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情态动词 2

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Can/could, may/might, must, have to, will,/would, shall/should, ought to, used to…






Eg. She may be there.

She can be there.

She must be there.

It nearly took me an hour to walk here.

-Have a drink , then. You__ be thirsty.

A. should B can C will D must

1. can 用法

1)表示能力,与be able to同义,但can只用于现在时和过去时(could),be able to可用于各种时态。

现在时;am/is/are able to.

过去时:was/were able to.

完成时中:have/has/had been able to.

将来时中:will be able to.

Two eyes can see more than one.

My father was able to speak English .

注:Can you … ? Yes, I can / No,I can’t.


用could比can 语气更加委婉客气,常用于could I /you …..?句型中,若表示同意时,用can回答而不用could .

注: Could I borrow the book ?Yes, you can / No, you can’t .

3)表示推测 “可能”常用于否定句或疑问句中。(can’t表示一定不是) It can’t be true .

Can it be true ?

2. may 用法

1)表允许,请求= can


注:May I ….? Yes ,you may No, you can’t / mustn’t .

在回答以may引起的问句时,多避免用这个词,而用其它方式,如Yes, please. / Certainly.


Maybe he knows the news .=

He _____ _____ the news.

3. must


We must do everything step by step.

注:Must I ….? Yes, you must / No,you needn’t(don’t have to ). --Must we hand in our exercise—books now?

--No, you needn’t. / No, you don’t have to.

2)mustn’t 表禁止、不允许。

You mustn’t talk to her like that.

3)表示揣测。意为“想必、准是、一定”等,只用于肯定句。否定、疑问句中must改为can .

He must be ill. He looks so pale.

She’s wearing a diamond necklace. She must have a lot of money. 注:must表推测时,其反义疑问句与must后面的动词一致。 There must be something wrong ,____ ____?




a).Need I ….? Yes , you must / No, you needn’t .

Need we finish the work today ?Yes you __

A.need B.can C. may D.must

b).need + do sth . 变否定句:needn’t do sth

变疑问句:Need sb do sth ?


a).need + to do sth . We need _______(buy) some school things . 变否定句:don’t /doesn’t /didn’t +need to do sth .

变疑问句:Do / Does /Did sb + need to sth ?

Yes , … do/ does / did No, sb don’t / doesn’t /didn’t .

You don’t need to do it yourself.

b).当主语是物时。Sth + need + doing sth = Sth +need to be done . The table needs painting . =The table needs _____ _____ _____ .

5.had better 的用法

1). had better + 动词原形 = It’s best to do sth .

You had better ______ (stay )at home . = _____ ______ ______ stay at home .

2). Had better not +动词原形

We had better ________(not play ) the computer games .

6.must 与have to

1).一般情况下,两者可互换。 must = have to

2).must ―必须,应该‖表示说话人的主观看法,即说话人认为必须干某事。(内在原因)

have to ―必须,不得不‖强调客观需要,即外界因素迫使某人不得不干某事。(外界原因)

I can’t stop playing the computer games . For your health ,I’m afraid you ______.

A.can B.may C.must D.had to

7.can, may, must, need的一般疑问句及其回答

Can you…? Yes, I can No, I can’t

May I…..? Yes, you may No, you can’t/mustn’t(附,为避免重复,还可用yes, please)

Must I…? Yes, you must. No, you needn’t/ don’t have to(注,mustn’t表禁止)

Need I…? Yes, you must No, you needn’t

①―Must I hand in my exercise book mow?‖

―No, you ____.‖

A needn’t B can’t

C mustn’t D won’t

.②-May I go out to play basketball, Dad?

-No, you ____.You must finish your homework first.

A mustn’t B may not

C couldn’t D needn’t


1.情态动词后跟完成式,表“原本应该干某事,而实际上没干” I should have finished the work earlier.

He isn’t here. He must have missed the train.

2. 情态动词后跟进行式,表示“想必正在……”,“可能正在……”,“应当正在”等意。

It’s twelve o’clock. They must be having lunch.

They may be discussing this problem.

He can’t be telling the truth.

She shouldn’t be working like that. She’s still so weak.


1.can = be able to

2.must = have to

3.needn’t = don’t have to

4.need do sth = need to do sth .


【2013 河北】34.______ I see your ID card, sir? We have to check your information.A. May B. Must C. Should D. Need



【2013 江西】30. There's only one day to go. You _____ finish your schoolwork by tomorrow.

A. can B. will C. must D. may



【2013 山东莱芜】28. Students in our school ________ know

shouting is not allowed in the library.

A. can B. may C. must

D. need


【解析】考察情态动词的用法,can为能力,能够, may为可以,可能。Must为必须,一定,need为需要。根据句意应选C。

【2013 甘肃】— Look at the boy playing basketball on the ground. Is it George?

— It ________ be him. He told me he would play basketball after class, but he’s not sure.

A. mustn’t B. must C. can’t D. may

【2013 杭州】 --Pauline has lost her phone. –No. It’s in her bag. I _________ hear it.

A. must B. can C. may D. shall

【2013 湖北武汉】 ---Honey, stay home before I return.

---I _______, mum.

A. must B. can C. will D. should

【2013 云南】— Where is my watch? I ______ find it.

— Don’t worry. It must be somewhere in your room.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

【2013 湖南长沙】—________I have lunch now, Mom?

—No. You must wash your hands first.

A.Would B.May C.Ought to

【2010 安徽】- What will the weather be like tomorrow?

-- It ______ be rainy, cloudy or sunny. Who knows?

A. must B. might C. shall D. should

【2011 安徽】-- May I go out now. Dad?

-- No. You __ let your mother know first.

A. can B. may C. need D. must

【2012 安徽】There's enough time for you to go to the airport.You hurry now.

A.should B. needn't C.must D.can't

【2012 成都】--Excuse me, whose Japanese book is this?

be Tom ' s. In our class, only he is studying Japanese.

A. must B. can't C. would

【2010 广东佛山】She go to the supermarket far from her home-nowhere else is good enough for her.

A. must B. has to C. can

【2011 广东佛山】 You worry about me. I’m fine.

A. can’t

【2012 广州】You be hungry after the long walk.Help yourself to some cakes.

A.can’t B.shouldn’t C.need D.must

【2012 广东】 —________ I swim here? B. mustn’t C. needn’t

—I’m sorry. Children _______ swim alone here. A. Must , can’t B. May , must C. Can, mustn’t D. Can’t can

【2012 深圳】— Rose, we will start at six tomorrow morning. Don't be late, _______ ?

— _______ . I'll be there on time.

A. won't you; Yes, I will B. will you; Yes, I will

C. will you; No, I won't D. won't you; No, I won't 【2011 广西柳州】—Must I go there early? —.

A. you can't B. you don't C. you needn't D. you mustn't

【2011 广西南宁】 The room is big enough. It hold 100 people.

A. can B. must be C. need D. have to

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