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七 年 级 英 语 试 题

(考试时间120分钟 满分120分)








你将听到三段对话和10个问题,请根据所听内容选择正确答案,每段对话读两遍。 听第一段对话,回答第6—8题。

( ) 6.What is the man’s last name?

A.Nick. B.Smith. C.Jack.

( )7.Where does Nick come from?

A.China. B.USA. C.England.

( )8.What’s Jane’s favorite colour?

A.Pink. B.Green. C.Red. 听第二段对话,回答第9一11题。

( ) 9. How old is Jim ?

A.11 B. 12 C. 13

( )10. What class is Linda in ?

A. Class 1 B. Class 2 C. Class 3

七年级英语试题 第 1 页 (共6页)

( )11. Can Linda ride a bike ?

A. Yes, she can B. No, she can’t C. Yes, she can’t 听第三段对话,回答第12—15题。

( ) 12.Where is the coat?

A. On the chair. B. Behind the chair. C. Under the chair.

( ) 13. Where are the boy’s shoes?

A. In the bag. B. Under the bed. C. In the desk.

( ) 14.What colour is the cap?

A. Black and purple. B. Pink and white. C. Brown and white.

( ) 15.Where is the cap?

A. In the bag on the desk. B. On the bag on the desk. C. In the bag in the desk.



( )16. His family name is A. Jim B. Green C. Brown

( )17. Jim is .

A. a Chinese boy B. an American boy C. An English boy

( )18. Jim is years old.

A. eleven B. thirteen C. twelve

( )19. He likes A. red B. blue C. green

( )20. His telephone number is .

A. 742-896 B. 724-869 C. 744-896


你将听到一篇短文,并根据短文内容,将所缺信息填入相应的横线上。每处一词。 短文读两遍。( 每小题1分,共5分)

21. Linda is a __________.

22. She is in _________ now.

23. The weather is ___________ in Beijing.

24. Linda’s favourite food is __________.

25. Linda can’t ride a __________.




( )26. 下面_________组都是辅音字母.

A G, M, I B c, d, f C H, E, J D s, o, n

( )27. Mike and I good friends.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )28. –What’s your favourite _______? -- Football.

七年级英语试题 第 2 页 (共6页)

A. food B. sport C. colour D weather

( )29. _______ Wang is my English teacher. He is 22.

A. Miss B. Mr. C. Ms. D. Mrs.

( )30. How many _____are there?

A.chair B.maps C.classroom D.desk

( )31. ---__________ your book? --- On the desk.

A. Where’s B. Where’re C. What’s D. What’re

( )32. —__________ do you spell ―tree‖? --T--R--E--E.

A Where B Why C. How D. What

( )33. - A. What , They’re B. What’s , They’re

C. Where , They’re D. What , It’s

( )34. This is _____arm.

A.the B. / C.a D.an

( )35. Tom and I like _______.

A. runing B. running C. run D runs

( )36. He is my father,so I am his _____.

A.father B.mother C.daughter D.son

( )37. A person(人) has (有) _______.

A. two heads B. two noses C.two hands D two foots

( )38. .—What’s your name?--_____________.

A This is Lily B I’m Lily C I’m fine D Thanks

( )39. ---Sit down, please. --- .

A. Thank you. B. Goodbye. C. Stand up, please. D. Sorry.

( )40. ―Hi, Xiao Ming! Nice to meet you.‖ ―_______‖

A.Fine, thank you. B.I'm fine, too.

C.Nice to meet you, too. D.How are you?


41. ---What’s the weather like ?---It’.

42.The flowers are / the desk .

43.Do you like ?


45.Can you ?


I’m English boy. My name is Tom. I am in Beijing. Now it is China. And the here is very a teacher. He likes

the piano. My mother is a

七年级英语试题 第 3 页 (共6页)

teacher,too. She can I have a good friend, he’s China. His name is Daming. He is in Two. We are in the same class.

( )46.A. a B.an C. the D./

( )47.A.spring B.summer C.autumn D.winter ( )48.A. food B. sport C. weather D.colour

( )49.A. read B. ride C. write D. swim

( )50.A. can’t B. can C. am not D. am

( )51. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )52.A. play B. playing C. plays D. plaiing ( )53.A. swimming B. dances C. sing D. swiming ( )54.A. speaking B. a C. on D. from

( )55.A. class B. Class C. classs D. classes



Good morning,class! My name is Ma Ming. I’m your new English teacher. It’s nice to meet you all. This is Emma. She is an English girl .What’s your name, please? Oh, he’s Mike . Sit down, please.


( )56.It’s morning now.

( )57. Ma Ming is a teacher.

( )58. Emma is a teacher ,too.

( )59. Mike is a student.

( )60.Ma Ming,Emma and Mike are in the classroom now.


Hello! I’m Jim Green. I’m English. This is my mother. Her first name is Mary. This is my father. His first name is Steve. My telephone number is seven-six-oh, nine-one-seven-six. My friend is Li Lei. His English name is Paul. He is Chinese. His telephone number is 281-5248. Look at the photo. Who’s that in the photo(照片)? It’s my Chinese teacher. His name is Liu Yongjun. He is a good teacher.

( ) 61. –What’s my last name? --_________.

A Jim B Green C Jim Green D Green Jim

( ) 62 . My father’s first name is _________.

A Jim B Steven C Green D Mary

( ) 63 My telephone number is _________.

A 760-9176 B 687-9716 C 706-9671 D 607-9176

( ) 64 – What’s Li Lei’s English name? --________.

