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Vegetables and fruit are healthy food. Many people know this.

fish at all. It only shows great interest in fruit and vegetables

or how to make it

eat like other cats.

of the cat. It is two years since she

its lifestyle. She

Dante bananas and apples. The cat is very happy.

Many people come to see apples and pears. Dante is now star in Rye Town, in England.

1. A wants B. likes C. knows D. thinks

2. A and B. or C. with D. for

3. A how B. what C. who D. why

4. A friend B. baby C. host D. family

5. A keep B. help C. know D. like

6. A changes B. has C. needs D. knows

7. A asks B. brings C. makes D. takes

8. A glad B. bored C. interesting D. unhappy

9. A with B. for C. to D. in

10. A movie B. sport C. animal D. music


. He didn't know how to find his to the air hostess (空姐) and asked, "Could you help me? I and fasten the seat belt (系好安全带). She told Allan not to move about when the plane was going up. And she also said that Allan's ears might strange, but he didn't need it because that. When the plane was flying very high, Allan could stand up and home soon.

1. A. by ship B. by air C. by car D. by bus

2. A. yet B. or C. but D. so

3. A. him B. me C. her D. he

4. A. stand up B. sleep C. to sit down

D. sit down


5. A. a little

6. A. worrying

7. A. in

8. A. neither

9. A hold

10. A. arrive at


B. little C. a bit of D. bit B. be worried C. worry about D. worry B. for C. as D. like B. either C. both D. also B. take C. bring D. carry B. arrive to C. get to D. reach



1. In the Friendship Restaurant you can eat_______ food.

A. Chinese B. Japanese

C. English D. French

2. Sarah wants to do some volunteer work. She can call_______ to get some ideas.

A. 846-3809 B. 312-9997

C. 822-3331 D. 822-5566

3. Red Bird Club is closed on _______.

A. Tuesday B. Monday

C. Saturday D. Thursday

4. According to the ads, you can see _______in the Underwater World.

A. volunteers B. excellent dancers

C. sea animals D. waiters and waitresses

5. If you want to practice English with native speakers, you can join _______.

A. the Red Bird Club B. the Volunteer Project

C. the Dream Corner D. the Underwater World


Happy Middle School

We're a bilingual (双语的) school for children of 6-15. We want a cook, a library assistant, a sports coach and a language teacher.


1. Which of the following can go to Happy Middle School?

A. A four-year-old child.

B. A ten-year-old child.

C. A sixteen-year-old child.

D. A five-year-old child,

2. Happy Middle School doesn't want_______.

A. a cook

B. a nurse

C. a library assistant

D. a sports coach

3. Which of the following may not speak English?

A. The cook.

B. The library assistant.

C. The sports coach.

D. The teacher.

4. The cook can cook_______.

A. Chinese food

B. western food

C. Chinese and western food

D. food

5. Which is not needed as a sports coach?

A. He majors in P. E.

B. He must be healthy and strong.

C. He can speak Chinese and English.

D. He can cook western food.


Now satellites are helping to forecast (预报) the weather. They are in space, and they can reach any part of the world. The satellites take pictures of the atmosphere (大气) , because this is where the weather forms (形成). They send these pictures to the weather stations. So meteorologists (气象学家) can see the weather of any part of the world. From the pictures, the scientists can often say how the weather will change.

Today, nearly five hundred weather stations in sixty countries receive satellite pictures. When they receive new pictures, the meteorologists compare them with earlier ones. Perhaps they may find that the clouds have changed during the last few hours. This may mean that the weather on the ground may soon change, too. In their next weather forecast, the meteorologists can say this.

So the weather satellites are a great help to the meteorologists. Before satellites were invented, the scientists could forecast the weather for about 24 or 48 hours. Now they can make good forecasts for three or five days. Soon, perhaps, they may be able to forecast the weather for 4

a week or more ahead (提前).

1. Satellites travel _______.

A. in space B. above space

C. above the ground D. in the atmosphere

2. Why do we use the weather satellites to take pictures of the atmosphere? Because_______.

A. clouds form there

B. the weather forms there

C. the weather satellites can do it easily

D. the pictures can forecast the weather

3. Meteorologists forecast the weather_______.

A. without studying satellite pictures

B. before they receive satellite pictures

C. when they have received satellite pictures

D. after they have compared the new satellite

pictures with the earlier ones

4. Maybe we'll soon be able to forecast the weather for_______.

A. one day

B. two days

C. five days

D. seven days or even longer

5. The main idea of this passage is that satellites are now used in_______.

A. taking pictures of the earth

B. receiving pictures of the atmosphere

C. weather forecasting

D. doing other work in many ways


Michael Jackson is one of the world's best singers. Michael Jackson was born in the middle west of the city of Gary, Indiana, in 1958. He began singing with his four brothers. They called the group "The Jackson Five". The group became very popular after appearing on a television program. They started singing in 1965, and became popular soon. In 1970 the group made their first record with the name of/ Want You Back. It was very popular. One of their hit records was Never Say Goodbye.

Michael was good at dancing as well as singing, for example, his dance moves and moon walking. He was asked to act in a film in 1978 for the first time, and in the same year he made a record on his own, which sold eight million copies all over the world.

Michael nearly didn't go out because he was too famous. Once his fans went off in a faint (晕倒)when they saw him at the concert. No one can do it by now. He lived in a large house and kept lots of animals. He never ate meat. He often raised money for charity. This made him win the Guinness World Records (吉尼斯世界纪录) in 2006. He died on June 25th, 2009, but he 5

would live in our heart forever.

1. How many people are there in Michael's group?

A. Three. B. Five.

C. Four. D. Six.

2. What's the name of their first record?

A. Never Say 'Goodbye B. See You, See Me

C. I Want You Back D. On the World

3. The underlined word "copies" means_______ in Chinese.

A. 抄写 B. 张/份

C. 复制 D. 模仿

4. Michael was good at_______ according to the passage.

A. rock music

B. street dance

C. playing the piano

D. moon walking

5. Why did Michael have to stay at home most of time?

A. Because he was too famous.

B. Because he often felt lonely.

C. Because he had no friends.

D. Because his company asked him to do so.



1. C 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. D 9. A


1. B 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. A 6. C 7. D 8. B 9. C

(A)1—5 BDACC

(B)1—5 BBACD

(C)1—5 ADDDC

(D)1—5 BCBDA

6 10. C

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