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湖北省孝感市孝南区肖港初级中学2013届九年级英语全册 Unit 9-10练习题

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Unit 9-10练习题

( )3. Our team played ____their team, but we lost ____them.

A. with, for B. with, to C. against, for D. against, to

( )4. It’s ______from here to Wuhan.

A. five hours’ train ride B. five hour’s train’s ride

C. five hours’ train’s ride D. five hour’s train ride

( )5. We were ____at the ____news.

A. surprising, surprised B. surprised, surprising

C. surprised, surprised D. surprising, surprising

( )6. I ____he ____here, but he didn’t.

A. think, will come B. think, would come

C. thought, would come D. thought, will come

( )7. Do you know the only woman ____ standing under the tree?

A. who is B. that is C. who are D. that are

( )8. I don’t know if he ____ here, if he comes, he ____me.

A. will come, will call B. will come, calls

C. comes, will call D. comes, calls

( )9. The great changes ____place in XiaoGan in the last ten years.

A. have been taken B. have taken C. were taken D. took

( )10. The dictionary ____ me fifty yuan.

A. took B. paid for C. spent D. cost

( )11. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but now I’m feeling ____.

A. well B. good C. better D. all right

( )12. Bill ____ 100 million dollars in 2000.

A. gave away B. gave up C. gave out D. gave in

( )13. The doctor did ____he could ____ the poor boy.

A. if, save B. what, save C. if, to save D. what, to save

( )14. I arrived at the airport ____the plane had taken off.

A. after B. while C. when D. before

( )15. Peter says that the Whites are on holiday, but no one knows ____.

A. where they have been B. where are they C. where are they from D. where they have gone

( )16. Excuse me, sir.This is a non-smoking room. Oh, sorry. I ________ the sign.

A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. won’t see

( )17. Is that Mr Smiths? It ____ him, he has gone to Paris.

A. can’t be B. might be C. can be D. must be

( )18. ____weather it is today!

A. What fine B. What a fine C. How fine D. How a fine ( )19.The song sounds ____, he is singing ____.

A. beautiful, beautiful B. beautiful, beautifully

C. beautifully, beautiful D. beautifully, beautifully

( )20. Be careful, ____ you’ll make mistakes in your exams.

A. and B. or C. nor D. but


Do you think of your parents? “Yes, of course,” you may answer, “I buy a present for my mother on 21 . And I give my father a present on Father’s Day. 22 .” Then what about the other days of a year? Always 23 to think of your parents, not just on some important days. I have a friend who 24 alone, because her parents live in another city. One day I went to see her. We had a nice chat. Then she wanted to make a 25 . She dialed(拨) the number, but then she put the phone 26 . After about ten seconds, she dialed the number again. “Hi, Mum?”


Later I asked, “Why did you dial the number 27 ?” She smiled, “My parents are old. They can’t get close to the telephone 28 . I always do so when I call them. I just want to give them 29 time to answer the call.” My friend is a good girl. She is always 30 her parents. You also want to be a good child, right? So why not learn from her?

( )21. A. Father’s Day B. Mother’s Day C. Teacher’s Day D. Children’s Day

( )22. A. refuse B. forget C. decide D. remember

( )23. A. refuse B. forget C. decide D. remember

( )24. A. live B. lives C. lived D. living

( )25. A. up B. off C. down D. on

( )26. A. once B. twice C. several times D. many times

( )27. A. once B. twice C. several times D. many times

( )28. A. lonely B. slowly C. quietly D. quickly

( )29. A. less B. little C. enough D. a lot

( )30. A. thinking about B. laughing at C. picking up D. looking for

三. 填写单词

31. December is the ________ month of a year. 32. The sun ________ in the east.

33. What ________ do you speak? I speak Chinese.

34. Hong Kong is in the ________ part of China.

35. The sunshine came into the classroom ________ the windows.

36. Girls like spending much money in ________ beautiful clothes.

37. The more careful you are, the ________mistakes you’ll make.

38. Potato chips were ________ by mistake.


39. We thought of a good idea at last. We ________ up ________ a good idea

at last.

40. I borrowed a science book from the library a few days ago. I ________ ________ a science book from the library for a few days.

41. He came here in order to see his daughter.

He came here ________ ________ he could see his daughter.

42. I liked English better than music. I ________ English ________ music.

43. Mr Wang hasn’t been to Singapore. I haven’t, either.

Mr Wang hasn’t been to Singapore, ________ ________ I.

44.He asks her, “Do you like music ?” He asks her ________ she ________


45. Tom is so tall that he can reach the apple on the tree.

Tom is ___________ ___________ to reach the apple on the tree.

46. It takes about twenty minutes to get to school by bike.

It is about twenty ____________ bike ____________ to school. 47. Before I got to the bus stop, the bus had left.

____________ the time I ____________at the bus stop, the bus had left.

48. It rained heavily yesterday.

___________ ___________ a heavy rain yesterday.

49. It is six years since we began learning English.

We have ___________ ______________ English for six years.

50. We saw that the boy fell off a tree.

The boy was seen ___________ _____________ off a tree.


A: What are you going to do after you return from Washington?

B: I’m going to stay in the city. A: 51 ?

B: I’m going to work with my father at the store. In the evening, I’ll read

books. A: 52 ?

B: No, but I can learn to work. What are you going to do this summer? A: I’m going to the farm. I’ve been there for four summers.


B: 53 . Maybe it’s a good place. What do you do there? A: 54 .

B: That sounds wonderful.

A: Of course it is wonderful. B: Well, goodbye, Mary. 55 .

A: You too, Peter.


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