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一、 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。

1. My b______ are on the table .

2. The boy is b_________ Betty and Kate .

3. She likes sports and p______ sports every day.

4. The first month in a year is J_______ .

5. We have an Art F______ each year.

6. Can you join my p_______ this Friday ?

7. This T---shirt is too short, so he wants a l_______ one .

8. What e______ do you have at your school ?

9. Do you have a POP c_____ ?

10. June 7th is his b_________.

11. School starts in S_______.

12. This is my friend . She likes to p_______ chess.

13. She has a great art c_________.

14. We want two good m________.

15. He is good at playing the p________.

16. He often takes a s______ after breakfast.

17. After running he is t_______.

18. I often go to bed at a______ ten thirty.

19. Mr Wang teaches us b________ at school .

20. Today I’m too b________. I have no time to play football.

21. All my classes f_______ at four thirty.

22. I like music because it is r_________.

23. My teacher is very s_______ with me .

24. We are b______ with the work, so I have no time to play.

25. How many m______ does a year have ? Twelve .

26. These are not my books. They are my f________.

27. He often h______ me with my English..


28. Can you help the kids with s_______ ?

29. Are you f______ this afternoon ?

30. We have a lot of v_________ and fruit .

31. We like ice cream for d___________.

32. Jack plays sports every day, so he is very h_______.

33. How many d________ are there on the desk?

34. The blue s_______ are fifty dollars each.

35. S______ is the last day of the week .

36. I usually go r________ in the morning .

37. School s______ at 7:30 in the morning .

38. Jackie Chan is a great a_______ movie star.

39. C_______ make people laugh.

40. P_______ basketball is not very easy . It’s d_________.

41. Do you have two tennis r_______?

42. The classroom is not big . It’s s_______.

43. Thank you for t_____ me an interesting story.

44. He often has h________ in McDald’s.

45. Jimmy can run fast, because he is a r_____ in school.

46. L_____ have broccoli and chicken for dinner today.

47. Julia’s mother cooks d_____ for them every day.

48. Don’t eat too much fast food . It is not h______.

49. I have eggs , Chicken , tomatoes for lunch, so I eat very w_____Today.

50. Boys likes p______ basketball very much.

51. How m_____ are these yellow jackets ?

52. Please b______ a photo of your family to school .

53. Let’s go to a movie this w_______.

54. Bill Gates is a very s________ businessman .

55. Can you help me with d_______ ?

56. What is your f_______ favourite month ?

57. We need some m________ for school art festival .


58. Lisa wants to learn about s______ English songs .

59. The old man and his d_________ are good to us .

60. I have many f_______ at school.

61. Those are his yellow b______.

62. Do you know the b_______ name ?

63. They are w_______ teachers.

64. Kate likes the cat very much . It is her f_________ animal.

65. I don’t know their telephone n_______.

66. Lucy and Lily are from A ________. They can speak English well.

67. It’s time to have b_______ . You must get up now.

68. We like our teachers and they like us too. We are good f_________.

69. W______ his telephone number ?

70. I have three m______ every day .

71. They have three p_______ on the wall.

72. Sandra is a r______ star . Do you like her ?

73. Here are some l_______ of food in the store .

74. Does Ed n______ an English dictionary ?

75. The t______ month of the year is December .

76. He usually stays at home and ______TV at home.

77. Mike’s m______ favourite color is red.

78. To get to work, he t______ the No 16 bus.

79. We want three r______ for our running club.

80. I can see some p______ in the room.

81. Can you bring some school t______ to school ?

82. What f_____ do you like ,oranges or bananas ?

83. Are there many t______ in the room ?

84. She is f______ and we all like her.

85. They’re big c______ in China .

86. His “subject” is r______ around with me .

87. What is your favourite subject ? It’s s________.



1boxes 2 between 3playing 4 January 5Festival 6 party 7large 8 events 9 concert 10birthday 11 September 12play 13collection 14musicians 15piano 16shower 17tired 18 around 19biology 20busy 21finish 22relaxing 23strict 24busy 25 months 26 friend’s 27 helps 28swimming 29free 30vegetables 31dessert 32healthy 33dictionaries 34sweaters 35Saturday 36running 37 starts 38 action 39Comedies 40 playing ,difficult 41rackets 42 small 43 telling 44hamburgers 45runner 46 let’s 47dinner 48 healthy 49 well 50playing 51 much 52 bring 53weekends 54 successful 55dancing 56 friend’s 57musicians 58singing

