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湖北省孝感市孝南区肖港初级中学2013届九年级英语全册 Unit 2练习题

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Unit 2练习题


( )1. I can’t afford the big house. She can’t afford it, _____________.

A. either B. too C. also D. but

( )2. Mom, I don’t have enough money to buy the camera. Could you _____me some? A. borrowed B. lent C. borrow D. lend

( )3. My father knows little about fashion. His clothes are always _____________.

A. in style B. original C. out of style D. new and smart

( )4. —How much did you____ your car? —89,800 yuan..

A. buy B. pay for C. spend D. afford

( )5. Please______ who broke the window and tell him to pay for it. A. find out B. look after C. look for D. find

( )6. I ‘m not good at math. I really don’t know_______.

A. what should I do B. how should do C. what to do D. how I should

( )7. ______ Tommy learn better, his parents have done _______ they could, cards, tapes,

special learning centers, in short, everything they can think of. A. Helping, all B. To help, all C. Helping, what D. Help, what

( )8. —Excuse me, sir ,The shoes are a bit small for me. —Don’t worry, I’ll change them

for a _______size.

A. smaller B. smallest C. larger D. largest

( )9. _______ it’s difficult to make her dream come true, she never gives up..

A. Though B. Unless C. Because D. If

( )10. —It’s such a long way! What shall I do? —You ________ take my car if you want.

A. will B. must C. may D. shall

( )11. —I need something for cutting the paper. —Oh, you want a knife? OK ,I’ll get _______

for you..

A. it B. that C. this D. one

( )12. —What time do you expect me back, Mum? —Say, _____half an hour. A. at B. before C. in D. for

( )13. —Did you find the small village yesterday?

—Yes without any difficulty, for it has _______ changed over years.

A. hardly B. greatly C. clearly D. nearly

( )14. —Do you often watch Man and Nature on TV?

—Sometimes. It’s an interesting program, but I _______ Sports News.

A. prefer B. want C. enjoy D. miss

( )15. —Have you ever been to Shanghai, Mary?

—Yes , I ____ there for three days with my parents last month. A. have gone B. have been C. went D. was

( )16. —Please bring ittle Tom next time you come to Anhui.—______ , thank you.

A. I will B. I hope so C. That’s right D. My pleasure

( )17. —What will the weather be like tomorrow? — It ____ be rainy, cloudy or sunny. Who


A. must B. might C. shall D. should

( )18. —Are you going to the party? —No, because I ________.

A. have asked B. haven’t asked C. have been asked D. haven’t been asked ( )19. —Why didn’t you go to the cinema with us this afternoon?

—I _____ at the station for my uncle from Beijing.

A. was waiting B. have waited C. am waiting D. will wait

( )20. —I couldn’t get through the door because there was a big box _____.

A. by the way B. on the way C. out of the way D. in the way


Dear Pet,

Without knowing more about you, it’s hard for me to give you some good advice.

But first, I am sure that you are 1 .You said that nobody would care if you left home. What about your 2 ? And other family members? It seems that you are very 3 . You’d better 1

go to a doctor or talk 4 your parents. They will be able to help you.

Second, I’m sure there’s someone else in your class who feels lonely, 5 . You never know 6 other people feel. Try to make friends with your classmates. And you could 7 a club to meet new people and make friends, too. You 8 find happiness for yourself . So my 9 advice is to write a list of all the good things about yourself. Learn to like yourself, and then 10 will see you confidence(信心) and like you , too.

( ) 1. A. right B. wrong C. OK D. clever

( ) 2. A. teachers B. classmates C. parents D. friends ( ) 3. A. popular B. tired C. sad D. happy

( ) 4. A. to B. about C. of D. off

( ) 5. A. too B. either C. also D. to

( ) 6. A. why B. how C. when D. where

( ) 7. A. keep out B. join C. join in D. get on

( ) 8. A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. need to D. can’t

( ) 9. A. finally B. last C. end D. first

( ) 10. A. other B. the other C. others D. another



1) What’s w__________ with you , Peter? You don’t look well.

2) Everyone went to play soccer e________ Tom and me because we don’t like it.

3) She spends lots of money on clothes and always a____________ with her husband about that.

4) She didn’t go to bed u__________ her mother came back last night.

5) Julia f__________ her test, so she was very upset.


6) Don’t be stressed out . You should try _________ (be) relaxed.

7) They got on __________( better) with each other and soon became good friends.

8) They need time to do these things by ____________ (they).

9) Give me ____________ (free) or let me die.

10) I plan to ____________ (surprised) her at her birthday party.


1. Lucy usually cleans the cage every two days. (对画线部分提问)

__________ ___________ does Lucy usually clean the cage?

2. Jenny worked hard in order to catch up with others .(将简单句改为复合句)

Jenny worked hard _________ ______________ she could catch up with others.

3. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart in it. (改为反意疑问句)

Nothing is impossible if you put your heart in it, _________ ________?

4. Mary came to China three years age. (改为同义句)

Mary has _________ in China since three years ago.

5. Zhai Zhi Gang became the 1st Chinese astronaut to walk in space.(改为定语从句) Zhai Zhi Gang became the 1st Chinese astronaut ________ ________in space.

6. We can find new buildings everywhere in our city.

New buildings can _______ __________ everywhere in our city.


A:Good morning, madam.


A:You look worried, _________________________ ?

B:My daughter got lost when , did shopping in the market. I’ve looked for here everywhere, but? Can’t find her, what shall ,do?

A:___________ .tell us something about her. We can help you.

B:Thank you, sir. She’s five years old!


B:She’s kind of heavy. and she has a round face and long curly hair.


B:She’s wearing a red shirt.


A:OK , We’ll start to look for her. We’ll call you as soon as we find her. B:____________________________________.


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