus driver, listen to, go to sleep be close to sb on the wall look out a picture of on the front set the table play with wake together on the sofa on the phone a basket of


1. Countable nouns and uncountable nouns.(可数名词与不可数名词)

数词+量词 +名词

2. Present continuous tense. (现在进行时)what is he doing ?

现在进行时的结构:特殊疑问词+be ( am is are)+主语+动词ing +其他成分

回答和肯定句 :主语+be 动词+动词ing +其他



What are you doing now ? I am writing now. Are you writing? I am not writing now.


4.一般介词位于名词或代词前,不能单独做句子成分,常见的有on in under with to front from at for above below beside of 等

A表地点:in the room , at school in shandong ,on the chair ,on the wall ,

4.be going to计划做某事 (简单的一般将来是)

5.today is my mother’s birthday 名词的格

6.合成词 bedroom businessman weekend

8.do you like your birthday presents?

一般现在是的一般疑问句,助动词(do / does )+主语 +动词原形+其他成分

可定句为主语+动词(主义单数第三人称)+ 其他。否定:主语+don’t / doesn’t +动词原形+其他

7.I have no brothers nor sisters. No =not a /an 或not any ,连词nor专用于否定句。




1A. Glad B. glass C. banana D. class

2. A. thank B. these C. that D. then

3. A. nice B. listen C. it D. list

4. A. no B. on C. close D. photo

5. A. let B. we C. she D. me

6.A nice B sit C fine D bike

7. A.teacher B.see C.sea D.great

8.A.bread B.really C.head D.sweater

9.A.air B.chair C.pair D.dear

10.A.where B.here C.there D.their

11. A.book B.good C.cook D.school


1. party (复数)_____________ 2 .knife (复数)___________ 3.We (宾格)_________

4.deer(同音词)___________ 5 .drive (名词)___________ 6. left (反义词)_______

7. above(反义词)____________ 8. watch (单三)_______ 9 .eat (现在分词)_______

10. they(形容词型的物主代词)___________


1.楼上_______________________ 2. by bus __________________________

3.去上班______________________ 4. 离?? 远_________ _____________

5 go home ___________________ 6 步行去学校______________ ______

7 看电影____________________ 8 街对面_______________

9 向左拐_____________________ 10.一张她家的全家福____________________


( )1、Jenny _______on the phone with her friend. A 、talk B 、talks C 、 talkes

( )2 、 Will you ______my birthday party? A 、come to B to come C to come to

( )3、I have a uncle _________Su Peng . A 、named B、 names C、 naming

( )4、 This is a picture _____her family. A 、of B、for C、 from

( )5、Mary ______watching TV. A is B are C am

( )6、The shoes are ___the bed . A above B on C below

( )7、The picture _______the bed . A 、above is B、 is above C 、are above

( )8、Today is my birthday!_______________ A. Me, too B I know C、Happy birthday!

( )9、The Smith family ________all at home. A 、 is B 、are C 、am

( )10、Three ______our family ,one plus two. A.with B 、 in C 、for

( )11、The family ______two boys and two girls. A 、have B 、has C、 haves

( )12、Can you ______thee words on the blackboard. A. see B 、 watch C 、read

( )13、She _____in China A. live B、 lives C 、 living

( )14 、 We are _______Green family A. a B、 the C、 /

( )15、Talk ____her family A、in B、 about C、 at

( )16、 What’s ______breakfast? A 、in B、 at C、 for

( )17、We write ________our right hands . A、to B、 for C 、with

( )18、Put the chair ___the bed. A、on B 、above C、beside

( )19、______you _____at the table? A、Are sit B 、Are sitting C、 Is sit

( )20、 He _____in the classroom now. A、sings B、singing C、is singing

( )21、This is not my car .It’s _______ A、Kate B、Kates C 、Kate’s

( )22、I have ________brothers_________sisters. A、no; or B、not,and C、not; or

( )23、She ___ in Canada. A、live B. living C. lives

( )24、___name is Bob, he is a_________. A、He; worker B. his; work C. His; worker

( )25、My father’s brother is my__,my aunt;s son is my__.

A、aunt;sister B、uncle;consin C、uncle;sister.

( )26、What is he_____?He is______on the phone.

A、doing;talking B、do;play C、doing;playing

( )27、______is my grandfather?He is very old. A.How many B、How old C、What

( )28、Tom,it’s time _____ ________ A、to sleep B、for sleep C.、to sleeping

( )29Look,his students____ ____in the classroom. A.is siting B.is watching C.are laughing

( )30、-_____are the families ?-_______at home.

