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2013新版八年级上Unit10 if you go to the party, you'll have a great time SectionB2

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Unit 10

If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!


1) 复习讨论自己及伙伴们所有的问题,并

2) 能够综合运用所学的知识以及根据所

解决办法 的小短文。

3) 能够综合运用所学的知识来描述他人的
问题及解决办法 的小短文。

4)通过完成Self check的中练习题来全面

一、将下列词组或句子翻译成英语。 1. 有许多担忧 ________________________ have a lot of worries talk to someone 2. 与某人交谈 ________________________

3. 害怕做某事 _____________________ be afraid to do sth.
4. 最终 ____________ in the end 5. 生气 ___________ be angry

6. 犯一些粗心的错误 _____________________________ make some careless mistakes 7. 分享我的问题 _____________________ share my problems 8. 逃避问题 __________________________ run away from the problems 9. 将……分成两半 _______________ cut … in half 10. 有时候他们在学业上出现问题。 Sometimes they have problems with ________________________________ _________________________ their schoolwork.

11. 在生活中,有困难和担忧是正常的事。 ___________________________________ Problems and worries are normal in life. 12. 如果不和别人谈一 谈,我们肯定会觉得 更糟。 Unless we talk to someone, we’ll __________________________________ _______________________ certainly feel worse. 13. 罗伯特就一些寻常的问题向学生们提了 建议。 Robert advises students about _______________________________ common problems. _____________________

I don’t have many friends. What do you think I should do? Can you give me some advice? If you join a sports team, you’ll know many new friends.

I think you should try to play games with your classmates.

I think you should join a club.

Talk to someone you know. Find out
his/her three biggest worries. Try to think of some solutions to the problems and write them down.

Problems too heavy

Possible solutions eat less junk food and more vegetables, do more exercise

always be late for school
physics is difficult

don’t stay up late, buy an alarm clock, ride your bike to go to school
take notes in class, do more exercises, ask the teacher for help

Write about your friend’s first problem and the possible solutions. Use the structures below to help you plan your writing.

My friend _______ has a problem. He/She _____________________________. I think he/she should ___________________. If he/she _________________________, he/she will __________________________.

1. 分析3b中的作文提纲,可以看出。我们需 写三个方面的内容就能轻松完成一篇小作 文。 ? 首先,写清楚朋友的名字及其现在存在的 问题或困难。 ? 然后,写出自己给他的建议。并用if从句

来进一步说明自己建议将会起到的作用。 ? 最后,复读一遍作文来检查有没有错误。

Possible version
My friend Jenny has a problem. She is too heavy. I think she should eat less junk food and eat more vegetables and fruit. I think she also should get more exercise. If she eats more vegetables and fruit, she will eat less junk food. If she gets more exercise, she’ll be much thinner soon.

Now write your advice for your 3c friend’s second and third problem. Use the structures in 3b to help you. My friend also has two other problems. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

Possible version: ….She is always late for school. I think she shouldn’t stay up later on weekdays.

She should get an alarm clock. She
should rides her bike to school. If she

has an alarm clock, she will get up early.

If she rides her bike to school, it will costs her less time to get to school. She thinks physics is too difficult for her. I think she should take notes in class. She should also do more exercises. She should ask the teacher for help after class.


Your school is taking part in the project “We Can Help!” Add more items to the poster. Then talk about what you will take part in the project.

?old people’s home visit ?school clean-up ?children’s hospital visit ?_________________ ?____________

What will you do if you visit an old people’s home?

If I do that, I’ll bring the old people some flowers.

If I do that, I’ll sing and dance for them to make them happy.

1. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

meeting, teenagers, video, experience 1. If my family travels to a new country this summer, I’ll send you a letter about my __________. experience 2. Will you watch the ______ with me if video you’re free this weekend?

meeting, teenagers, video, experience
3. If the _________ stay out too late, teenagers their parents will worry about them. 4. I’ll go to the __________ if it ends by meeting 5:00 p.m.

2. Complete the conversation with words in the box. Some words are used more than once. if, are, will, fight, want, sorry, going

are going A: Hi, Sally, _____ you ______ to the party tomorrow? B: I ______ to, but I can’t. want

A: Oh! But _____ you don’t go to the party, if you ______ miss all the fun! will B: I know, but I got into a _____ with my fight parents.

A: Hmm… then you should just say _____ sorry to your parents. B: I guess you’re right. I ______ talk to will them tonight.

首先,应通读对话,了解对话的大意。 其次,明确对话中A同学邀请的事由,以 及B同学不能参加的原因及解决的办法。 然后,结合所给选项,逐句推敲选择。

1. are, going 由空格后“to the party”,可 知空格处应填go,再由时间状语tomorrow 可知应用are going来表达将来时态。 2. want 由下半句“但我不能”,可推断前 半句意为“


3. if, will 本句为一含 if 条件状语从句的主 从复合句,分析句意为“如果你不去, 你将会错过所有的欢乐。”,故空格处 填 if 与 will。

4. fight 句意“我知道,但是我与父母 亲发生了争吵”,故填fight一词。 5. sorry “say sorry to sb.”意为“向某人 道 谦”,是固定搭配用法,可知空格处应 填sorry一词。 6. will 由时间状语tonight,可知本句为

一般将来时态,故在谓语动词talk前, 应用will一词来构成一般将来时态。

3. Use your imagination! What will
you do if… 1. it rains all weekend? ___________________________________ If it rains all weekend, I’ll chat with my

___________________________________ friends online and play computer games.

2. there’s an English test tomorrow? If there’s an English test tomorrow, I’ll _________________________________ go over my books and notes. _________________________________ 3. your cousin decides to come and visit from another town? _________________________________ If my cousin decides to come and visit _________________________________ from another town, I’ll have a party for _________________________________ him. And I’ll invite a lot of good __________ friends.

Write a letter to your friend. If you go to the party, what will happen? If you don’t go to the party, what will happen?

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