A Mary B Paul C Jim D Lei.

( ) 65 ________ is in the photo.

A Li Lei B Jim Green C His father D Liu Yongjun


七年级英语试题 第 4 页 (共6页)

Do you know David? He is an American boy. He’s eleven. He is in Class Two, Grade One. He has a sister. Her name is Joy. She is five. They have a dog(狗). Its name is Dongdong. How old is it? I know it’s two.

( )66. David is a_______.

A. boy B. girl C. English boy D. English girl

( )67. David is__________and Joy is____________

A. five; five B. eleven; eleven C. five; eleven D. eleven; five

( )68. Joy is David’s_________.

A. brother B. friend C. sister D. classmate

( )69. Dongdong is the name of a___________.

A. cat B. dog C. bird D. child

( )70. The dog is________.

A. eleven B. five C. two D. one


Hello, I’m Jenny. Look! This is my room.(房间) It’s on the second floor(二楼). I have(有) a bed. It is white. My blue coat is on the bed. My red shoes are under the bed. I have a desk in my room. There’re some books and a cap on it. I like my room.

( )71. Where is my room? ---It’s _____ .

A. in the box B. on the desk C. on the floor D. on the second floor

( )72. What colour is the coat? ---It’s _____ .

A. red B. blue C. white D. green

( )73. My bed is _____ .

A. red B. blue C. white D. green

( )74. Where is my cap? ---It’s _____ .

A.on the desk B. on the bed C. on the chair D. under the bed

( )75. What’s the title of the article(文章的标题)?

A. My Room is Pink B. My Room C. Where’s My Room? D. Room


(A) 选择相应的句子,补全对话,有两句子是多余的。(5分)

A: Hello! What’s your name?

B: My name’s Mlike.

B: I’m twelve.

B: His name is Frank

B: Yes, he is from England, he is English.

七年级英语试题 第 5 页 (共6页)

(B) 用适当的词补全对话,每空一词。(5分)

Tom: Good morning. Tom: Hello, Lilei. I’m Tom. Tom: I’m fourteen.

Lilei: Bye.


86. What colour are the __________ (banana) ?

87. James is eight years old and he can (play) the piano.

88. We _______(be) good friends.

89. His father likes ________(read) books.

90. My favourite sport is ______(run).

91. How many________(desk)are there?

92. How old_________(be)your father?

93. -----How are you ? ----Fine, _________. (thank)

94. They are from _________. They are English.( English).

95.---What’s ________ ( you) favourite sport?---I like basketball.


根据下列问句,以My favourites为题,用你所回答的句子组成一篇小短文,向大家介绍你最喜欢的食物、颜色及老师。(不能出现真实姓名)


1. What’s your name? 2. What’s your favourite food?

3. What’s your favourite colour? 4. What colour is your bag?

5. Who (谁) is your favourite teacher?

七年级英语试题 第 6 页 (共6页)





1. I like noodles very much.

2. They are books.

3. She is a nice teacher.

4. This is a chair .

5. He can play football very well.


你将听到三段对话和10个问题,请根据所听内容选择正确答案,每段对话读两遍。 听第一段对话,回答第6—8题。

M: Hi! My name is Nick.

W: Hi! Nick! I am Jane!

M: Nice to meet you, Jane.

W: What’s your last name, Nick?

M: My last name is Smith.

W: Where are you from?

M: I am from England.

W: What’s your favorite colour?

M: My favorite colour is green. How about you?

W: I like Red.


M : I’m Jim . I’m a student of Class 1 . I’m thirteen years old . What about you ? W : I’m Linda . I’m in Class 2 . I’m twelve years old .

M :Can you ride a bike ?

W : Yes, I can.


M:. Mum, where is my coat?

W: It’s on the chair.

M: Yes, thank you.Where are my shoes ?

W: They’re under the bed.

M: Where’s my cap?

W: Emm…. What colour is it ?

M: Pink and white.

W: It’s in the bag on your desk.

M: Yes, thank you.



Good morning , everyone .I’m Liu Ming . I’m Chinese .This is my friend Jim Brown . He’s in Class 4 . He’s thirteen years old . He is an American boy. He is

七年级英语试题 第 7 页 (共6页)

from America. He likes red. His telephone number is 744-896. We are good friends .

四、听短文,填信息。 你将听到一篇短文,并根据短文内容,将所缺信息填入相应的横线上。每处一词。短文读两遍。( 每小题1分,共5分)

Hello,everyone. My name is Linda. I am from England. I’m a student. I’m in China now .The weather is cool in Beijing. I like Chinese food very much. My favourite food is rice .I can swim, but I can’t ride a bike .



1—5 DCFBE 6—10 BCCCB 11—15 A ABBA

16—20 CBBAC 21.student 22. China / Beijing 23. cool 24. rice 25. bike 笔试部分


26-30:BCBBB 31-35:A CADB 36-40: DCBAC


41、FH/HF 42、GJ/JG 43、B D /D B 44、A C /C A 45、E I /I E


46-50:BDCBA 51-55:ABCDB


56-60:TTFTT 61-65:BBABD 66-70:A DCBC 71-75:DBCAB


(A)76.C 77.E 78.B 79.D 80.F

(B)81. morning 82.is 83.meet 84.old 85. Bye /Goodbye


86. bananas 87.play 88.are 89. reading 90.running

91.desks 92.is 93.thanks 94.England 95.your


七年级英语试题 第 8 页 (共6页)

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