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Unit 5
Do you have a soccer ball?
( Period1 Section A 1a---2d)

by: Miss Wang




soccer ball

tennis ball

ping-pong ball

baseball bat

ping-pong bat

/ɑ :/ / I / /ei/

tennis ball
/e/ / I /

ping-pong ball 仔细观察,小组讨 baseball
/ I/ /?/ 论,你能说出这些 红色字母或者字母 baseball bat volleyball 组合的发音吗? /? / /?/

/? /

soccer ball
/?/ /?/ /?:/



ping-pong bat

a 1.tennis ball__
f 2.ping-pong bat __
c 3.soccer ball__

Do you have a ping-pong bat?

a Yes, I do. b No, I don’t. d c

Do you have a ping-pong ball?

e 4.volleyball__ d 5.basketball__ b 6.baseball bat __


have v. 有

do aux v.

1b Listen and circle the words you hear.

ping-pong bat

soccer ball

ping-pong ball


Do you have a ping-pong ball?

Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

I have a ping-pong ball. I don’t have a ping-pong ball.

Do you have a basketball? Yes, I do. No, I don’t. I have a basketball. I don’t have a basketball.

Do you have a volleyball? Yes, I do. No, I don’t. I have a volleyball. I don’t have a volleyball.

I have a basketball. 肯定句

I don’t have a basketball. 否定句 Do you have a basketball?一般疑问句 Yes, I do.
No, I don’t.(do not = don’t)

I have a

I don’t

仔细观察,小组 ? 讨论,这个句子 是怎样由肯定句 have a basketball.否定句 变成否定句呢?

肯定句 basketball.

have 肯定句变否定句时,在实意动词____前加______, do not

缩写为______,即_________=________. don’t do not don’t

I have a basketball. 肯定句 ? Do you have a basketball ? 一般疑问句 Yes, I

No, I

仔细观察,小组讨 do. 论,这个句子是怎 样由肯定句变成一 (do not = don’t. 般疑问句呢? don’t)

肯定句变成一般疑问句时,要借助于助动词________, do 放在句首;第_____人称变第_____人称;_____号 一 二 句 问 升调 变____ 号;语调用_________。

He has a baseball.

肯定句 否定句 一般疑问句

He doesn’t have a baseball. Does he have a baseball?

Yes, he does. No,he doesn’t.(does not = doesn’t)

He has a baseball.


仔细观察,小组 ? 讨论,这个句子 是怎样由肯定句 He doesn’t havea baseball. 否定句 变成否定句呢?

has 肯定句变否定句时,在实意动词____前加______, does not

缩写为______,即_________=________, doesn’t doesn’t does not has have ______还原为______

He has a baseball.肯定句 ? Does he have a baseball? 一般疑问句 仔细观察,小组讨 Yes, he

No,He doesn’t. (does not = doesn’t)
肯定句变成一般疑问句时,要借助于助动词________, does 句 放在句首;____ _变_____ ;_____号 have has 升调 问 变____ 号;语调用_________。

论,这个句子是怎 does. 样由肯定句变成一 般疑问句呢?

Do you ha

ve a basketball?

Yes, I do.
I have a basketball.

tennis ball
Do you have a

tennis ball?

No, I don’t.

I don’t have a tennis ball.

soccer ball
Does he have a soccer ball?

Yes, he does.

He has a soccer ball.

ping-pong bat
Does she have a

ping-pong bat?

No, she doesn’t.

She doesn’t have a pingpong bat.

baseball bat
Do you have a baseball bat?

Yes, I_______. do I ______ a baseball have bat.

Do you have a hat?


don’t No, I _______.
don’t have I __________ a hat.

___you _____ Do have a computer? Yes, I_______. do I ______ a computer have

___you _____ Do have a ruler?

don’t No, I _______.
I don’t have a ruler. __________

× ×× √ ×

Pairwork! A:Do you have a … ?

B:Yes, I do. I have a ….
Do you have a …?

A: No, I don’t. I don’t have a ….

? Does he have a basketball? ? Yes, he does.

? Does he have a soccer ball? ? Yes, he does.

? Does she have a ping-pong ball and a ping-pong bat? ? No, she doesn’t.

? Does he have a tennis? ? No, he doesn’t.

Does he have a … ? Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t .

Does she have a … ? Yes, she does . No, she doesn’t .

