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Module 10

Unit 1

Are you getting ready for Spring Festival?


Listen to the song about Spring Festival.

Objectives: 1. To understand people get ready for Spring Festival; 2. To talk about festivals using some information you have got

Which words do you know about Spring Festival? playing cleaning visiting friends sweeping

Spring Festival
lantern cooking watching TV

lucky money

Words and expressions

Words and expressions
lantern n. 灯笼 dragon n. 龙 dance n. 舞蹈 v. 跳舞 clean v. 打扫 adj. 清洁的; 干净的 sweep v. 打扫; 清扫 floor n. 地板 cook v. 烹调; 煮; 烧 meal n. 一餐; 一顿饭 speak v. 说话; 讲话 happen v. 发生

Words and expressions
get ready for 为……做好准备 festival n. 节日 quite adv. 十分;相当 at the moment 此刻;目前 beautiful adj. 漂亮的;美丽的 at work 在工作 put away 收起;收拾好 hard adj. 艰难的;困难的 join v. 参加;加入 hurry up 赶快

Look and Say

Do you know what are/is they/he/she doing?

1 Match the pictures with the expressions.
1 Making lanterns 2 learning a dragon dance 3 cleaning the house 4 sweeping the floor 5 cooking the meal b a c c d





2 Listen and number the pictures. cook dance sweep









3 Listen and read Listen and answer the questions. 1. —Who is speaking to Lingling? —______. A. Tony’s mum B. Lingling’s father C. Tony D. Betty

2. — What’s Lingling’s mother doing? — She’s __________. A. learning a dragon dance B. making lanterns C. sweeping the floor D. cleaning the house 3. — What’s her aunt doing? — She’s __________. A. sleeping B. sweeping the floor C. sweeping the yard D. cooking

4. — What’s her grandma doing? — She’s ___________. A. dancing B. sweeping C. cooking the meal D. washing some clothes 5. — What’re Daming and Betty doing? — They’re ____________. A. working B. eating the meal C. cleaning the house D. learning a dragon dance with Lingling’s grandpa.

Language points
1. What’s happening? happen v. 发生 What’s happening to him? 他发生什么事了? The story happened in 2003. 这个故事发生在2003年。

表示“某地(某时)发生了什么事”, 常 用 “sth. + happen +地点/时间” 这 一结构来表达,此时主语应是事情。

2. Are you getting ready for Spring Festival? ready adj. 有准备的 They are getting ready for the test. 他们正在准备考试。 Are you getting ready for running? 你准备跑步吗? get / be ready for 为…… 作准备, 后面常跟名词或动名词(-ing)。

3. My aunt is sweeping the floor, … sweep v. 打扫 Tony is sweeping the floor. 托尼正在扫地。 She swept away the dust. 她掸去了灰尘。 He sweeps the room every day. 他每天打扫房间。 sweep away (sth.) 扫去(某物)
The wind swept the leaves away. 风把树叶刮走。

Choose the best answers to the questions. 1 Are they getting ready for th

e Spring Festival? Yes they are./ No, they aren’t. 2 Are Daming and Betty making lanterns? Yes they are./ No, they aren’t. 3 Is Lingling’s mother sweeping the floor? Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t.

4 Is Lingling’s aunt cooking the meal?
Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t.

5 Is Lingling’s grandma cooking the meal?
Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t.

6 Is Lingling’s father working?
Yes, he is./ No, he isn’t.

4 Answer the questions. 1 What is Lingling doing? She’s making big red lanterns. 2 Who is working? Her father. 3 What is Lingling’s aunt doing? She’s sweeping the floor. 4 What is Lingling’s grandma doing? She’s cooking the meal in the kitchen. 5 What are Daming and Betty doing? They’re learning a dragon dance with Lingling’s grandpa.

5 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words and expression from the box. dragon happen hard hurry join lantern put things away quite ready happening What’s (1)__________ at Lingling’s home? ready They’re getting (2)______ for Spring Festival. Her mother and her aunt are working very putting things away (3)____, cleaning and (4)_________________. hard quite Lingling is also (5)_____ busy. She’s making lanterns red (6)_______. Daming and Betty are dragon learning a (7)_______ dance so Tony is hurrying joining (8)________ to Lingling’s home and (9)____ them.

and Speaking 6 Listen and repeat
/ l / learn /w/ what /r / ready /j / yes lantern work very you your meal

Now say them aloud.

Answer the questions. At the moment… 1 Is your teacher speaking? Yes, she is. 2 Are your classmates listening to your teacher? No, they aren’t. They are reading their textbook. 3 Are you learning English? Yes, we are./Yes, I am. 4 Is your mother working? Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t. 5 Is your father working? Yes, he is.


Speaking Practice I

Team racing
Two teams have a race. The team that first complete the sentence will get one point.

coming Three friends are ______ to the Great Wall. taking They’re ______ some photos on the Great Wall.

The students are making _______ dumplings.
I’m playing a computer ______ game and my mother beside me.

They’re He is _____________________. ______________. learning a dragon dance making lanterns

My mum is sweeping ________ the floor.

I’mcleaningthe ______ windows.

Dialogue 1
A: What’s your mother doing? B: She’s putting things away. A: Is your grandma sweeping the floor? B: Yes, she is.

Dialogue 2
A: What’s your father doing? B: He’s working. A: Is your grandma cooking the meal? B: Yes, she is.

Dialogue 3
A: Is your teacher speaking?

B: No, she isn’t.
A: Is your classmate writing?

B: Yes, he is.

Group work
三人一组。一个学生按照下面给出的单词提示 做出动作,按照给出的对话做这个游戏。

read a book eat your breakfast watch TV jump draw a picture do your homework swim fly a kite drink tea play football make the bed play with my dog do morning exerci

ses run clean the house sailing a boat A: What are you doing? B: I am …. A: What is he/she doing? C: He/She is…

本课时主要句型和词组 What is Linging doing? We/They/She/I/ are/is/am getting ready for… —Is your mother working? —Yes, she is. clean the house make lanterns sweep the floor cook the meal learn a dragon dance cook the meal

一、根据句意, 用适当的介词填空。 1. It’s nine o’clock in the morning. He is __ work. at 2. At the moment, we are playing the piano. __ at 3. I usually get up __ half past six. 4. Lily is learning a lion dance ____ her with grandpa. 5. There are 30 students __ our classroom. in

二、用所给单词的适当形式完成句子。 write sweep put happen work buy enjoy cook visit listen 1. Are you ________ your summer holiday? enjoying writing 2. I am _______ a letter. 3. My mum is cooking the meal. _______ 4. She is putting away things. _______ is happening 5. What _________?

write sweep put happen work buy enjoy cook visit listen visiting 6. We are _______ my uncle and aunt. 7. My sister is ________ the floor. sweeping 8. She usually buys some pens and ______ notebooks. 9. My father is watching TV and I’m listening ________ to the music. 10. Are you working at a big company? _______

三、根据要求完成句子。 1. Is your uncle making lanterns? No, he isn’t. (做否定回答)—————— 2. She’s sweeping the floor at the moment.(改为一般疑问句) __________________________________ Is she sweeping the floor at the moment?

3. They’re getting ready for the Lantern Festival.(就划线部分提问) _________________________________ What are they getting ready for? 4. meal, cooking, grandma, is, now, my,the(连词成句) My grandma is cooking the meal now. _________________________________ 5. Hi, Lingling. What’s happening? (改为同义句) Hi, Linging. What ___ you doing _____? are

1. To preview the reading material 2. To practise the vocabulary

festival, get ready for, cook the meal, lantern, sweep away, cutting paper, at work


Thank you!

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