A、What;They’re B、How;We’re C、Where;They’re


1、 I ______________(play) on the computer .now.

2 、My father _______(say) “ Jenny, time for bed”

3、She _________(like) bananas .</P< p>

4、4、My brothers ______(be) reading .

5、5 、How________(be) your father?

6、6、 I am __________(China)

7、 Does he _______(have) breakfast at school?

8、 Please _________(sit) down.

9 、What would you like ______(eat)?

10 、 The woaman is my __________,my mother’s sister.


1 、Lucy is 13 years old (对画线部分提问) ________ _______ is Lucy?

2、It’s time to go to school.(改为同义句) It’s time _____ _______.

3、Jim plays on the computer every day.

(用now 代替every day 改写句子 Jim _______ ________ on the computer.

4、We live in China (画线部分提问) _______ _____you live?

5、5、My father is a bus driver.(画线部分提问) ______ __ __ your father?

6、It’s time to go to sleep.(同义句) It’s time ______ _______.

7、Lily is talking on the phone?(就划线部分提问) ________is Lily_____on the phone?

8、I’m twelve, but my grandmother is seventy. (同义句) I’

m_____,but my grandmother is very .

9、We draw with markers. (同义句) We______ ________with markers.

10、Are they writing?(做否定回答) ________, they_______.

六、 翻译句子(15分)

1、 你奶奶在干什么? _______ _______ your grandmother ________?

2 、 鞋在床底下. The shoes ________ ________the bed.

3 、我和朋友通电话交谈

I_______ ______ the phone ______ my friends.


I have _________ brothers _____sisters .

5 、今晚将举行一个生日晚会

I will ________a ________ ________ tonight.


My father _______ a car . He ______ to work.


1、I’m______________ with scissors.

2、My student is______________the windows.

3、My brother ___________ my family.

4、The lamp is ___________ the books.

5、It’s time _______ my homework.

八、 补全对话(10)

A: Hello , 0017991 B: _____,Sue?

A: No. _________ is Davie. B: Hi ,Davie ______ are you?

A: ___________,thank you. B: Is Sue at home?

A:Sorry , she is ______. B: Ok, Thank you. Bye!

A: Bye!

九、完型填空(10) ’’’( )1、A、family’s B、family C、families

( )2、A.have B、is C、are

( )3、A. a B、 an C、the

( )4、A、Chinese B、American C、English

( )5、A、Brother and me B、I and my mother C、My brother and I

( )6、A、are B、are no C、aren’t

( )7、A、on B、from C、in

( )8、A、My B、Me C、Mine

( )9、A、twelve B、two C、three

( )10、A、well B、very much C、very



Lily is American.She is twelve.She is a middle school student.She is in NO.15 Middle School.She is in Class Four,Grade Seven.Her teacher is Mrs.Green. Her bedroom is very nice. In her bedroom you can see a bed,a table,a chair,a clock,a map,a picture, a cat and some flowers. The bed is white.The table and the chair are brown. The cat is black.It’s under the table.The clock is blue.It’s on the table.The door and the window are yellow. The map is a map of China.The picture is her family picture.Both of them are on the wall.

Close beside

Cut love do

36、Is Lily an English girl?________________

37、Is the clock on the wall?_______________

38、What colour is the cat under the table?____________

39、Where is the map of China?___________________

40、Is the table yellow or brown?_______________


My name is jack Hill.My Chinese teacher is Yang Bin. He is from ShangHai.He has two chidren, a son and a daughter. They are twins. The son is Yang Chen. The daughter is Yang Xi. Mr. Yang and his son are in Nanjing, but his wife Chao Feng, a doctor, is in Shanghai. Mr. Yang’s daughter is in England.Shs is a college ﹙大学﹚

student. Yang Chen and I go to the same college. We

are classmates and we are good friends. I teach ﹙教﹚him English and he teaches me Chinese.

41、YangChen and Yang Xi are _______ and________.

42、Yang Bin’s_______ is a ________ in Shanghai

43、Jack Hill ________ Yang Chen are _________ students.

44、The twin’s father is s________ in Nanjing. He teaches ___________.

45、Yang Chen’________ is a student in ________.


假如你是Mike,以“My family”为题,写一篇短文,不少于100个单词。

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