A: Does she have …? B: Yes, she does. /No, she doesn’t.

A: Does he have … ? B: Yes, he does. /No, he doesn’t.

He is Jim.

He has a basketball.
Does have ______ he _______ a basketball?

does Yes, he _______ .

He is Mike. has He ______ a volleyball. Does he have a ____ ____ basketball? doesn’t No, he _______.

2a Listen to the conversations and number
the pictures (1-4)





Listen again (2b:P26)
3 1 Paul 4


Section A,P26 2a Listen and fill in the blanks. ? Conversation1 Do ? Bob: _______ you _____ a soccer ball,Paul? have ? Paul: No,I____. don’t Does have ? Bob: ______your brother Alan _______one?. does. ? Paul: Yes,he _______. 1.want to do sth. ? Conversation2 2.Want sb.to do sth. John: Hi,_____. Mike John Mike:Hi,______. 3.=would like ? John: I want________________.Play+球类 to play basketball Do ? ____you_____a basketball? have ? Mike: Yes,I______. do ? Mike:_______. Great

Section A,P26 2a Listen and fill in the blanks. ? Conversation3 ? Jane: Hi, Sally. Sally:Hi,Jane. ? Jane:Sally,___ ____my friend,Anna. this is ? Sally:Hi,Anna.Nice to meet ______you. Nice. ? Anna:___to meet you,Sally. =Let us Do. Let’s play tennis have ? Sally:_______________.___you_____a tennis ball ball,Jane? Play+球类 don’t ? Jane:Sorry,I_____. ? Conversation4 Do ? Frank:____you___a_______,Dale? have Volleyball don’t ? Dale:No,I_____.But my brother____. does Let’s ____and_____him. find ? ____ go
=Let us Let sb. do sth.


Ask and answer questions about the people in 1a. 就2a中人物与同伴问答。
Does Jane have a tennis ball?

No,she doesn’t.


Role-play the conversation. 分角色表演对话。
Cindy: Hey,helen,let’s go!We’re late. Helen: OK.

Cindy: Do you have the baseba

Helen: Yes,I do.It’s in my bag. Cindy: And where’s our badeball bat?

Helen: Bill has it.
Cindy: Oh,yeah.And do you have your jacket?

Helen: Oh,no,I don’t.It’s on the
chair.Let me get it. Cindy: And your hat,too.

Helen: OK,I have my jacket and hat.Let’s go!

Grammar focus
Do you have a TV? Yes,I do. No,I don`t. Do they have a computer? Yes,they do. No, they don`t.

Does he have a tennis racket? she Yes, he does. No,he doesn`t. she she Does Peter have a baseball? Yes,he does. No,he doesn`t.


第一人称 I 我 +do we 我们(复数)


第二人称 you 你+do you 你们 (复数)+do

it/he/she 它/他/她( 第

三人称单数) +does they他们 (复数)+do

Eric ( 第三人称单数) +does

Eric and Tom+do

用 have or has 填空。


1.I ___ three friends in England.
have 2. They_____ a big room in China. has 3. Harry ____ two cats. have 4. Jeff and Jean ___ a son.


has 5. She ____ a big apple.
have 6.Do you____ a bag ? has 7.Bob’s brother ___a nice watch.

Do you have ….? Do we have ….? Do they have ….?

Yes, I do. Yes,we do . Yes,they do. No, I don’t. No ,we don’t. No,they don’t. Yes, he does. Yes, she does No ,he doesn’t. No,she doesn’t.

Does he have…? Does she have…?

I have a book. You have an English book. We have a pen. They have a pencil.

第 三 He has an English book. 人 My uncle has a pen. 称 Her father has a pencil. 单 数
She has a book.

1.fill in the blanks:
do Do 1. ____ you have a pen? Yes, I ____. 2. ____theyhave apples? ____ No, they don’t ____. Do Does does 3. ____hehave a basketball? Yes, he____. ____ Does 4. ____she have 2 books? ____ No,she doesn’t ____ ____. Does have she doesn’t 5. ____Amy ____ 5 eggs? No,____ ____. 6. ____Mike____ a baseball? Yes,____ ____. Does have he does No 7. ____ Peterhave a tennis? ____ ____,he doesn’t. Does have Yes they 8. Do the boys ___ a volleyball? ____ ____,_____ do. have they _____. 9. Do Jim and Alice ___ a computer? No,____don’t ____ 10.____ we have a soccer ball? ____ Yes,_____ do Do we ______. have 11. I _____ a ball. 12.You ______ some milk. have have has 13.They______some pears. 14. He _____ a ping-pong. has has 15.She _____ an orange. 15.LI Lei_____a pencil.

