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Module 7

1. thanks for 为某事而感谢某人 2. can’t wait to do sth.迫不及待地做某事 3. hear from sb. 收到某人的来信 4. shake hands 握手 5. be proud of sb. 为某人自豪 6. have a party 开聚会 7. say hello to sb.与某人问好 8. have a try 试一试

9. introduce sb. to sb.把某人介绍给 10. get angry with sb. 对某人生气 11. be afraid of doing sth 害怕做某事. 12. be excited about doing sth.做某事感到兴奋

13. would like to do sth. 想要做某事

Module 8

1.on the side of 在……的边

2.on both sides of 在……的两边 3.on either side of 在……的一边

4.on the other side of 在……的另一边

5. between---and---在----和----之间 6. on the left of---在---的左边 7. by boat 乘船 8. get off 下(车, 船) 9. go past 走过 10. go for a walk 散步 11. be full of 装满了--- 12. most of 大多数

Module 9

1.less and less 越来越少 2. need to do 需要做某事 3. without drinking 没有喝水 4. learn about 了解

5. be surprised to do sth 很吃惊地干某事: 7. It’s sad to do sth 做某事很悲伤 8. kill…for 为了…而杀死

9.for many different reasons 由于许多不同的原因

Module 10

1. offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 2. say goodbye to sb. 向某人说再见 3. send sb. to sw 送/派某人去某地 4. enjoy sth. 从某事得到乐趣 5. give a wonderful welcome 热烈欢迎 6. take place 发生

7. fall in love with sb. 与某人相爱 8. marry sb. 娶了/嫁给某人 9. the name of …的名字 10. finish doing sth 结束做某事 11. be good for 对---有利

12. manage to do sth. 设法做成某事 13. make a decision 做出决定

Module 11

1. at the moment 现在

2. depend on 根据---而定/ 依靠 3. find out 找出,查明

4. remember to do sth 记得干某事 5. from time to time 时常 6. take an umbrella 带把雨伞 7. for a long time 长时间

Module 12

1. Stop doing sth./ stop to do sth .

2. so many /so much /so little /such a +adj+n 3. shake hands 握手 4. for the first time第一次 5.for the last time最后一次

6.drink tea with milk 喝加了糖的咖啡 7.hear sb do sth./ hear sb doing sth. 8. on time /in time 准时/及时


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