59daughter 60 friends 61bags 62 boy’s 63 women 64favourite 65number 66America 67breakfast 68friends 69What’s 70 meals 71 pictures 72running 73 lists 74 need 75 twelfth 76watches 77 mother’s 78takes 79 runners 80 pictures 81things 82 fruit 83tables 84 funny 85citities 86running 87 Science

二、 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。

1. That sounds g________.

2. He w_______ TV every day.

3. R______eats well.

4. Can you b_____ some things to school?

5. I ’m Peter Hunt. My l________ name is Hunt.

6. My u_______ is my father’s brother.

7. You can look up(查)the word in the d________.

8. English is very i_________; I like it very much.

9. Yao Ming is very tall and he can play b_______ well.

10. We often have some eggs and milk for b_______ at home in the morning.

11. My mother likes carrots and tomatoes for dinner to keep h_________.


12. Most students in China think English is very d_______ to study.

13. Eddie likes eating and sleeping and does nothing .He is very l________.

14. Now most young people like to see f__________ shows.

15. Shanghai is a m_______ city. We can see tall buildings everywhere.

16. My mother’s bag is made of l__________.It’s very expensive.

17. We r_______ money to help the children in por areas.

18. Mary is a very famous r______. He runs very fast.

19. After I walk 15 kilometers, I feel very t____ and don’t want to walk any more.

20. We need 3 k_____ to cut the birthday cake.

21. Let’s go out for a dinner. I’m so h______,

22. I don’t usually go home on foot. But one of my classmates often w____ home.

23. Eat lunch like a king. This means that you should eat well at n______.

24. You put too much salt in the soup. It tastes so s______.

25. The boy with a pair of g_____ on his eyes is named Tom.

26. It’s very i_______ for us to finish our homework on time.

27. There is a Times s_______ near my home. I like to buy snacks there.

28. There’re four s____________ in a year.

29. March comes after F____________.

30. The moonlight shines t_______ the windows.

31. June 1st is C________ Day.

32. J_______is the first month of the year.

33. She started __________(learn) French at 14.

34. Wendy wants to see some Chinese New Year ______(celebrate) in Chinatown.

35. The lion has many sharp ________(tooth).

36. We celebrate Halloween by ________(dress) up.

37. They play a game ________(call) trick or treat.

38. I live in a city _______ (call) Beijing.

39. Thank you for _________ (tell) me the price.

40. We enjoy _________ (make) a lantern out of a pumpkin.


41. June 1st is _______ (child) Day.

42. At Christmas, children always get a lot of ________ (present).

43 . —How many m________ are there in an hour? —There are 60.

44. The T-shirt is very nice, but it’s too e__________. I can’t buy it.

45. We usually buy TV sets, radios and washing machines in the e______ shop.

46. Do these beautiful hair clips m______ her T-shirt?

47. My mother often goes shopping when she is f_________.

三、 根据句意及汉语提示完成单词。

1. His _______(夹克衫) is white.

2. The key is in your ________(双肩背包).

3. My ______(词典) is red and yellow.

4. Peter is a good ______(老师).

5. ________(让我们)play ping-pong.

6.Let’s play ______(美式足球).