2. 变为否定句
1.You have a desk. 2.We have 6 bikes. 3.They have a room. 4.She has a notebook.


eg. I have a book. I don’t have a book.
You don’t have a book. We don’t have 6 bikes. They don’t have a room.

She doesn’t have a notebook.

5.He has a table. He doesn’t have a table. 6.Tony has a dog. Tony doesn’t have a dog. Linda doesn’t have a cat. 7.Linda has a cat. 8.The mother has a good son.
The mother doesn’t have a good son.


/pleI/ v. 玩,打球
football player/baseball player


play computer games play baseball play soccer ball
play basketball play volleyball

Let’s play tennis!



lay ping-pong ball


play the piano play the guitar

弹钢琴 弹吉他 拉小提琴

play the violin

注意:play baseball
play the guitar

在乐器 的前面 要加 “the”

Go and see. Look at the picture. Stand up,please. Let’s go. Let’s play games.

Sit down,please. Please come in.=come in,please.



Let`s play





Let`s play basketball.

computer games Let’s watch TV.

That sounds good!
That sounds boring.

That sounds diff

That sounds fun That sounds intere

She is Mary, She has a tennis _______and a tennis racket _____________.

does She ______ not _______ have a volleyball.

They are Tom and his father. have They ______ a baseball bat. Do ______ they have ______ a baseball? don’t No, they _______.

二、 句式转换
I have a soccer ball. 否定句:________________________. I don’t have a soccer ball Do you have a soccer ball 一般疑问句:_____________________? 肯定回答:__________. Yes, I do

否定回答:____________. No, I don’t

1.I _____(有) a book and two pens. have

2.I _____(not do) have a sister. don’t
Do have 3.____ you _____ (have) a basketball? Yes, I ______. do don’t No, I ______.

一、用 have or has 填空。

have 1. I ___ three friends in England.

have 2. They_____ a big room in China.

3. Harryhas two cats. ____

4. Jeff and Jean


a son.

has 5. She ____ a big apple.

6.Do you


a bag ?

7.Bob’s brother has a nice watch. have 8.Does Bob ______ a tennis?

Do you have a tennis ball 1. 你有一个网球吗?______________________?

Yes, I do 是的,我有。____________.

不,我没有。_____________. No, I don’t
I have a map 2.我有一张地图。_________________. 3. 我没有手表。____________________. I don’t have a watch

1) 你有足球吗? Do you have a soccer? ______________________ Yes, I have. ______________________ Does you sister have a basketball? 2) 你妹妹有篮球吗? ______________________ Yes, she does. 是的,她有 ______________________


3) 她有铅笔吗? 不,她没有。

Does she have a pencil? ______________________ No, she doesn’t. ______________________


Does your father have a car? 你父亲有汽车吗? ______________________ Yes,he does. 是的,他有。 __________________ Tony doesn’t have a good friend. 5) 托尼没有一个好朋友____________________

Please find the answers:
I 1.我有一个乒乓球拍。have a ping-pong bat. She has a ping-pong. 2.她有一个乒乓球。 3.你有一个足球吗?Do you have a soccer ball? 4.他有一个足球吗? Does he h

ave a soccer ball? 5.我们有一个网球 We have a tennis. 6.他们有一个排球 They have a volleyball. 7.我想他有个篮球 I think he has a basketball 8.让我们玩吧! Let’s play! 9.让我们一起去打篮球吧! Let’s play basketball! 10.那听起来不错 That sounds good.

Yes,I do. 语言补充: No,I Do you have a I have a … don’t. I don’t have a… Good basketball? morning/afternoon! 你是一个小记者, Hi/Hello!


How are you?
Nice to meet you!

Thank you!
You’re welcome.


Hello,everyone.I’m a reporter from CCTV.Now I’m going to 你是一个小记者, tell you an interesting 能给你的组员复述 story.Tom needs…

这个故事吗?试一 下吧!!!

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