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Section B 1A—1E

Memory challenge:

bananas pears strawberries tomatoes



ice cream

Learn new words:



oranges carrots

1. orange 2.salad 3.eggs 4.apple 7.banana 5.ice cream 6.hamburger 8.chicken 9.rice 10.carrots 3 4 7 10 6 1 8 9 breakfast lunch dinner 2 5

Pairwork 结对活动(根据表情回答)
Model:Do you like pears? Yes,I do. I like pears.

Do you like bananas? No,I don’t. I don’t like bananas.

Do you like tomatoes?

Yes,I do. I like tomatoes.
Do you like chicken? No,I don’t. I don’t like chicken.


Does Alice like carrots? ?Yes,she does.She likes carrots.

Does Bill like oranges? ?No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t like oranges.

Make your own sentences.(造句表达)
What do you like for breakfast/lunch………..?

I like eggs,apples and bananas. But I don’t like hamburgers or ice cream.

? ? ? ? ?

1 Cai Yilin likes chicken and hamburgers.
But she doesn’t like salad.

? ? ?

Zhou Jielun likes strawberries , pears and apples.
But he doesn’t like chicken or hamburgers.

? ? ?
? ?

Divide ss into two groups and let them write the words. The one which writes the most is the winner. Give ss time to remember the words。

Words challenge
Fruit :_______________________________ ________

Vegetable_____________________________ ______

1C. Listen and circle the words from 1a broccoli apple banana salad ice cream orange eggs hamburger carrots


1D. Listen again and fill in the chart. likes

doesn’t like



Let ss work in 2 pairs,talk about what Tom and Sally like and dislike。 A: Does Tom /Sally like ------? B: Yes,he/she does./No, he/she doesn’t. Then let them act it in class.The others listen and find out if they are right.


Does Tom like


Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.


Does Sally like


Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.


1. There are five ______ ( tomatoes , tomato ) on the table . 2. She ______ ( doesn’t like , don’t like ) rice for lunch . 3. Do they _____ ( likes , like ) hamburgers ? 4. Does she _____ ( likes , like ) salad ? 5. Would you like some _____ ( milk , milks ) for breakfast ? 6. He _____ ( likes , like ) French fries . 7. “ Do you like salad ? ” “ Yes , I _____ ( do , like ) . ” 8. Mike doesn’t like __________ ( bananas , banana ) .

do, does, don’t, doesn’t, l ike, likes A: Do you ____1____ bananas. B: Yes, I _____2_____.What about you ? A: No, I ___3_____ like bananas. And my sister ____4____ like them ,either. But I like strawberries. B: Oh, ____5____ your sister like strawberries, too? A: Yes, she _____6_____ like strawberries very much.

Section B 2aSelfcheck

Memory challenge



-What do you like for 18:00-19:00


breakfast/lunch /dinner? -I like… and …for breakfast. I like… and …for lunc

h. I like … and …for dinner.

2a What food do you think is healthy ?Check (√)Yes,Maybe or No.
Food Fruit Vegetables Eggs Chicken Hamburgers Ice-cream Yes Maybe No

David asks the volleyball star ,Cindy Smith ,about her eating habits. David:Hello,Cindy.What do you like for breakfast? Cindy:I love fruit.I think it’s healthy……….. David:OK,well,one last question----do you eat ice-cream after dinner? Cindy:Err…I like ice-cream…but I don’t eat it.i don’t want to be fat..

run ---running He is a runner He is a running star. 跑步明星




What does Liu Xiang like for breakfast/…? He likes… for breakfast/…

2C. Cindy likes healthy food .
1.Cindy__________________________. 2.She___________________________ 3.She___________________________ 4.Cindy doesn’t__________________ 5.She doesn’t____________________

3A.Food survey
Breakfast I like I don’t like My partner likes My partner doesn’t like Lunch dinner

3b.What do you have/like for breakfast/…? I have/like….for breakfast.She/he has/likes…for breakfast……….

? For breakfast,I like______,but I don’t like_______. ? For lunch,____________________ ? And for dinner,________________ ? For breakfast,____likes__________ ? For lunch,____________________ ? And for dinner,________________

可数名词 (1)定义:是可以计数的名词。 (2) 可数名词前可以用 a , an 限定,表一个….。 (4) 可数名词有复数形式。

(3) 可数名词前可以用 one, two , three… 限定。

可数名词复数形式的构成 1
名词特点 词尾加法

1. -s在清辅音后读[s]




desks 2. -s在浊辅音后读[z] apple 3. -s在元音后读[z] strees 4. 以音素[ s , z , , ]结尾的, oranges 读[iz]
-es读[iz] -ves读[vz] boxes watche s knives wives

以-s, -x, -sh, ch 结尾的 以 f 或 fe 结 尾的

改f或fe为v 再 加-es

可数名词复数形式的构成 2
名词特点 以辅音字母 加y结尾的 以元音字母 加y结尾的 词尾加法
改y为i 再加

词尾读音方法 -ies读[iz] -s读[z]



families dictionaries boys keys tomatoe potatoes s photos radios

有生命的事物 加

以o 结尾 无生命的事物加 的 -s读[z] -s



Self Check
? 1.Do you know the plurals of these words? Put them in the correct columns. ? hamburger tomato carrot ? Photo banana strawberry ? hat table dictionary +s +es y→i+es ? egg apple pear ? radio vegetable family ? pencil key volleyball

2-3.What food ,sports and colors do you and your parents like and dislike?Write at least 10 sentences. ? Ss compare their likes with their parents’,then let ss write a passage according to 3b,talk about their parents’ likes and dislikes,using “My mom likes …..and/but my dad likes ….My mom likes …..but she doesn’t like ……..My parents like ……They don’t like

……”.Encourage them to write the passage well.

当堂检测:用所给词的适当形式填空. 1. I_______( like )salad. 2. She ________( like )bananas. 3. They ___________( not like )ice cream. 4. Jim __________( not like )broccoli. 5. _________ you _________( like )apples? 6. _________ your brother __________( like )hambuegers? 7. Let’s _________( have ) some oranges. 8. She __________( have )an apple every day. 二、单项选择 1.—________ you like bananas? —No, I ___________. A.Do; do B. Are ;am notC. Do; don’t D. Are ;am 2. —Do they like ___________? —Yes, they do . A. broccoli B. pear C. hambueger D. strawberry 3. I like oranges ,but I ________ salad. A. like B. don’t C. don’t like D. doesn’t like 4. Do _________ like French fries? A. he B. She C. Tom and Mary D. your brother

1. She _______ ( not like ) salad .
2. ____ you ______ ( like ) apples or oranges ? 3. He _______ ( eat ) lots of healthy food every day . 4. Mike’s brother _______ ( like ) ice cream .

5. ______ your father ______ ( like ) eggs for breakfast ?
6. They ____________ ( not like ) playing basketball . 7. My mother _____ ( have ) dinner at home every day . 8. Mr Green _____________ ( not have ) lunch every day .

1. Talk about your
family’s favourite food, write a short passage.

谈论你家人最喜爱的食物, 写一段小短文。
My name is…, I like…, but I don’t like…

My father likes…, but he doesn’t like…
My mother likes…, but she doesn’t like…

2. Review the Grammar Focus.

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