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1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________4. _________5. _________

第二节:听句子,选择你所听到的单词。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )6. A. clock B. book C. racket

( )7. A. Cara B. Diana C. Sarah

( )8. A. basketball B. volleyball C. football ( )9. A. brothers B. parents C. uncles

( )10. A. boring B. interesting C. different

第三节:听对话,选择最佳答案。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )11. What’s in the schoolbag?

A. Some pencils B. A math book C. A pencil case ( )12. Do they have a baseball club?

A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t. C. Yes, they have. ( )13. What fruit does the man like to eat?

A. Pears and strawberries.

B. Strawberries and oranges.

C. Oranges and pears.

( )14. Where is the schoolbag?

A. On the sofa. B. On the floor. C. On the bed. ( )15. What does Dave have?

A. A ping-pong ball. B. A soccer ball. C. A ping-pong ball and a soccer ball.





( )21. —_____ your brother like hamburgers?—No, he ______.

A. Do; doesn’t B. Do; don’t C. Does; doesn’t

( )22. The lunch in our school ______ good.

A. are B. is C. am

( )23. Do you like _______ soccer?

A. play B. playing the C. to play

( )24. Look! Some broccoli _______ on the plate(盘子), and the vegetables _______ in the basket(篮子).

A. are; is B. are; are C. is; are

( )25. We want to have ______ great dinner this evening.

A. a B. the C. /

( )26. John ______ eggs and bananas _____ breakfast.

A. has; with B. have; for C. has; for

( )27. Please take some ______ to your parents.

A. tomatos B. tomato C. tomatoes

( )28. —What _____ do you like?—Broccoli.

A. fruit B. vegetable C. dessert

( )29. Do you have _____ healthy food every day?

A. more B. lots of C. many

( )30. Tim is a ______ boy and he studies(学习) ______ at school.

A. good; well B. good; good C. well; well

( )31. Sonia Hall plays ______ basketball every day.

A. a C. the C./

( )32. Ed Smith only _______ volleyball games _____ TV.


A. watch, in B. looks, on C. watches, on

( )33. —Li Wei, do you have any pencils?

—________! I don't have any.

A. Excuse me B. OK D. Sorry

( )34. Every day _______ has a good rest and does his homework after school.

A. Tom B. Tom and Kate C. Tom’s sister

( )35. Lily and Liz _______ a cat. They like it very much.

A. have B. has C. there are

( )36.Apple and pear are__.

A.fruit B.people C.sports

( )37. I don’t like chicken, __I like fish(鱼) very much.

A.and B.but C.or

( )38. A baseball and a volleyball__under the desk.

A.are B.is C. have

( )39. Running star Tom eats__healthy food.

A.lots of B. many C.too

( )40. He watches the basketball games__TV.

A.on B.in C.at


My name ___41___ Dan and I have two ___42___ , Bob and Ray . We like hamburgers ___43___ lunch . Bob and I ____44____ French fries but Ray ___45___. I don’t like ____46____ for breakfast. ___47___ Bob and Ray ___48____ . I like fruit for breakfast. ___49___ really like chicken ___50____ salad for dinner.

( )41. A. is B. am C. are D. call

( )42. A. brother B. sister C. eggs D. brothers

( )43. A. on B. at C. for D. in

( )44. A. like B. likes C. eats D. loves

( )45. A. do B. don't C. does D. doesn’t

( )46. A. a egg B. egg C. eggs D. egges

( )47. A. or B. and C. for D. but

( )48. A. do B. don’t C. does D. doesn’t


( )49. A. They B. them C. We D. us

( )50. A. or B. but C. and D. of


Frank is my good friend. We are in the same class. He is fourteen, one year older than I. His parents are both teachers in No. 7 Middle School. Frank is a good student. He studies hard. His English and math are very good. He often helps other students with their English and math. Our teachers like him very much.

We go to school together by bike in the morning. We have lunch at school. After school in the afternoon, we often play sports. We play soccer and baseball. In the evening, he does his homework at home. Sometimes he watches soccer games on TV. On Sundays, he goes out with his parents in his father’s car. They play in the park and do sports there. Sometimes my father takes me there, too. We play sports together. We have a good time.

