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1..raise monyt for chaity 为慈善机构筹钱

2.Thanks for doing sth 感谢某人做某事

3.send sb sth=send sth to sb 送给某人某东西

4.run out of 用完

5.by the way 顺便问一下

6.the whole day 一整天

7.three and a half years 三年半

8. be interested in . . .对……感兴趣

9.be welcomed by sb 被……欢迎

10.If I were you , I would help him .如果我是你,我会帮助他。

1.birthday cake 生日蛋糕

2.far away 远离

3.I miss you 我想你

4. on the seventh birthday 在七岁生日的时候

5. turn down/up调小调大

6. turn on/off打开关掉

7. not at all一点也不 I don’t like junk food at all.我一点也不喜欢垃圾食品

8. right away=in a minute 立刻,

9. come up with 提出;想出

10. get nervous 变得紧张


1.wait in line/ cut in line 排队 、插队

2.get annoyed/nervous变得 生气、紧张

3. be polite to sb对。。。。。有礼貌

4. at first 首先

5.allow sb to do sth允许 某人做某事

6. allow doing sth允许做谋事

7. be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事

8.in public当众

9. take care to do sth 小心 做某事

10. break the rule违反规定

11. keep the rules 遵守规定

12.put out熄灭

1. pick up拾起

2. an English-speaking country一个说英语的国家

3. normal and polite social behavior正常礼貌的社会行为

4. in all situations在各种情况下

5. order a hamburger点了 一个汉堡

6. have a long conversation煲电话

7. happen to do sth 碰巧发生某事

8. happen to sb 发生在某人的身上

9. try not to do sth尽力不去做某事

10. decide not to do sth 决定不去做某事

11.drop litter 丢垃圾

12.give sb some suggestions 给某人一些 建议

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