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三. 完型填空


Last week was trying to cheer up Jimmy the Bike Boy. But week, Monday he told a radio interviewer that he had run out of to buy old bikes. He also put up some asking for old bikes and called up all his friends and told them about the problem. He even handed advertisements at a local supermarket. Then he told the teachers at about his problem and they set up a call-in center for parents.

The strategies he came up with worked out fine. He now sixteen bikes to fix up and give away to who don’t have bikes.

( ) 1. A. everyone B. every C. all D. both

( ) 2. A. that B. these C. this D. those

( ) 3. A. In B. On C. At D. With

( ) 4. A. money B. time C. food D. water

( ) 5. A. pencils B. books C. pictures D. signs

( ) 6. A. out B. in C. with D. at

( ) 7. A. shop B. hospital C. school D. bank

( ) 8. A. this B. who C. that D. where

( ) 9. A. have B. has C. had D. have been

( )10.A. child B. a child C. children D. Jimmy


Paul is a worker. One of his feet is bigger than . He can’t the right shoes

his feet. His friend, Dick, says to him, “don’t you go to a shoemaker?

A good shoemaker can you the right shoes.”Paul goes to the shoemaker near Dick’s home. Very soon the shoemaker makes him a pair of shoes. Paul the shoes and is not happy.

He the shoemaker, “You aren’t good shoemaker! I want you to make me one bigger than the other, you make me one shoe smaller than the other.”

( ) 1.A. other B. the other C. another D. that one

( ) 2.A. see B. look for C. find D. search

( ) 3.A. for B. on C. with D. about

( ) 4.A. How B. What C. Where D. Why

( ) 5.A. take B. give C. make D. mend

( ) 6.A. So B. Then C. But D. Or

( ) 7.A. looks B. looks at C. see D. see at

( ) 8.A. say B. says C. saying D. says to

( ) 9.A. the B. that C. one D. a

( ) 10.A. then B. or C. and D. but

四. 阅读理解


The Grade 3 students at the Clean City School collect empty bottles. In June, they are going to take them to a recycling(回收) center. They are going to sell the bottles and buy some books for the school library.

Kate has started a graph(图表) to show the number of the bottles they have collected. This is the graph.

Students Bottle Collection

The months of the School Year

( )1. In October the students collected _______empty bottles.

A. 80 B. 60 C. 40 D. 20

( )2. The students collected ______ more bottles in December than in January.

A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 D. 40

( )3. From the graph above, we know that the students picked up the same number

of bottles in ______ and ______.

A. October; February B. September; April

C. January; May D. November; March

( )4. Why do the students collect empty bottles? Because they _______.

A. want to do something for their school B. like empty bottles very much

C. want to play with the bottles D. want to sell them to buy balls


When do you think of a forest, what do you see? Just trees? Or do you see many other things, such as singing birds, colorful plants and wild flowers?

The forest is a whole world of its own. It is full of many different living things(生物). But even though they are all different, they have one thing in common: they all need each other in order to live on.

The trees feed the forest “people” by making food in their leaves; by using sunlight to join water and minerals(矿物) from the soil and air. Their deep network of roots joins the soil together and stops it from dying out, making it possible for living things to live in it.

Human beings(人类) are like the living things in the forest. We need one another in order to live. We need the farmers to grow our food, railroad and truck drivers to bring it to our shops and clerks(售货员) to sell it to us. We need people to prepare our food and cook it and others to take our waste things away. Then, of course, we need doctors, nurses, government leaders, mailmen, telephone operators, and many others. We also need other human beings in another way. We need people for friendship, to talk over our problems, exchange ideas. Think how lonely and unhappy you would be if you lived all alone.

Life is a matter of giving and taking. We need to help other people as much as we need other people to help us. Think what a good feeling you have when you have done something for someone else. You know, being a volunteer is so great!

( )1. According to the text, colorful plants and flowers live on _____.

A. the leaves of the trees B. water and minerals

C. the soil and air D. all of the above

( )2. It is the ____ that make it possible for living things to live in the forest.

A. trees B. birds C. plants D. farmers

( ) 3.According to the writer, human beings are ______ the forest “people”.

A. different from B. like C. dislike D. unhappy with

( ) 4.The writer mainly wants to tell us_______.

A. we need people for friendship

B. we need one another in order to live

C. the forest is a whole world of its own

D. the forest is full of different living things

( )5. Which one is the relationship(关系) between a forest and your life.

A. We can see trees in the forests.

B. We like the living things in the forest.

C. We need farmers to grow our food in the forest.

D. We are the same as the forest; We need each other to live on.

五. 书面表达

1. 假如你是志愿者俱乐部的主席,负责根据成员们的兴趣爱好,为他们安排合

适的工作。填写表格,必须用 could 写出句子,工作项目自拟,但要符合客观实际。

2. 你愿意帮助他人吗?如果你有机会成为志愿者,你愿意做什么工作呢?为什么?



一. 1.clean up 2.came up 3.cheer up 4.gave out 5.put off

6.Cut up 7.set up 8. help with 9.write down 10.called up




五. 1. Lucy could work for a newspaper.

Jimmy could volunteer in an after-school study program.

Tony could help coach a football team of children.

Mei could give out food at a food bank.

2. I like helping people who need help. I enjoy singing very much. So, if I have a chance to volunteer, I’d like to be a teacher to teach children many songs that I like. I love children. Looking at their sweet smile is so happy. And I think it’s also my honor to make others happier. If I am a volunteer, I will be a great one.

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