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Ⅱ.选择填空 (20分)

( )⒈ “What’s your name, please?” “____”

A. My name’s Lucy. B. I’m nine. C. I’m Meimei.

( )⒉ “Hello! Good morning!” “____”

A. Morning. B. Good. C. How do you do?

( )⒊ “How are you, Peter?” “____”

A. Fine, thanks. B. Guess. C. How are you, Lin Tao?

( )⒋ “____, Li Lei. ” “Nice to meet you, too.”

A. How are you B. What’s your name C. Nice to meet you

( )⒌ “____” “I’m fine. And you?”

A. Can I have some water? B. How are you? C. How old are you?

( )⒍ ____ you Ann?

A. are B. Are C. Is

( )⒎ What’s ____ name?

A. you B. is C. your

( )⒏ Nice to ____ you.

A. Meet B. thank C. see

( )⒐ “Hello!” “____”

A. Thanks you. B. Hello! C. Oh!

( )⒑ I ____ Bai Ling.

A. is B. are C. am

Ⅲ.选词填空 (20分)

nice let’s excuse this how fine thank thanks have what’s

⒈ Hello! I’m Kangkang. your name, please?

⒉ to meet you!

⒊ begin!

⒋ me. Are you Jane?

⒌ Mom, is my teacher, Mr Long.

⒍ “ are you?” “I’m . you.”

⒎ “ a nice day!” “You, too.”

⒏ “How are you?” “Not bad, . How are you?”

Ⅳ.口语交际 (10分)

(A) (B)

( )⒈ Good morning! A. Bye!

( )⒉ How are you? B. Nice to meet you, too.

( )⒊ Sit down, please! C. Thank you.

( )⒋ Nice to meet you! D. Morning.

( )⒌ Goodbye! E. Not bad. Thanks.

Ⅴ.用 is / isn’t / am / are 填空 (10分)

⒈ This my teacher.

⒉ I fine.

⒊ “Is she Maria?” “No, she .”

⒋ “ you Jane?” “No, I not. I Maria.”

⒌ “ he Kangkang?” “No, he . He Michael.” ⒍ “What this in English?” “It’s a pen.”

Ⅵ.写出下列缩写词的完全形式 (10分)

⒈ I’m = ⒉ what’s = ⒊ her name’s = isn’t = ⒌ let’s =

Ⅶ.连词成句 (10分)

⒈ this, my, is, teacher

⒉ what, is, name, her

⒊ how, you, are

⒋ have, a, nice, day

⒌ what, your, is, name

Ⅷ.阅读理解 (10分) ⒋


A:Are you Jack Green?

B:No. I’m Mike Smith. What’s your name, please?

A:My name is Long Junyong. And this is my mother.

B:Nice to see you.

C:Nice to see you, too.

B:Have a good day!

C:Thanks. You, too.


( )⒈ Mike Smith, Long Junyong and Long Junyong’s mother meet in the morning.

( )⒉ Jack Green and Long Junyong are good friends.

( )⒊ Long Junyong doesn’t know Jack Green.

( )⒋ Mike Smith isn’t a Chinese boy.

( )⒌ Long Junyong is a Chinese boy.



Ⅲ.What’s Nice Let’s Excuse this How fine Thank Have thanks


Ⅴ.is am isn’t Are am am Is isn’t is is

Ⅵ.I am what is her name is is not let us

Ⅶ.This is my teacher. What is her name? How are you? Have a nice day! What is your name?



Cost---cost---cost make---made---made see---saw---seen

Cut---cut---cut meet---met---met sit----sat---sat

Hit---hit---hit mean---meant---meant take---took---taken

Let—let---let pay---paid---paid throw---threw---thrown

Put---put---put sell---sold---sold write---wrote---written

Read---read---read show---showed---showed wake---waked/woke---waked Hurt---hurt---hurt smell---smelt---smelt break---broke---broken Burn---burnt---burnt say---said---said choose---chose---chosen Build---built---built send---sent---sent forget---forgot---forgotten

Bring---brought---brought spend---spent---spent freeze---froze---frozen Buy---bought---bought sleep---slept---slept speak---spoke---spoken Catch---caught---caught stand---stood---stood steal---stole---stolen Feel---felt---felt sweep---swept---swept be(am is)---was---been Fight---fought---fought tell---told---told be(are)---were---been

Find---found---found think---thought---thought begin---began---begun Get---got---got teach---taught---taught drink---drank---drunk

Hang---hanged/hung---Hanged/hung understand---understood--- understood do---did---done



win---won---won go---went---gone

Have---had---had blow---blew---blown lie---lay---lain

hold---held---held beat---beat---beat ring---rang---rung

keep---kept---kept drive---doven---driven sing---sang---sung

leave---learned/learnt--- draw---drew---drawn swim---swam---swum learned/learnt eat---ate---eaten wear---wore---worn

lend---lent---lent fall---fell---fallen


lose---lost---lost give---gave---given come---came---come lay---laid---laid know---knew---known run---ran---run


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