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2013新版八年级上 Unit10 if you go to the party,you will have a great time SectionA2

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Unit 10

If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!

教学目标: 语言知识目标:

1) 学习掌握下列词汇:upset, taxi, advice
2)进行一步复习巩固学习Section A 部分 所学的生词和词组。 3)掌握正确用含if条件状语从句的主从句。 4) 能够熟练运用所学的知识,用if来表达条件, 用will来表达结果。

Words and expressions


adj.难过;失望 n.出租汽车;的士 n.劝告;建议


Look at the pictures and make sentences with “if”. If you go to the party with Karen and Anna, you’ll have a good time. If you wear jeans to the party, the teachers won’t let you in.

If you take the bus to the party, you’ll be late for school.

If you don’t go to the party, you will be sorry.

If you have a robot, what will you do?

If I have a robot, I will let it…
?help with the housework. ?babysit my little brother. ?wake me up in the morning. ?teach me English after school.

根据课本内容,完成下列句子。 1. 我想我将会乘公共汽车去参加聚会。
think party I _____ I’ll take the bus to the ______. 2. 如果你那样做,你将会迟到。 If you _____, you’ll be late. _____ do

3. 我想我将待在家里。 think I’ll I _____ _____ stay at home. 4. 如果你那样做,你将会觉得很抱歉。 do you’ll be If you ____, ______ ____ sorry. 5. 如果他们今天聚会,将会发生什 么事? What ___ _______ have _____ will happen if they _____ the party today?

6. 如果他们今天聚会,班里一半的学生将 不会去。 If they ______ the party today, ______ have half the class _______ come. won’t 7. 我们应当要求人们带食物来吗?

Should we ______ people to ______ ask bring

8. 如果我们要求人们带食物来时,他们
将会只带薯条和巧克力。 If ask ______ we ______ people to bring food,they’ll chocolate. bring ________ just ______ potato chips and

1. if 条件状语从句中,主句用一般将来 时,从句用___________表示将来。 一般现在时 ________原则。 主将从现 例如:We will go to the park if it _______ ______ (rain) tomorrow. doesn’t rain

2. if 条件状语从句中,如果主句有 must,can,may 等情态动词,从 一般现在时 句用___________。

例如:You must stop if the traffic
light ____ (be) red. is

3. if 条件状语从句中,主句是祈使句, 一般现在时 从句用____________表示将来。 _________原则。 主祈从现 例如:Don’ t wait for me if I _____ (be) late. am



结构: 1)If it doesn’rain tomorrow,I’ll go to the park.

2)My sister will go shopping with you if she has time tomorrow.
从句可以放在主句前或主句后。从前主后逗号隔开,主前从后if连接. if引导的条件状语从句与主句的时态:主三从

现 1)主将从现:如果主句是一般将来时,从句则用一般现在时表将来。 例:If it rains tomorrow,I will stay at home. 2) 主情从现:主句含有must,may,can等情态动词,从句用一般现在时表将来。

例: You must stop if the traffic light is red.
3)主祈从现:如果主句是祈使句,从句用一般现在时表将来。 例:Please put up your hands if you have any questions.

1. Put up your hands if you _____ (have) have any questions. 2. If it ____ (be) cold tomorrow, I will is wear my sweater.

3. He can go home if he ________ finishes (finish) his homework.

if she, call me,

will I, tell her about it

If she calls me, I will tell her about it.

he, come, next weekend, you.

I, tell you

If he comes next weekend, I will tell

not rain, go hiking, this afternoon If it doesn’t rain, I will go hiking this afternoon.

no war,

the world, more beautiful

If there is no war, the world will be

more beautiful.

he, have free time, go to Shanghai If he has free time, he will go

to Shanghai.

upset adj. 难过;失望;沮丧 e.g. Mom will be upset if I forget it again. 如果我再忘记,我妈妈会失望的。

taxi n. 出租车;的士
e.g. You’d better order a taxi. 你最好提前预定一辆的士。 advice n. 劝告;建议 (不可数名词) e.g. Can you give me some advice?


a piece of advice/ a word of advice

e.g. Let me give you a piece of advice.

Fill in the blanks with the correct 3a forms of the verbs in brackets. Dear Su Mei,

I don’t ______ (know) what to ______ (do) know do
about going to Mike’s birthday party

tomorrow night. My parents _____ (think) think
I should study for my English exam next go week. If I _____ (go) to the party, they _______ (be) upset. will be

Mike ______ (tell) us to wear nice clothes, tells but I don’t ________ (have) any. If I have _______ (wear) jeans, I will look (look) the _______ wear go worst. Also, I’m not sure how to ______ (go) to the party. If I ______ (walk), it ________ walk will take (take) me too long. If I _______ (take) a take taxi, it ______ (be) too expensive. Can you will be give me some advice please? Tina

Complete the sentences

3busing your own ideas.
I’ll be late for 1.If I get up late tomorrow, ___________ school 2If I don’t finish my homework,my parents will ______ be upset 3If I don’t get enough exercise, _______ very I’ll become


4I will not have enough time to study if I play chess after school every day ____________________ 5.I will not make any friends if __________my friends’ parties I don’t go to

1. Call me if Tina ______ (will comes

2. She must see a dentist if she _____ has
(has / will have) a toothache.

3. Have a good rest if you _____ (will are
be/are) tired.

4. You can go shopping with your sister if you ________ (have/will have) time have this afternoon. 5

. If there _______ (will be/ is) a car is

accident, they _______ (will call/call) will call
110 at once.

Write a story with your group on a piece of paper. The first person begins the story with “I think I will…” The others add some sentences with “if”. Pass the paper around twice. Then read the story.

I think I will go to the movies tonight.

If I go to the movies, I won’t finish my
homework. If I don’t finish my


If I don’t finish my homework, I won’t do well in my test. If I don’t do well in my test, my parents will be upset. …

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