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黄冈2013年新目标新版七年级英语上册第三次月考试题 听力原文

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1. Rabbits like to eat carrots very much.

2. There are two big apples on the table.

3. We should eat vegetables like tomatoes, onions and so on.

4. I often eat bananas for breakfast.

5. Do you like pears?


6. Do you have a racket?

7. Does Sarah have a phone?

8. Let’s play basketball.

9. Do your parents have a phone?

10.Is the computer game interesting?


11. W: Do you have any notebooks in your schoolbag?

M: No, I don’t. I have a pencil case in it.

12. W: Do you have any clubs in your school?

M: Yes, we do. We have a basketball club, a tennis club and a volleyball club.

13. W: Let’s have some strawberries and oranges.

M: Oh, no, I don’t like strawberries. I like oranges and pears.

14. W: Where is the baseball?

M: It’s in the schoolbag.

W: Where is the schoolbag? Is it on the sofa?

M: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bed.

15. W: Do you have a ping-pong ball, Dave?

M: Yes, I do.

W: Do you have a soccer ball?

M: No, I don’t.


Mona, Emma and Dave are my good friends. They like eating different things. Mona likes apples and carrots, and she likes to drink tea. Emma doesn’t like apples. She likes oranges. For vegetables, she likes broccoli. Coke is her favorite drink. Dave doesn’t like vegetables. He likes strawberries. And she likes drinking water.


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