7. This is a _______ (照片) of Mr. Li.

8. Can you _______ (带来) some books to me?

9. Carrots, broccoli and tomatoes are all _______(蔬菜).

10. The ruler is_____________(白色的)。

11. Are these your______________(手表)

12. How do you______________(拼写) it?

13. For _________(午餐),she likes hamburgers,salad and pears.

14. The baseball is ______________(在…下面)the table.

15. H________(这个)is my family photo.学科王

16. Please t________(带走)these things to your sister.

17. He has a g_______(大量的) sports collection.

18. That s_______(听起来)boring.


19. We have m________(许多)sports clubs.

20. The old man often has some ___________(西红柿) for dinner.

21. More and more people likes playing soccer because it is _______(轻松的).

22. This is an easy (容易的) question. Please _______(回答) it in English.

23. The sofa is very__________(舒服的) to sit on it.

24. Girls like to wear__________(彩色的) skirts.

25. I often wear my hair in different________(样式).

26. “What’s the blouse made of?” “_________(棉布).”

27. ______(蔬菜) and fruit are very important. They give us vitamins and other calories.

28. Sweet food tastes nice, but they are not very ______(健康).

29. Your diet and lifestyle are not very good. Let’s ______(改变) them.

30. I don’t eat sweet snacks any more, but I don’t ______ (讨厌) them.

31. Rabbits’ ______(最喜欢的) food is carrots.

32. ______(吃) good food and doing exercise can keep us fit.

33. People usually have three or four ______(餐) every day.

34. In our school we can have porridge or ______(面条) for breakfast.

35. Our bodies don’t _____(需要) sugar, cakes, chocolate, and Coke, but they taste nice.

36. There are ______ (中国) restaurants in every country now.

37. People in the _________(西方)celebrate Christmas every year.

38.Mum is cooking in the _________(厨房).

39.September 10th is _________ Day (教师节).

40. Today is Sally’s birthday, she is very ________(兴奋的).

41.We can paint our _________(脸) then people don’t know who w e are.

42. We are going to have a _________ (特殊的) party on June 1st.

43. We celebrate many ________ (节日) in our school.

44. The book is ______ (有趣的). I like it very much.

45. The game is ________ (出色的). Would you like to watch it?


46. It is cold. Have a cup of __________ (热的) drink.

47. Amy wants to buy some presents for _________(他们)。

48. Let’s go to the shopping c_______(中心)together.

49. The jeans don’t ________(合身)me well.

50. She _______(宁愿) singing to dancing.

51. Come in, please. Don’t stay _______(在…外面). It’s too cold.


1. I ________(be)Li Hua.I live(居住)in China.

2. What’s _________(he)phone number?

3. Are those Jim’s _________(photo)?

4. Tom and Mike _______(be)my brothers.

5. These ________(book)are in the drawer.

6. The boy is ______ ( I ) cousin. He is a student.

7. These apples are Mrs Green’s. Please give _____ (they) to her.

8. Does he _______(have) a map of China.

9. Mary _______(play) computer games with her brother.

10. Mike likes salad but he ________ ( not like) carrots.

11. What’s ____ (he) phone number?

12. Tom and Mike ______(be)my brothers.

13. These ________(book)are in the drawer.

14. The boy is ____ ( I ) cousin. He is a student.

15. Does he _______(have) a map of China.

16.These apples are Mrs Green’s. Please give(给)_____ (they) to her.

17. Does he _______(have) a map of China.

18. Do you like ______ (orange)?

19.Mary _______(play) computer games with her brother.


20. ______ (she) teacher is Mr Wu.

21.Nice _______(meet)to you.

22. My classmates play computer games very_______(good).

23. Amy _______(watch) TV every day. But she ______ (read) English.

24. Look! The girls ______ play football over there.

25. I want you _____ (come) to my birthday party.

26. There ______(be) a shoe shop and some bookshops on this street.

27. We have a new friend _______(call) Sandy.

28. It’s 11:30 am. The Greens ________(have) lunch.

29. It’s not easy ______(study) English well.

30. I like ______(listen) to music before ______(go) to bed in the evening.

31. 73. We usually go _______ ( shop )on Sundays.

32 . Listen !Someone _______ ( knock )at the door.

33. Would you please show _______ ( I ) your pictures?

34. There _______ ( be ) a pair of shoes.

35. I have many different ______ ( kind ) of books.


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