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7A Unit 1 This is me! 基础练习

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7A Unit 1 This is me! 基础练习


( )1.He goes to school by bus, but he walks ________ after school.

A. to home B. home C. his home D. the home

( )2.She likes _______. She is a good ________.

A. swim; swimming B. swimming; swimmer

C. swimmer; swimming D. to swim; swim

( )3. I like reading, I often go to _________.

A. the classroom B. the Reading Club

C. the teacher’s office D. the bus

( )4. I like talking on the phone with my friends. __________.

A. Me ,too B. You are right C. Yes, I do D. I enjoy

( )5. Excuse me,____ do you say that in English?

A. how B. who C. where D. which

( )6. ---Did your parents go to climb the mountain last Sunday? ---- No, they _______ went to see a film.

A. both B. all C. either D. every

( )7. Can I ___ your new watch? Sure.

A. look at B. look after C. look for D. look like

( )8. Jack_____ doing his homework at eight.

A. finish B. finishs C. finishes D. don’t finish

( )9. ___ the boys enjoy____ the World Cup? Yes, they ______.

A. Does, watching, does B. Do, watch. Do

C. Do, watching, do D. Does, watch, do

( )10. He says “_____” to his parents before he goes to bed.

A. Good evening B. Good bye C. Going to bed D. Good night

( )11.---Dad,____ is my MP3? ---- I put it in your desk.

A. what B. how C. whose D. where

( )12. I want to _____ a teacher when I grow up.

A. be B. do C. am D. is

( )13. I’m____ next year.

A. 13 years B. 13 year C. 13 years old D. 13 year old

( )14. There___ five people in my family.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( )15. That’s____ football. I like playing_____ football very much.

A. a , the B. a, / C. a., a D. the, /.

( )16. ____ you _____ a pen?

A. Do, have B. Have, / C. Have do D. A and B

( )17. He enjoys_____ the radio.

A. to listen B. to listen to C. listening D. listening to

( )18. I often listen to the news____ the radio.

A. on B. in C. at D. /

( )19. Do you know the teacher_____ glasses?

A. has B. have C. with D. having

( )20. “A”____ the first letter of the English Alphabet.

A. am B. is C. be D. are


1. I usually_______________(go) running for an hour

2.He_______________(not play) tennis on Sunday.

3. She ____________(like) reading a book after school.

4. Who teaches_____________(they) physics?

5. Kitty_______________(not wear) glasses in class.

6. She is a nurse. She _________________(take) care of sick people.

7. David____________(have) a dog.

8. Eddie doesn’t know how______________(look) after Hobo.

9. They always___________(go) out to have dinner.

10. Emily_____________(be) a good student. She ____________(work) hard.

11. Many children_____________(love) fast food.

12. I __________(not work) in an office.

13. __________she ___________(have) long hair?

14. The cat____________(be) three weeks old

15. You __________(be) late for an hour.

16.___________(Daniel) father is a doctor.

17. I like all my_______________(lesson).

18. She______________(be) born in October.

19.We often have ____________(we) dinner at my___________(grandfather) home.

20. This____________(be) _____________(he) bag.





1. go 2. doesn’t play 3. likes 4. them 5. doesn’t wear

6. takes 7. has 8. to look 9. go 10. is, works

11. love 12. don’t work 13. Does, have 14. is 15. are

16. Danel’s 17. lessons

128. was 19. our, grandparents’20. is, his

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