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学期期末测试题(二) 人教新目标版

一、从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏中问句的适当答语。(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) Ⅰ Ⅱ

﹙﹚1. What does your brother look like? A. Yes, they did. ﹙﹚2. How was your weekend? B. It’s ten yuan ﹙﹚3. What time did Tom get to school? C. He’s tall with brown hair

﹙﹚4. Did your parents go to the movies yesterday? D. At about six o’clock ﹙﹚5. Where does Mr Smith come from? E. Yes, there is. ﹙﹚6. What is your best friend like? F. They are playing soccer.

﹙﹚7. Are the children playing soccer or basketball? G. I like Chinese. ﹙﹚8. Do you like English or Chinese? H. America.

﹙﹚9. How much is the book? I. She is really friendly.

﹙﹚10. Is there a post office near here? J. It was great.


1、I often v___ my grandmother.

2、Where did you go on v______ last year?

3、She went shopping last night, but the shops were too c______.

4、My brother usually a_____ late for class.

5 She likes the scarf, but I don’t s_____ it.


1、Don’t _______________﹙eat﹚in the classroom.

2、They________________﹙go﹚to the beach last weekend.

3、Miss Wang is _______________﹙friend﹚to us.

4、Look! The boys_______________﹙play﹚soccer over there.

5、They enjoy ________________﹙listen﹚to music.

6、There aren’t________________﹙some﹚mutton in the fridge.

7、She ___________________﹙wash﹚clothes every morning.

8、It’s_______________﹙sun﹚. Let’s go out for a walk.

9、We have to__________________﹙clean﹚the classroom on school day.

10、Thank you for___________________﹙join﹚us.


﹙ ﹚1、You are from Australia, can you _____Japanese?

A、 speak B、 say C、 tell


﹙ ﹚2 、You are a good girl. _ _________

A、Thank you very much B 、Sure C 、OK

﹙ ﹚3.________ late for school again.

A. Not B.Not be C.Don’t be D. Aren’t

﹙ ﹚4、 This is my friend, he is a _________boy. A、 14-years-old B、 14 years old C 、14-year-old

﹙ ﹚5、 _______did you go last Sunday? -- I went to the zoo

A 、 How B.Where C.When D.Why

﹙ ﹚6、 Go straight and ___________left. The hospital is next to the post office.

A. turn B.take C.go D. carry

﹙ ﹚7、My friend ________a medium build and she ________medium height.

A.has, has B.is , is C.has , is D. is , has

﹙ ﹚8、 --How was your vacation, Sarah? --________.

A. It’s pretty good B.It was pretty good C.It’s hot D.It was hot

﹙ ﹚9、 _____ Sunday night , we went to movies.

A 、On B、 At C、 In

﹙ ﹚10 How about ______ fishing this afternoon?

A、 go B、 goes C 、going

﹙ ﹚11、 ____________ I’d like some chicken.

A、 Do you like it? B、 Can I help you? C、 What do you like?

﹙ ﹚12、 Mary like playing __ guitar, but she doesn’t like playing __soccer.

A、 the\ B、 the, the C、\, the

﹙ ﹚13、 John doesn’t like math, Lily doesn’t, ____.

A、 also B 、too C、 either

﹙ ﹚14、 She is a waiter. She is ___ at night, but she is free in the morning.

A、 funny B、 busy C 、tired

﹙ ﹚15、 Is there a park near here? _ __________

A 、Yes, there is. B 、No, it isn’t. C、 No, there is. ﹙ ﹚16、 Please be _____! It is a reading room.

A 、shy B、 smart C、 quiet

﹙ ﹚17 、This TV show is _____ , so I want to sleep.

A、 boring B、 interesting C、 exciting

﹙ ﹚18、 What would you like_____ lunch? -- A bowl of noodles, please.

A、 for B 、with C、 in

﹙ ﹚19、 There ____ many people in the park yesterday.

A was B were C are

﹙ ﹚20、 Why __go out for a walk?

A 、don’t B、 not C 、can’t



1、I’d like some chicken noodles.﹙划线部分提问﹚

_______________ ___________ you ____________ ?

2、Do your homework after school.﹙否定句﹚

_____________ ___________ your homework after school.

3、She gets up at six every morning.﹙一般疑问句﹚

___________ she ____________ ____________ at six every morning?

4、His brother has some tomatoes. ﹙否定句﹚

His brother ____________ ____________ ____________ tomatoes.

5、What do you think of the TV show ?﹙否定句﹚

__________ ___________ you ______________ the TV show?

6、What can I do for you ? ﹙否定句﹚

_______________ _______________ ______________ _________________ ?

7、He watched TV last night. ﹙一般疑问句﹚

________________ he _________________ TV last night?

8、Mr. Wang is teaching English in the classroom.﹙划线部分提问﹚

_____________ _____________ Mr. Wang ___________ in the classroom? Mr. Black is a little bit heavy.﹙划线部分提问﹚

_______________ ________________ Mr. Black _____________ _____________ ? He is from Japan. ﹙划线部分提问﹚

______________ ____________ he ______________?


It 1 Sunday yesterday. We has 2 classes. I got up at 6:30 3 morning. Then my mother and I went to the shop. We wanted to do some 4 . My mother wanted to buy some food 5 super and I wanted to buy some school things: some books and a pen. The shop 6 early in the morning. 7 a lot of people in the shop. They were 8 , old and young. Some things in the shop were cheap, some were not. We bought some food and school things. The people in the shop 9 friendly 10 .

( )1.A.is B.was C.it’s D.it was

( )2.A.no B.not C.not any D.much ( )3.A.in B.in the C.at D.at the

( )4.A.shops B.shopping C.shopping D.shop ( )5.A.for B.to C.with D.at ( )6.A.open B.opening C.is opening D.opened ( )7.A. There is B.There has C.There were D.There have ( )8.A.man and woman B.mans and womans


C. men and women D.a man and a woman

( )9.A.was B.were C.did D.have ( )10.A.for we B. to us C. for our D. to ours



Billy and Sam were twins. They were in the same class. They were both very happy. One day their teacher asked the class to write a composition(作文)“My Mother”. Sam wrote one, but Billy was lazy. He just copied his brother’s. The next day, the teacher asked Billy why his composition was the same as Sam’s. “We have the same mother, don’t we?”answered Billy.


( )1.Sam was older than Billy.

( )2.Sam and Billy were in different classes

( )3. The name of the composition was” My Mother”

( )4.Billy’s composition was the same as Sam’s

( )5.Billy was not lazy. He was very clever


( )1.You want to know something about Japan, you can watch________

A.Weather report B.China’s 2004 C.Around the world D.Animal world

( )2.You are a football fan. You may watch TV at___________.

A.19:00 on Channel 2 B.19:40Channel 1 C.20:20Channel 4

2 D.21:15Channel

( )3.How long does the TV play“sisters”last(持续)?

A.30 minutes B.50 minutes C.90 minutes D.120 minutes ( )4.You can watch _______if you want to learn English.

A.English news B.English classroom C.English for today D.A、

B and C

( )5.Children often like to watch_________.

A.Cartoon network B.News C.Weather report D.Sports


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