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湖北省孝感市孝南区肖港初级中学2013届九年级英语全册 Unit 3-4练习题

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Unit 3-4练习题(无答案)


( )1.We sat on the lake bank face to face ____ silence. A. on B.in C.with D. of

( ) 2.The Greens_______watching TV when I got there. A.was B.were C.is D .are

( ) 3.The story________a rainy night last June.

A. happened on.B.happened in C.took place on D .took place in

( )4 Could you tell me_______this time yesterday?

A. what were you doing B.what you were doing

C. where you are doing D. where you were doing

( ) 5.—What did your teacher say just now? — Sorry, I don’t know. I ______ on the phone.

A. talk B. talked C. am talking D. was talking

( )6.They had fun______ to the music. A.listen B.to listen C.listens


( )7.The shoes are too expensive.I’ll___it. A. think about B. think C.think out D.think over ( ) 8.They were sleeping_____they heard a man____ “help”. A.when ;shouting B.while;to shout C.when; to shout D.while; shouting

( ) 9._______beautiful dress it is ! A. What B.What a C.How a D.How

( ) 10.He looked for his bag _____,but he can’t find it_______. A.nowhere;anywhere B.everywhere; nowhere.C.anywhere; everywhere.D.everywhere; anywhere ( ) 11. She’s _____at swimming,but she want to do _______in it.

A. good ;well B. well ; better C. good; better D.better;better

( ) 12.The children are supposed_____pop songs in the school.

A .playing B. to play C.with playing D.played

( ) 13._What did Tim_____?-He said he_____play basketball the next day. A. said; would B. say; would C. says, was going D say, was going

( ) 14.—Why didn’t you go to the cinema?---I _____ at the station for my uncle from Beijing.

A. was waiting B. have waited C. am waiting D. will wait

( )15.We won’t go to the museum if it ________the day after tomorrow. A.rains

B. will rain C. is going to rain D would rain ( ) 16.The teacher asked her _____.

A. if she has already finished the work. B.whether she has already finished the work.

C.if she had already finish the work D. if she had already finished the work.

( )17.The teacher told me _____late again. A.not toB.not to be C. not be D.not be to

( ) 18.The geography teacher told us the earth________bigger than the moon.

A. is B. was C. isn’t D.wasn’t

( ) 19.Don’t _______Li Lei. A. pass it on to B.pass on it to C.pass on to D. pass on

( ).20.—I went to see you yesterday. But you weren’t in. Where were you then? ---I with my husband _______ a walk by the lake. A. was having B. am having C. have had D.were having


1.He _______(make) a decision that he would go to college in a few years.

2.At first the thin air made her_______(feel)sick.

3.When her year was over,she said that she would return to the area

after_______(finish) her studies..

4.My Spanish teacher said my____________(listen)was good.

5.It____________(snow)when the plane landed at Beijing International Airport. 6.Our city ____________(become)more and more beautiful in five years.

7.I saw the accident _________(happen)when I passed by .

8.He said he _______(play)the guitar at 8:00 yesterday evening.


9.You don’t need ____________(cook)for yourself,as we have a nice cook here.

10.She said she____________(forget)to do hers.

11.It was raining when the plane ____________ to London.

12.My ___________ to New York tok off from Beijing Airport.

13. Some students in my class are planting trees on the playground and the ________

of the students are cleaning the classroom.

14. To tell you the ______________, I didn’t like that present at all.

15. Tony saw a boy in danger and rushed to carry him to the __________________.

16. —Who lives farthest in our class?

—Li Lei does. He lives at __________20 miles away from our school.

17. There is a wallet ____________ on the ground. Please pick it up.


1.I’m hard-working.(变为感叹句) _______ _______ I am!

2.I’m better at reading than listening. I _____ ______ ______reading than listening. 5.At first, we must study hard. ______ _____ _____we must study hard. 6.Our teacher asked us to stop what we were doing . (对划线部分提问)

________ did your teacher ask you to stop ________?

7.The World Trade Center in New York was destroyed by terrorists.( 改同义句) ________ _________the World Trade Center in New York.

8.Dr. Martin Luther King’s mueder took place about thirty years ago. Dr. Martin Luther King __________ ____________ about thirty years ago.

1. I don’t know what I should buy her.

I don’t know what ___________ buy ___________her.

2. The mother said to her son, “Don’t read in bed”.

The mother told her son ____________ ____________ read in bed.

3. “No news is good news” his mother said to him.

His mother ________ him that no news _________good news.

4. He was surprised that he made such delicious food.

He was surprised ___________ ______________ such delicious food. 5. Jenny saw the boy reading a novel.

Jenny saw _______________ the boy ____________reading a novel.

6. “What are you doing?” He asked Gina.

He asked Gina _________ ____________ ____________ doing.

7. Did he finish the story? Can you tell me? Can you tell me ____________ the story _________finished ___________him?

8. Nobody knows her name.

Nobody knows ___________ she is ______________.

9. “Betty, please help me with the backpack.” said Susan.

Susan asked Betty ________ help __________with the backpack.

10. Do you know who drank the tea?

Do you know whom the tea was _____________ _________________?

11. My father said to me, “I have bought you a dictionary.”

My father said to me ____________ ____________ ________ a dictionary ________me.

12. The radio said “It will be sunny tomorrow”

The radio said it ____________ _____________ sunny the next day.


A: Hello, Mary. 1. __________________________?

B. Fine, thank you, Lucy.

A: Mary, 2. ____________________________.

B. It’s so kind of you to say that.

A: Where did you buy the skirt?

B: 3. ____________________________?


A: In Hangzhou? Well, Hangzhou is a very beautiful City. 4. ________________________?

B: Last month.

A: Did you go there with your father?

B. No, 5. _________________________.

A: England?

B: Yes, on business.


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