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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark Section A (1a—2c)

Period 1

? used to+do”表示过去常常干某事,现在不在干了。 无人称数的变化 ? eg. I used to go to work by bus. Now I take a taxi. ? She used to be very shy. 2变一般疑问句方法 I used to be a student. ---- Did you use to be a student? Yes ,I did/No ,I didn’t ? ----used you to be a teacher? ? Yes ,I used/No ,I usedn’t ? 3 used to 句型变否定 ? She used to have long hair. ? she usedn’t to have long hair ? she didn’t use to have long hair

Eg. ? He used to be short,变一般疑问句

Did he use to be short?

Used he to be short?

He usedn’t to be short


否注意区别I used to get up(过去常常做)


didn’t use to be short

late ,but now I am used to getting up ( 习惯于做)early.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

反意疑问句由 陈述句+一般疑问句 构成 1.She is a teacher, isn ’ t she ? 2He goes to school at 8, doesn’t he? 3.They will have a meeting, won’t they? 4.Tom had nothing, did he? 5.Lucy has never been there, has she? 6.He can’t swim,?can he 7.They get up at 6, don’t they? 8.There wasn’t any water yesterday,? was there ? 9.Everything is good , Isn’t it? ? 10Nobody would come,would he?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

特殊的反意疑问句 Don’t smoke here, will you? Open the door, will you ? Let us go to the park, will you? Let’s go to the park, shall we? She is unhappy ,isn’t she? 2.That’s right, That’s all right.All right. 对 没关系不客气 好吧 3 on the football team参加足球队 4 be friendly to 对·· ·友好 5 be interested in 对··感兴趣 ·· 6 play the piano/guitar/violin乐器前the play soccer/basketball

What did he look like over twenty years ago? He used to be short

What does he look like now? He is very tall now

What does/did she look like now/last year?
She used to have short hair

Appearance (外貌)
tall straight hair beautiful black dirty hungry sad tired

Personality (性格)
outgoing funny angry careful happy hard-working strange noisy

She used to be alone.
Now she has many friends.

She used to be short.
Now she is tall.

1b Listen. What did Bob’s friends use to look like?

1. Mario used to be short . He used to wear glasses .
2. Amy used to be tall . She used to have short hair . 3. Tina used to have and curly hair.


Pairwork Use “used to ” to make conversations with your partner.

used to white now she llow

In the past Play football

Now Play basketball

He used to play football .now he plays basketball

√ √

Listen and fill in the blanks with the words you hear.


Girl: Hey,Steve!Over here,Don’t you remember me? Boy: Oh,wow!You’re Paula,aren’y you? G: That’s right. be quiet B: But you used ___ ___ really ____, ___ to didn’t you? G: Yeah! I wasn’t very outgoing ____. friendly B: No,you weren’t.But you were always ___

__. Wait a minute! Did you use to play the piano? G: Yes,I did.But now I’m more interested in ____ sports ____. I play soccer and I’m ____ the swim on team. B; Wow! People sure change. 2b

Talk about the picture “Mario used to be short. Yes, he did. Now he’s tall ! …”

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