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湖北省孝感市孝南区肖港初级中学2013届九年级英语全册 Unit 1练习题

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Unit 1练习题


( )1. She will be a teacher _____ two months. A. on B. after C. in D. at

( )2. I think he _____ finish doing the work.

A. will B. will can C. will be able to D. be will able to

( )3. ---Will there be any paper money _____ 100 years? --- No, _______.

A. after, there won’t. B. after, they won’t. C. in, they aren’t. D.in, there won’t.

( )4.In the future people will live _____ 100 years old.

A./ B.to C. for D.to be

( )5. The kind man often _________ clothes and food to the poor.

B. gives off B. gives away C. gives up D. gives in

( )6.— Is the scene there beautiful? —The photo will show you _________.

A. what it looks like B. what does it look like

C. how it looks like D. how does it look like

( )7. Mr Smith, there is someone at the front desk _______ would like to talk with you.

A. he B. who C. which D. whom

( )8. We must try our best to do the work with ________ money and _____ people.

A. less; fewer B. less; less C. fewer; fewer D. fewer; less

( )9. Class 3 won the football match! ________it be true?

A. Must B. May C. Can D. Will

( )10. John was made _________ the car last month. A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be washing

( )11. —What was the weather like yesterday?

—It was terrible. It rained so ______ that people could ______go out.

A. hardly; hard B. hardly; hardly C. hard; hardly D. hard; hard

( )12. —Computers are so useful. They can do most things.

—Yes. But they _________ what to do.

A. must be told B. will tell C. have to be known D. will know

( )13. —Can I get you a cup of tea? —________________.

A. That’s very nice of you B. With pleasure

C. You can, please D. Thank you for the tea

( )14. —The weather will ________ cold for another week.

—That will be terrible. I hate cold weather.

A. get B. seem C. become D. stay

( )15. I want to know where _________ have a field trip when all the work_________.

A. will you; is finished B. will you; finishes

C. you will; is finished D. you will; finishes

( )16. My father began to work when he was only a ________boy.

A. 13—year—old B.13 years old C. 13 year old D. 13 — year old

( )19. There __________ a new movie on TV tomorrow evening.

A. is going to be B. is going to have C. are going to be D. was

( )17. —What do we need? —We need _________.

A. two kilo of bread B. two kilos b read C. two kilo of breads D. two kilos of bread

( )18. Listen! There must be some children _________ songs in our neighborhood.

A. singing B. to sing C. sing D. sings

( )19. I can’t stop playing computer games. For your health, my boy. I’m afraid you____________.

A. can B. may C. must D. have to


( )20. Are you afraid of ________at home. Linda?

No, I’ve grown up.

A. alone B. being alone C. lonely D. being lonely


Once there was a piano player in a bar. People came just to hear him play. But one night, a lady asked him to sing a song. “I don’t sing.”said the man. But the lady told the waiter, “I’m tired of listening to the piano. I want the player to sing.” The waiter shouted across the room, “Hey, friend! If you want to get paid, sing a song.” So he did. He had never sung in public before. Now he was singing the very first time. Nobody had ever heard the song Mona Lisa sung so beautifully. He had his talent he was sitting on. He may have the rest of his life as a no-name piano player in a no-name bar. But once he found , by accident, that he could sing well, he went on working hard and became one of the best-known singers in the US. His name wad Nat King Cole.

You, too, have skills and abilities. You may not feel that your talent is great, but may be better than you think. With hard work, most skills can be improved. Besides, you may have no success at all if you just sit on your talent.

1. The lady asked the player to sing a song because ________________ A. she had paid him for this. B. she knew him very well.

C. she wanted to have a change. D. she enjoyed his song

2. Nat King Cole succeeded because _________________

A.the lady helped him. B. he caught the chane

C.he continued to play in the bar D.he stopped playing the piaon

3. The word “sit on ” in the passage mean ______________

A. fail to realize B. forget to use C. try to develop D. try to show

4. From the story we know if you have some talent, you should ______________

A.hide it and wait B.ask others for help C.pay no attention to D.work hard to improve yourself

5. Which could be the best title for the passage?

A.Sing in the bar. B.Achieve success in life C.Never lose heart D.Find your hidden talent.


1.I’m too thirty.Please give me some______________[much] water. 2.Would you like to go _____________[swim] with me?

3.Many ___________________[predict] didn’t come true.

4.You are too fat. You shoud eat __________[little].

5.Lucy speaks English ________________[well]than LI Wei. 6,This is an__________________[;pleasant] job,and few people want it.

7.It took me about two hours _________[do] my homework last night.

8.Did you see her______________[walk]in the street when you passed there. 9.The movie is too_______________[bore]. I don’t like it.

10.There ________ [be] a concert in our town next week.


1.Our school offers the teachers breakfast and lunch.

The school __________ breakfast and lunch __________ the teachers.


2.Her eyes make me think of her mother.

Her eyes __________ me __________ her mother.

3.Kate is as old as me. Kate is the ____________ ____________ as me

4. It’s three years since she become an English teacher.

She ___________ ___________ an English teacher for three years.

5. His father returned home very late last night.

His father _________ _________ home very late last night.

6. Mr Wang hasn’t been to Singapore. I haven’t, either.

Mr Wang hasn’t been to Singapore, ________ ________ I.

7. Kate went tot bed at nine o’clock after her mother came back.

Kate _________go to bed ________her mother came back at a o’clock.


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