51. Who is Frank ? He is a ___________.

A. teacher B. soccer play C. student D. driver

52. I am _________ years old this year.

A. fourteen B. thirteen C. fifteen D. twelve

53. Frank is good at __________.

A. Math and Chinese B. English and Chinese

C. math and English D. English and Chinese

54. Frank _________at school.

A. has breakfast B. has supper C. has lunch D. watches TV

55. When does Frank do his homework? ____________.

A. In the evening B. In the morning C. In the afternoon D. At noon

( B )

The children often play football in the garden and sometimes break(打破)Mr. Black’s windows. One afternoon Mr. Black is at home and reads a book. In a minute he closes his eyes and goes to sleep. At that time a little boy knocks at the door. Mr. Black opens the door and asks, “Do you break my window again(再一次)?”

“Oh , no” says the boy;“Your window is open this time and our football is in your room. May I get it please?”

根据短文内容判断正( R )误(W )。


( )56. The children often play football in the park.

( )57. Sometimes the children break Mrs. Black’s windows.

( )58. Mr. Black watches TV one afternoon.

( )59. The children’s football is in Mr. Black’s room.

( )60. The children break Mr. Black’s window again.


Sonia has a sports collection.She has ten tennis rackets,seven basketballs,four volleyballs and five soccer balls.She plays tennis every day and she is in the school tennis club.

Sunsan also(也) has a sports collection.She has five baseballs,six volleyballs,three ping-pong bats and many ping-pong balls.Oh,she also has two soccer balls.But she doesn’t play sports.She only watches them.

Cindy doesn’t play sports,and she doesn’t have any balls

( A.4; 5 B.4; 6 C.3; 5 D.2; 4

( club.

A.ping-pong B.volleyball C.basketball D.tennis

( )63.Sunsan doesn’t have a.

A.volleyball B.basketball C.baseball D.ping-pong ball

( has two soccer balls.

A.Cindy B.Sonia C.Susan D.Tom

( balls.

A.4 B.7 C.0 D.2


66.She likes ________(体育运动)very much.

67.________(让我们) play tennis.

68.Sue has two ________ (篮球).

69.My mother ________(打) ping pong every day.

70.I have a computer game. It’s ____________(有趣的).

71.My mother _______(想要) a nice book.

72.That music ____________(听起来) good.

73.Do you want to ____________(加入) the English club?


74.To play soccer is ____________(困难的).

75.Welcome to ____________(我的) school.


A: Let’s play computer games.

B: That sounds interesting, but 76________.

A: Well, do you have a soccer ball?

B: 77________.

A: Then 78________.

B: But soccer is very difficult.

A: OK. Let’s watch TV.

B: 79________. Hmmm… Let’s play volleyball. 80________?

A: Yes, I do. Let’s go!


81. she, does, a volleyball, have ___________________________________

82. don't, they, a soccer ball, have ___________________________________

83.sports,you,do,like ___________________________________

84. every day, Sue, sports, plays ___________________________________


Ⅱ A. Yes, they do.

B. No, he doesn’t.

C. No, we don’t. ( )86.Let’s play soccer. ( )87.Do you have 70 tennis at school? ( )88.Do they like watching TV?

( )89.Does Eddy like sports? D. Great! That sounds fun.

( )90.Do you and your friend play soccer every day? E. No, I have sixty.

( )91. I’m sorry I can’t play tennis. F. I like both soccer and



( )92. How many baseballs do you have?. G. It’s in my backpack.

( )93. Where’s your ping-pong bat, please? H. Yes, it’s interesting.

( )94. Do you like computer games?. I. Don’t worry, it’s easy, let me teach you.

( )95. What’s favorite sport? J. Only one.


96. Li Ping has a Soccer ball.(变为一般疑问句)

a soccer ball?

97. He has a baseball bat.(变否定句)

He __ ______a baseball bat.

98. The boy doesn’t have a TV.(肯定句) .

99. Frank has four baseballs. (就划线部分提问)

_______ _________ Frank ________?

100. Do your father and mother like sport?(做肯定回答)

_______, ________ ________.


假如下表显示的是你三餐喜爱的食谱,请以“My three meals(餐)”为题写一段话,不得少于4句。

Breakfast: bananas, milk

Lunch: rice, chicken

Dinner: vegetable salad, hamburgers, French fries



第八节:66.________ 67._________ 68._________ 69. _________70. ___________ 71.________ 72._________ 73._________ 74. _________75. ___________ 第十节:81. _________________________________________________________ 82. _________________________________________________________ 83. _________________________________________________________ 84. _________________________________________________________ 85. _________________________________________________________

第十二节:96.____________ ____________ 97. ____________ ____________98. ____________

99. __________ __________ __________100. ___________ ___________ ___________



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